6 Things We Learned From Traveling As A Couple

“In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.”

Yesterday, I posted an article (Read: The Great Take Life) regarding how my fiancé surpassed all the difficulties when he was still preparing for his visa. It was kind of crazy, but then again, after all those things he’s been through, he succeeded. He got his way to visit me here in Japan. I’m such a lucky girlfriend.

So this time I will be talking about what we learned as a couple from traveling together.

A LITTLE BACKGROUND: Originally, I was assigned to have my OJT in Western Japan (far from my dream places which are Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe), my place is a city but then it’s a “provincial” city. LOL So I want to see “other” beautiful places, which I haven’t seen before. This time is somewhat special because I’m with the person I love. ❤

In short, we want to go to places we’ve never been before, places we don’t know anyone. SO WE DID.


Here are the things we learned from traveling as a couple:

#1 To Stay FOCUSED

First of all, it was our first time to visit those places. It was also our first time to travel together as a couple, outside the country, so we were very overwhelmed.

Due to excessive excitement, you might find yourself amused with all the attractions you will see, this is good, because you are only appreciating the uniqueness of the area, but then again, if you over-do it, you might miss the chance of seeing the “bigger” picture because you spend so much time on the “small” ones.

Always remind yourself that you were there to see that certain place you dreamed of seeing, just like what you’ve planned in your itinerary. STAY FOCUSED because you might be regretting the time you spent on the details, instead of seeing the real picture.

#2 To Share #3 To Be Thrifty #4 To Be Resourceful

We didn’t come there to spend all our life savings just for one trip, because we promised each other this would be the first of the many trips we will have for the rest of our lives.

We went there to experience the culture, the beauty of nature that only Japan has to offer. We went there to feed ourselves with new discoveries and fill our minds with new memories together. We were making a history. But then, this doesn’t entail that we have to be very extravagant so we learned to share, to be thrifty, and to be resourceful.

(Wizarding World of Harry Potter, taken when we were drinking a cup of Butter Beer lol)

For example we want to experience drinking Butter Beer (just like what we read in the books or saw in the movies, we wanted to know how it tastes) in Universal Studios-Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we want to try it for the experience, so instead of buying two orders, we just bought one and shared it. You might think we were depriving ourselves etc, but then if you do the math, instead of buying two drinks, why not buy one instead, so that you could buy souvenir or butter beer mugs later for the price of one order of the drink, wise, eh? 😛 (***One drink is 1,300 Japanese Yen equivalent to 585 PhP)



Another example would be bringing bento or snacks and bottled water during a lengthy trip. Instead of spending over pricey empty-calories snacks you’ll find in convenience stores during stopover, you might want to bring your own self-made snacks/packed lunch so that you could save a few bucks and refrain from stepping out of the vehicle during a long trip. It could also save you time and a load of cash you could use for other stuff later.

#5 To Be Patient With Each Other

Yes, we might be a long-term couple but going on a trip in a foreign land really tested our patience with each other. I for one am a difficult person haha. I’m kind of obsessed with “comfort” so whatever it is that’s bugging me or making my life hard, I often send away or put off. I couldn’t do this during our trip because everything we encountered were out of our comfort zones.

Take language for example. Japan might be considered a first world country, but only a few people understand and speak English. I could speak Japanese, but sometimes, when we talk to locals, they use their dialect, which I am not familiar with, so I somehow get frustrated. Then my boyfriend will ask me what the person has just said, and I will say, “I don’t know, I can’t understand,” and normally he will say, “Anong gagawin natin, hindi ko rin naman sila maintindihan, ikaw lang marunong sa atin.” (What will we do now? I couldn’t understand them; too, you’re the only one who speaks their language.) And… the arguments will go on if he is also a short-tempered person like me… If my boyfriend is not patient with me, we will be fighting all the time. Haha. Actually, in our relationship, he is the cool one, I am always the hot one—I mean someone who gets easily irritated. But later on, I learned how to cool down and be easy going because of him.

Being out of your comfort zone will really test your guts, but that’s a part of being away from home, and learning new stuff from a new place.

When the going gets tough, remember you were there to relax and enjoy the vicinity. You were there to have vacation, haha remember to always keep your cool wherever you go, and whatever happens, make sure to choose your partner over winning an argument.


#6 To Fall In Love All Over Again

Being in a new place will bring out all possible bright and dark attributes you were hiding inside and waiting to unleash. Hahaha Travel is a great way to know your partner from a deeper perspective, and when you do, it’s one way of assuring yourself that even though how many times they shift gears, if you really love them, you will be there to witness it, and then you will be falling in love all over again every time they find a new person inside they never knew existed.

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and the memories you’ve made along the way.


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