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9 Reasons Being A Military Spouse Is The Toughest Job In The Military

“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what is required.” -Winston Churchill

A military wife goes through a lot of things but chooses to keep it to herself because she doesn’t want to bother her family or friends, after deciding to marry the love of her life, who happens to be in the military. That’s why, those emotions and thoughts were only kept unsaid and remained as secrets that only those who go through it could understand. Nevertheless, here are some of the things which justify why being a military spouse is the toughest job in the military.

9 Reasons Being A Military Spouse Is The Toughest Job In The Military


Parenting. Especially if you’re a first time Mom, even if you’ve tried baby sitting before, this time, it will be different, because it’s your own kid who is on the plinth. Not only the baby care itself, but when your kids start to comprehend, you are left to answer difficult questions like, “Where does Dad sleep?” or “When is Dad coming home?”


Budgeting. A military spouse should be savvy when it comes to money because she has no other choice. She is left in the house to dole out what is left from all the loans, and expenses they got when they started their married life. What’s left is what she will budget or manage until the next allocation comes.

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Quick-house fixes. Sometimes, when there is a plumbing-problem situation in the sink, or the screen door was suddenly detached from your backdoor, there’s no other way but to grab the plunger to unclog the sink, and buy new pair of hinges and drive the screws to reattach your screen door tightly. ‘Cause if you won’t, who will?


Problematic Situations. You cannot avoid problems even after you’ve tied the knot, because it is inevitable, and it’s a part of life. However, sometimes it’s not the problems that weigh you down, but it’s the bitter fact that your better half is a thousand miles away from you. Even though you want to scream, cry, or just want to let it all out, you have no choice but to hold it together while your hubby is away fighting in a really dangerous place.


Your career. Most of the time, the spouse is left with no choice but to give up her own career, especially during the start of their married life. This is a bit saddening but being a military spouse entails that you should take care of your kids and manage the house solely. Even if you can ask someone to take care of the kids, still, nothing compares to the hands-on care and motherly love you could ever give to your children.

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A sudden change of address. This is true to all military families whose Dads need to transfer from a place to a new one for a long period of time. This is quite tough because it implies that you need to change schools, friends, house… everything. Not only tough physically, and emotionally, but also, financially because you need to start all over again turning your new house to your very own, yet another home.


Lonely nights. There are no exact words which you can use to describe how you miss your husband so much, and how his touch, hug or a simple tap on your shoulder from him could give you the assurance that it’s all going to be okay after all your failed efforts and sad days without him… and let me say it… of course, your bed time moments.


Sudden seafaring. Being a wife of a military man means you need to get used to sudden calls from your husband asking you to bring the kids to insert the place where your husband is deployed because he can’t come home, and there’s a family activity you need to attend. Again, tough, but exciting.


The Military Community. Most of the time, you have no ‘civilian’ friends who could understand your toils, and you always end up keeping it all together. But gladly, as the year adds up, you get to meet new people from the same page who could understand you and help you with things only your group could ever understand. Sometimes, their presence is an assurance that military life is somewhat possible because someone came out alive from your current situation.

Not everything in life comes easy. It will always depend on you how you react or survive from it. Military life won’t get easier if you look at the obstacles that block your attention to real contentment. I say, it is not a chore, or a work, hence, it should be considered as a lifestyle that you should get used to in order to come out cheerfully and blissfully after all the sacrifices.

“Love is a kind of military service.” -Latin Proverb

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