6 Reasons Every Military Wife/Gf Should Visit The ‘Camp’

“Behind every strong soldier, there is a strong woman, who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart.” -Anonymous

Most of the military women especially spouses have formed the habit of staying at home. They wait for their Soldier knocking by their house’s doorstep, and some divert their longing and focus their attention to take care of their kids or manage the house. But this habit of not visiting your military partner in his work area doesn’t usually help the relationship grow, sometimes, it leads to future gap or misunderstanding.

After having asked military spouses who stayed stunning even after giving birth, and from collected experiences of awesome military girlfriends, and Officers’ Girls, here are some of the many reasons why every Military Wife/Gf should visit their man in the Camp.

6 Reasons Every Military Wife/Gf Should Visit The ‘Camp’


To let all the troops know you are their Boss’s Girl. You, and nobody else. This is a bit rude but a great number of the soldier men opt to tolerate their buddy’s acts of unfaithfulness, because they haven’t built their solid relationship and respect to their buddy’s wife—the only woman who should pay regular visit in the camp, not someone else from the nearby town.


To experience FIRSTHAND what it really feels like living in the woods, without the comfort of electricity, bed, comfy chair, leveled and cemented floor, decent toilet, and most of all, without the phone signal or internet connection. After having seen your man in his worsts and in his bests, especially in his bare work set-up, it’s always relieving to know that your respect and love for him will never, ever change, even if what he only has to offer is a folding bed placed on a muddy ground, surrounded by 4 raincoats which serve as the walls of your instant room (by the way, this is the ARMY setting) 😛

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To get you closer together. Isn’t it sweeter if you both stayed in love after having experienced 1 km-walk before you could even make bathroom privilege #1? And isn’t comforting to know that after having placed your phone to its “flashlight-only” functionality, which puts you to “it’s just you and me” situations, you managed to stay happy just talking, without feeling any slightest form of boredom? Kidding aside, getting to know your man in his own ‘territory’ will only give you higher respect to him. This time, no kidding.


To stop you from becoming too demanding of his time, attention, phone calls, text messages, or even a like button using his FB from that photo of you together, which you posted a week ago. Someone said, Love makes someone understand after having seen the mean ALTHOUGHs. True enough, you won’t be able to understand something you haven’t really experienced first hand, but when you only try to look closer, even if there are a lot of “Kahit na’s” or “althoughs” in your relationship, you could always shift your gear from becoming too demanding to becoming more understanding, instead.



To give you an idea what else to prepare for the next care package you will send him. I can say you are truly a certified military girl if you already used the services of PhilPost, TransTech, FedEx, LBC, 2Go, MailMore or JRS, (name it) even once. Just to send him his care package; full of love notes, chocolates, your favorite perfume in a mini bottle (for him to spray on his pillow or blanket), and a good bulk of his favorite food, and some medicine, extra socks and mosquito repellent cream on the side. If you visit the camp, you know exactly what he needs, or what you think he needs that he hasn’t even realized he does, actually. With the help of your mommy instincts, of course.


To get to know his deeper side, and to be able to accept any insights from that reality. Every military personnel, be it the Enlisted Personnel, the Staff, the Kitchen Aide, and even the Officers always have their frustration from the fact that they are always away from their families. I know, because, that was what I noticed when I had the opportunity to visit my man in his camp. (Click here to read A Holiday Spent in the Camp: The OG Experience) If you haven’t tried to visit and stayed for a while inside the camp, you will never know and understand a bit of his life in his own career. I cannot explain it any further, but from this, I hope you’re already planning to finally say yes to his invitation to visit him in the Camp. Nothing beats experiences over just-told stories, right?

These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why you should visit your man inside the camp. I know it takes a lot of work to do, from applying your leave, or even thinking what excuse you might use for your leave (haha), to the budget you will prepare for the tickets, or whatever preparation you need. But I tell you, it will all be worth it! Good luck!

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