The Secret To A Happy And Lasting Relationship

Many of us think that once you’ve entered a relationship, it means that, everyday is all about rainbows and butterflies, but I beg to disagree. Why? Because having to love someone does not entail loving them only during good times, but it means loving them even during the unloveable and worse times.

They say, you have the happiest and lasting relationship once you’ve experienced hurdles and successes during a long period of time together. But that is not always true. A lot of couples we know who have a lasting relationship (which we think the only thing lacking is the wedding, or worse is, they’re already married) have gone to separate ways. Why? Because along the way, after having been together for quite some time, you will experience things which will change your perspective totally. Once you’ve gotten yourself a job, or you started working overseas, or you met and started to mingle with new set of friends or colleagues, or you experienced a major problem in your life, everything will turn 180deg from your original thoughts and beliefs. Things, people, job, new culture, and experiences will change you, whether you like it or not.

Hence, after all the things you encountered, or having met the people you ought to work with, and all, at the end of the day, what you wanted, still, is to be with the one you love and chose to love after all these years. So what do we really need in order to stay in love and being loved by the most important person in our life? I think the secret to a lasting, happy, contented and healthy relationship is…. *drumroll… is…. to choose each other every day. One day at a time, choose each other. How is that even possible and helpful?


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First, you do not know what the future holds, you don’t control the sky, the moon, the stars, and every situation that is happening that might change your feelings to the person, BUT, if you choose to love the person everyday, one day at a time, I think it will be extraordinary, and let me say it… life-changing.

Think of this, everyday, in every hour, in every minute, and in any circumstances, if you choose to love the person, nothing will be at risk. However difficult it could get, even during the times you are fighting, or even if one of you is being a pain in the neck; once you turn your thoughts and efforts towards loving that person no matter how difficult and impossible the situation gets, everything is going to be a-okay. That, I promise you. But, what’s the catch? The rule of the thumb is, both of you should be practicing that every day. Why? Because, a relationship consists of two whole beings who are intellectually capable to understand, to love and to commit.

One more thing is when you practice loving the person in any circumstance, drunk or sober, you will not commit any mistake, even if you’re surrounded with unfaithful friends (who do extracurricular activities while their partners are away), or even if you are being pressured by your colleagues, nothing will be at risk if you choose to love the person in any circumstances whatsoever.

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, and suddenly you do not know where to go or what to do anymore, chances are, you might be finding yourself regretting something you already did that you shouldn’t have to; but if you take your relationship seriously, and you focus your thoughts to the person you love, no matter how tough any situation gets, at the end of the day, you will be able to sleep your conscience, good night; because you did the right thing that day, and tomorrow is another brand new day to choose to love the person. Remember, while the relationship lasts, love will not always be feelings anymore, rather, it will be a decision.

“You are the first and last thing on my mind each and every day.”

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