Military Relationship Facts

While others stay behind the back of the silent ranks, together, we reminisce and tell tales of how we actually suffer and endure the combat of every day life… as we go along our lives and continue loving and being loved by the man of our dreams, and living the so-called “military” life.

Here are the things you got used to since Day 1 when you started loving a man in uniform.

Military Relationship Facts:


Every schedule you have in your calendar is… “SUBJECT TO CHANGE”
–If I’m not mistaken, you often hear this, right? So you better not write anything on your calendar, instead.


You got used to hearing, “I Will Call You Later” but you know for a fact that “later” is totally an indefinite word, which could mean, tomorrow, a few days later, or even next week.


“Take life.” 
This and the other terms (like, “Buga” or “Go Ahead”) which they use, that you already (unconsciously) use in your everyday civilian life and has become a part of you. You know that “take life” means an act of doing something which is not “authorized” or should not be done as said by the rules, like using their phone after TAPS, or not logging in their phones during class (you tell me!)


In Webster’s Dictionary it means: (1) a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others; (2) a special opportunity to do something that makes you proud; but in the military world, especially to the Cadets, it only means a time to be spent with you, especially outside the camp; and when you get to hear this word, your heart beats so fast and what you only want is rush to him so as not to waste any minute of it before BTB comes.


. This is the word anyone who is a military spouse dread about. For the military partners, it means a lengthy time spent being alone, because their partners need to go back to their first priority, which is to defend the Nation. Difficult, but necessary.



Serial Number
. Before, this did not really matter to me, but someone explained to me that Soldiers cannot just wander away in any place they want to, even during their break, because they are like “property” owned by the government with serial numbers. Any change of place or plans should be reported accordingly within the jurisdiction of their ‘Boss,’ but… on the other hand, here’s when #3 applies.


Short Notice LOA (Leave of Absence) from your Work. 
Like what was stated in #1, every schedule they have is subject to change, it also means you do not know when he is coming home, so when he texted you that he is already on his way home, from a thousand miles away, you ask for a short-notice LOA or even call in sick from your work or class, right?


Military Time. Instructions like, “I’ll be out from the camp, 1600H of the 16th,” or just a plain, “23 of 28th” …I often received messages like this before, and it took some time until I got the hang of the 24-hour format.


When he’s coming home, all your set plans will automatically be cancelled. Whether if it’s a girl’s night out, or any important extra-curricular activities you want to attend, will all be set aside, because all you want is some QT with him.


You learned the meaning of “light” travel, (or you don’t even pack at all) during shotgun out-of-towns. When he comes home from deployment, all he wanted to do is to spend time with you, alone. So chances are, he might ask you to travel with him to a place where you can have quality time together. But this out-of-town idea is not actually planned, it just happens.



Souvenir Shirts. Almost all your Tees were from all the places he visited, and all the activities he attended. So you get instant couple shirts, because his is Medium or Large, and yours is always, of course, Extra Small. 🙂


You got used to hearing the word, “matic” or automatic. This means that some things should not be discussed anymore, because it’s already happening. Like when he will attend a party, it will always imply that you are the Plus One. Matic na.


You got used to hearing him explain that, “the distance between the hospital and the commissary is 300 meters.” Not far, nor near, but 300 meters.


You always bring with you emergency sleep-over kit, like toothbrush, toothpaste, garments, and stuff, because you might be lost in time, and suddenly, it’s midnight… so, just to be ready.


There are so much things we experienced through time, being a military couple, but, however difficult other people could look at our situation, we just simply tie our hair back and wink at them, like everything is under control, because we know, that all is well, especially when we’re side by side with our soldier men.

Tag your girl friends, your mates, your love ones or comment below, and feel free to share your stories, no matter how crazy will it seem, because we know, everything is crazy and extraordinary in the military, right? So don’t forget to comment below.

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Taken during their Wedding Prenup (Kim&Sai)

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