10 Things Never To Say To Someone Who Has A Soldier Deployed

1. “Do you miss him?”  hmmm… Are you really going to ask me that?

2. “I don’t know how you do it.”
 Dear, you have no idea how I do it.

3. “I know just how you feel.” Really?
 Just really?

4. “Are you scared something may happen to him?”

How will you feel if you know that someone who means the world to you is going to leave you anytime? Like, permanently? Then please don’t ask me if I’m scared that something may happen to him, or I will just give you an ultimate crazy look which will burn you. LOL

5. “I would die if my husband left me for that long.”

Oh common.
 You don’t even know how to give significance to every single waking moment with your husband ( you know, the word MAXIMIZE, ’cause in the military, this word means so much to us, so stop telling me off, will you? Haha

6. “Has he had to kill anyone?”

Do you want me to kill you? haha. kidding! But, do you really want me to answer that?

7. “Aren’t you afraid of him now?”

No, because he taught me the basics of MMA, and I might use it anytime if you continue asking me such kind of questions. 😛

8. “Aren’t you worried he’s going to cheat on you?”

Is he worried I’m going to cheat on him? Of course, not.

9. “Are you excited he’s coming home?”

That question? Can you go now? Really, I beg you to. haha

10. “Why couldn’t he get a REAL job?”

Why can’t you get a life? Stop bothering me! haha

These are a few of the many things we often hear from our family or friends regarding our military relationship, but, however annoying some of these things may sound, sometimes, we don’t have any choice but to get used to it. But hello, if you often ask us those questions, we always feel unaccepted or being pitied.

So please refrain from asking your military-spouse/girlfriend friends these things, if it may not be a burdensome on your part, thank you 🙂 What we rather need is assurance and a helpful friend to divert our mind from thinking of our military partner being so far, far away from us. Just my two cents! 😛

Above photo from Pixabay via pexels.com

This is one of my favorite thoughts about the military life, originally taken from.


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