Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors: 2018 GOALS

Last year, on my birthday, I started to make my own list of “new” year’s resolution to guide me through another year of my life, somehow, I realized that things which you are really committed to do won’t take a short time to happen or manifest in your life, so I kind of reviewed my birthday resolution list and make them into my new year’s resolution.

Another year has passed again, and as we come to realize that we are not “getting any younger,” we start to ask ourselves questions like, “what happened to you?” “Have you accomplished your goals?” Did you enjoy your 20’s? Have you had a productive 2017?”  Actually, I have mixed emotions regarding the new year. Nevertheless, 

I realized it isn’t too late to start all over again. Years from now when I look back, I want to remember this day when finally I realized I should give priority to improving myself, and how I could be of help to others, or at least not to be other’s baggage.

This year, I want to free myself of hate or of negativities. Life is too short to keep grudge or to argue with someone, or to be impatient. Life should be fun, and should be full of enthusiasm.

2018 Goals:

**Good relationship with Mom

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been super close to my Dad, but when my Dad passed away, even though I haven’t come to my full recovery, yet, I realized I still have one parent, equally deserving of my love and attention, who is my Mom. I think everybody should have a good relationship with their Moms. She is the one who brought you into this world. Thanks to her this world will never be the same again because of a bright and awesome person she delivered when you were born. Don’t let the day pass without calling her or making sure if she’s ok. Ok?

Dear Mom, I love you.



**Good relationship with the Sib

Your siblings are your own flesh and blood, you shouldn’t argue with them long before you knew you passed their birthday without greeting them or without making them feel loved. Their failures are yours, too, so make sure you exist in their lives no matter how difficult it is to call from abroad to know if they’re doing well, or ask if they’ve visited your folks already this month.

**Unwavering Faith

When you get to be on your own, you’ll realize the Divine Intervention guiding you through every step. At times you may feel that you are alone, but thanks to the Lord, He has never left us. There are times, all you can say is, “It’s You and  me again, God! Please take care of me and never leave my side.” That’s the time you’ll know you have strengthen your faith ever.

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** Long-lasting friendships

You may have all drifted apart, some got married and some have kids, some went to work abroad, some may remained busy in school to pursue their postgrad studies, but no matter how many times your priorities change, wherever life takes you, if a person is opt to be in your life, they will remain. You will find ways to reach each other or to get connected. You might be miles apart but your love and care for each other never change. You know you’ve lost some people along the way, some might be your best friends, but those who remained despite of it all, are your true friends. Keep them wherever you’ll go.

**Healthy Habits

Admit it or not, you are not getting any younger. It’s better to think ahead about your health, because let me say it, health is wealth. True enough, prevention is better than cure. As early as your mid20’s you should already be taking care of your health. You should start to plan healthy activities like 30min jogging or brisk walking at least twice a week; or to eat those vegetables which you’ve been avoiding since you were a kid… It’s up to you, as long as you know that chips in the morning, chips in the afternoon, and chips for dinner is in fact, unhealthy. Remember, you don’t want that your savings will go to your medication in the future just because you were taking your health for granted right now.

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**Peaceful coexistence with seemingly not-so-kind people

You can’t please everybody, you know that. So better accept that. No matter how you crash with someone, because of their personality, or bad deeds, you should learn to let small things go. Life should be spent being happy, not being angry to someone nor gossiping about them, either. It isn’t worth your precious time after all so keep that mouth shut and replace it with a smile. Science proves that silence and a genuine smile reduce fight significantly than confrontation. Remember to choose your battles.

**Profitable Hobby

Don’t get me wrong when I say, “profitable.” What I mean is beneficial or adds value to your life or to your own improvement. It’s okay if you are a KPop fan, but you know that there’s a thin line between admiration and addiction—you know it’s too much if you see yourself lying on your couch or wallowing on your bed with your favorite series on, without washing last night’s dishes, or haven’t even washed your 2week old might-have-been-rotting-already laundry. Before you know it, even your social life will suffer. I know, because I’ve been there. LOL

**Saving for the future, and thinking about your retirement

Yes as early as now. The best time to save money is when you have some. I couldn’t agree more! This is the right time to save for your future, and even think about your retirement plans. When you talk about investment, they say, the name of the game is time. You have to make money out of time just like what you are doing during employment. They exchange money for their hours of work (guilty!). Start now or forever regret in silence! The name of the game is time!

I make myself rich by making my wants few. Henry David Thoreau

**The Art of Deadma

Don’t sweat the small things. I’ll say it again, life is short. Your life is passing by before your eyes but you’re busy worrying about what your workmate forgot to do (which she must’ve supposed to do during her shift) which made you do it because her shift has ended, and you were to change her. OhMy. This is too much. God gives us an opportunity to give our best or to see the beautiful things He made for us to discover everyday. When you feel you will get mad, count from 1-10 and take 3 deep breaths, and move on. Give people benefit of the doubt, and forgive them. Remember everyone has been hurt, has lost something, or has been disappointed, not just you. Let go and let God, forgive people and your load will be lighter, I promise.

If you are reading this, you might be someone who likes to read stuff on how to improve themselves, who is from their 20’s or someone who comes from the 30’s group who wants to assess themselves, if you really got it great before you turned 30. Whoever you are, whatever you do, remember, LIFE IS SHORT. Be forgiving, loving, generous, and understanding. Every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about so better be kind to every soul you meet. Not everything is centerred to you. The earth doesn’t revolve around your own axis, and remember that the place where your rights stop, the rights of others start.

Before you act, listen.

Before you react, think,

Before you spend, earn.

Before you criticize, wait.

Before you pray, forgive.

Before you quit, try.

-Ernest Hemingway

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