The Hardest Part Of Being An OFW

Ok, Ok, I know this will be my 3rd post about being an OFW. I know right, it might be very overrated, but actually, a lot of our Kababayans do not know the “mysteries” there are which we unfold every single day away from our family.

Among all the other individuals who luckily spotted a good-paying job in the Philippines even right after they’ve received their diplomas,  we, on the other hand, chose to follow a different path.

We actually don’t know why we led this way. First of all, we are clueless on what will happen to us, or what adversities we are going to encounter, but still, call it brave heart, because I don’t know what else to call it, but we really are hard-as-nails, unyielding kind of people.


To be honest with you, there are a lot of things which we face that would actually make us bend our knees and beg for mercy. Among these things is this:

GETTING SICK. Iyong may sakit ka pero walang mag-aalaga sa’yo. Sorry, but you might find this childish, and I was prompted to write this because as of the moment, I am sick, and yesterday I filed for sick leave for a day to recuperate. Hindi naman malalang sakit, pero, inuubo, may malalang sipon, masakit ang buong katawan, masama ang pakiramdam, ang sakit ng ulo, at halos hindi makapag-salita ng maayos dahil sa sakit ng lalamunan. Isama mo pa iyong sakit ng likod sa kaka-trabaho.



The hardest part of getting sick while you are away from your family is that no one else will take care of you. If you need medicine, you can’t rely on someone to buy you from the nearest drug store; neither can you ask someone to cook you Arrozcaldo o Lugaw because you are so-much-head-over-hills craving na mainitan ang sikmura mo before you’d lie down on your bed, and no matter how you want to relax or focus your energy to getting/feeling better, you have a gabundok na labahin to attend to, or some house chores to do.

I’m not here writing to rant, but actually, I am seeking for understanding and a little bit of attention. In behalf of my flock, the sometimes-forgotten OFWs, please understand that we are not money-making machines. We are not a wish list or a robot which you can easily dictate on what to do or what to buy you on your next birthday, or how much you’d want your allowance to be next month. Please understand that, no matter how much we want to give you a better life, we are all but humans, with limitations; and of course, feelings-that sometimes we want you to send us a message, kumustahin niyo man lang kami.

Hindi masarap ang buhay dito sa abroad. Hindi kami dito nagpapakasarap o nagbabakasyon, akala niyo lang iyon. All we want is a ticket back home, na kung pwede lang sanang hilingin, we would choose to live a simple life sa probinsiya at hindi na maghahangad ng mga luho or anything that would make our backs bend over backward just to afford it.

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If you are reading this, and you are a FAMILY of an OFW, I have just one favor to ask: Please message your loved ones abroad, ask them how they are, ask them to take care of themselves, and do your best so that later on, you will not completely rely on what they are sending you, and sometime soon, you will already ask them to come home, to be with you.

If you are an OFW like me, hang in there Kababayan! Believe in yourself, that no matter how hard your situation is, no matter how tough your Boss is, and no matter how your body aches for a vacation, believe that as long as you hold on to your faith, and as long as you have a goal to reach, KAPIT LANG. Kaya natin ‘to, ok? Huwag sumuko, pero kung hindi mo na talaga kaya, hanap ng ibang options, hindi pwedeng panghabang buhay na tayong naghahanap ng pera at naninilbihan sa ibang lahi, just to provide for our family. Pero hangga’t kaya pa, huwag sumuko. Kaya natin ‘to.

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