5 Reasons Distance Makes The Best Couples

Miles and miles between us
Expensive plane tickets
Long waits between visits
Poor internet connections
Nights spent alone
But you’re more than worth it

1. Because it proves that our LOVE is not just about PHYSICAL CONTENTMENT, it’s deeper than that.

We know very well that love starts with physical attraction. However, when you stayed in a relationship long enough, it will not just be about the looks, but about the character of the person. Love may consist of physical belongingness, but there is more to it than that. When we are away from our significant other, we know that we don’t just miss being with them physically, but we don’t have that security and relief when we know they are just within our reach.


2. Because we support each others’ dreams

Most of us will choose to stay with their love ones instead of following their dreams because they believe that the essence of love and family is being with them in every milestone they take. However, when you are in an LDR, you know very well that the only reason you are apart is because you have your own dreams to chase and that is not a problem. We allow our mate to fly a million miles away from us because we support them and we don’t want to stand between them and their dreams. Also, we know that we are also one of the main reasons why they’re doing that—to give us a better chance of abundant life when we decide to tie the knot.

3. Because our Faith can move mountains.

Not a hundred pieces of coins thrown in a well can give us the certainty we are asking from someone. Instead, we just give them the chance to be trustworthy while we give them our full support and trust. We know how hard it is to bade our goodbyes when the time comes we are going to be left again. Hence, there will be no choice but to stay firm and keep our faith solid. Because nothing can calm our hearts and minds compared to the serenity we get after short and frequent disquisition with the Lord. We know how vital prayers are when our love one’s away.

I want to hold your hand when we’re 80 and say, “We made it.”
quote from ldrmagazine


4. Because we will find ways to get even closer to each other despite the distance

While we are apart, we unleash the creative side of us and out of nowhere, we just invent ways to reach each other. Short frequent messages mean the world to us, and we don’t ask for more.

5. Because we value time more than anything else

We know that we have to sacrifice being apart at this moment so that later on, we will not have to do this again. We know that there is an ultimate purpose being apart and this time we believe that there is a tunnel we have to reach, finally getting us permanently together. Hence right now, we just have to stay steadfast and stand the test of time—together.

There are more reasons why we stay in our relationship and we cannot tell you definitely why. Maybe because we love the person so much that we give them the freedom of getting their goals while we also get ours. We know that it takes a brave heart to actually stand the test of distance, and only a few are called for it. Only the brave ones.

“Distance does to love what wind does to fire—it extinguishes the weak and fuels the strong.”

Above photo from Snapwire via pexels.com

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The Break-Up Story

Chapter 1: The Day I Got Over You

Chapter 2: The Art of Moving On

Chapter 3: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Chapter 4: To The Person Who Broke My Heart

Chapter 5: When Letting Go Is The Only Choice

After realizing I did everything to work things out, and tried to make amendments and bargain, I realized, I was so stupid to have gotten into this kind of situation, and staying in it for a bit longer. The worst part was, I was the only one who tried to fix everything. I was the only one who gave enough effort to put things back together. Because from the day you told me that you needed space, I never heard from you again.

Please do not blame me for letting us go on our separate ways, because from the time I felt you were getting cold, to the point that you never contacted me for a long time, it’s as if you just abandoned me. You never told me what you really wanted, you never asked me to listen or to understand you, you just left me hanging, and wondering what really went wrong. I’m sorry for doubting you for some time, because I believe, I also deserve some explanation.

The saddest part in our break-up was you didn’t tell me what went wrong, and what made you go. It’s more than acceptable to let you go knowing that you fell out of love, or you met someone else along the way. But we never had any discussion; and right now, that makes me even more aggressive to want to talk to you.

I know, it’s a bit absurd and unnecessary to communicate my feelings or doubts to you because that’s very pointless. The damage has been done, and I think, the only way I can do is to move on and let you go.

Lying in my cold room in this hot afternoon, I can see the sun rays penetrating through my glass doors, as I try to let go of my worries, I got up, and I realized there’s more to life than being worried sick or being lonely. I stood up in front of my study table, and for the nth time that I’m seeing this poster, I realized it has a point.

On my wall, written in bold letters, Someday, Someone will walk into your life, and make you realize, why it never worked out with anyone else.
I know, I never had any choice at all, because all you wanted was your life without me in it, and I know, you never want to see me again. I love you, or I must say, I loved you, but you chose to leave me, and I think it’s time to move on.

“You let go a long time ago, and I realize that, it’s time for me to do the same.”

Above photo from Matheus Bertelli via pexels.com

To The Person Who Broke My Heart

The Break-Up Story

Chapter 1: The Day I Got Over You

Chapter 2: The Art of Moving On

Chapter 3: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Chapter 4: To The Person Who Broke My Heart

Remembering that today is supposed to be our anniversary, admittedly, I feel a little bit of sadness. I was so resentful by the fact that all the uttered words and promises were only turned to lies and total dishonesty. Then again, my heart pounded so hard, with my hands shaking a little bit.

As I was looking for my journal, I passed through my life-sized mirror, and then I saw myself. I’ve gotten a little bit thinner, my eyes are growing old, and each circle has gotten even darker. I passed by the mirror looked at myself with a wooden face. It came to me, I was lost in a sea of nameless faces. What a disaster. Honestly. I need to take care of myself a little bit more.
As I reached for my journal on the topmost part of my shelf, something fell from above, it tapped my head slightly, and down it goes to the floor. It was a picture. It was a picture of us. When there was still “you and me.” ‘Another object to burn,’ I babbled.

I got back to my study table, opened my drawer and found some pieces of stationery I used to write my thoughts on, when we were still exchanging letters. With our picture together, and the stationery aside, the mood of writing you got into me. I just want to let you know everything I’m going through. I don’t have the intention to send it to you, or I might, but I will decide on that later on.

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So I started writing…

20XX August 21 Friday1645H
Dear Ex ,

A few years ago, incidentally, we met. Looking back, I never imagined we would ever be in a relationship, because we were only friends then, who enjoyed the company of each other. Then we started a life together, but now, we ended up broken and frail. (I don’t know with you, but honestly, I am really having a tough time right now.)What I could tell you is that I would never regret the day I met you. Because then, I met one great love. I don’t want to conclude that all we have was difficult and bitter moments, because honestly, I really thought you were already “The One,” especially when we were only starting; and everyday we have were only days of bliss.

When we were still together, I dread the thoughts of us separating or breaking apart … before, those were my thoughts of fear, but, right now, it turned into a painful reality. I am not saying that I love the idea of us breaking apart , because even if you cannot see it, I am really just holding on to the idea that I’m going to be okay soon. Every day is a struggle. Every day I keep on convincing myself that it will soon get better. However difficult it is, I’m trying, day by day.

I am writing you this letter because I want to thank you. Thank you for having known you, because I know once in my life, I had the opportunity to experience being with a kind-hearted person like you. Thank you for all the times we shared because for me, those days were the best days, yet. Even if those times will only stay as memories, still, thank you.


Thank you for letting me love you, because I learned how to be selfless. Thank you for breaking up with me because I learned the pain of loss. Thank you for the depth of pain I am experiencing now, because I know it is also the depth of love I could give to the person I will ever love again.

Lastly, thank you for everything. I may not be able to be with you to witness your dreams turning into reality, somewhere beneath the clouds and the mountains, and from a thousand miles away, I will always pray for you so the desires of your heart will be realized.

Even if our relationship has reached its separate crossroads, I know everything happens for a reason.

For everything, thank you.

Above photo fromTobi via pexels.com

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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

The Break-Up Story

Chapter 1: The Day I Got Over You

Chapter 2: The Art of Moving On

 Chapter 3: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Whew. What a long day. I got back to my room without the intention of doing anything at all. I changed my clothes to my usual comfy Pjs and turned my radio on, with its maximum possible volume. I made sure my veranda is tightly closed so that my neighbors will not be disturbed by my loud music.

As I hear my make-me-feel-good song, Over You (Daughtry), my favorite song, at least for now, I just let my heart out and try to relive every word in it. I no longer care. I just sing as loud as possible until I can’t hear my voice anymore with its loudness.

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Well, I never saw it coming.

I should’ve started running

A long, long time ago.

And I never thought I’d doubt you,

I’m better off without you

More than you, more than you know.

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

I never imagined myself liking this alternative kind of music but it really helped me get by every idle hour I have—alone by myself. Singing this song helped me become more huge and powerful.
Days gone by, I managed to survive every single day even without the company of my friends, because I know they also have errands to do, not just to take care of me. I got used to being with the company of my own self and I enjoyed every moment of alone time.

I sat down for a while, faced my study table and grabbed my journal. I scanned the pages and I saw my scribbles: my first name in his last. What-might-have-been my future name if I were to marry him in the future. What a jerk. Without even thinking, I tear off the page, crumpled it until I couldn’t give any more strength from my fist. I tried to do it again, until I attempted to tear it apart one part after another. Upon reaching my satisfaction to its very end, I flushed the pieces of paper down the drain—without looking back.

In my journal I started a new page, I wrote the usuals. The date today, the day, and the time. I begun with. “Where Do I Start From Here?” I thought of using bullets as my guide to a wonderful life celebrating my independence . I realized, Yay! I’m finally free! Free from the stress you were constantly giving me. Free from all those sleepless nights when I cry myself to sleep. Free from emotional harassment and the physical pain I felt right from the heart continuing through out my whole chest. Free from the thoughts of you hurting me again, with countless arguments we had when we were still together.

I started thinking what to write, then suddenly I realized that after this painful break-up, I only have two choices. It’s either to stay broken, or to start a new life. I chose the latter. So I started writing, #1 START A NEW LIFE. I know, everything will be new to me because you are no longer a part of my future plans. But that’s fine, because I now believe, I’m better off without you.
I continue to write and here’s what I ended up with:

20XX August 19 Thursday 1730Where Do I Start From Here?#1: START A NEW LIFE

      • Collect all his stuff and , or burn them! Oh and Clean my room.
      • Rearrange everything in my room!
      • Buy something new for my room (a vase, a poster, something new!) Oh, don’t forget to buy scented
      • candles!
      • Have a haircut
      • Treat myself in my favorite restaurant
      • Foot spa, Mani-Pedi
      • Bring out the artist in me (buy water-based paint and canvass and try painting using my barehands)
      • Why not… Adopt a puppy?
      • Finally enroll in postgrad
      • Short Course?
      • Travel Alone! First Destination: ______
      • Buy a new set of make-up, experiment; You Tube Tutorials)
      • Buy a new dress
      • Clean my closet
      • Start reading!
      • Collect something from now on
      • Visit Mom and Dad
      • Talk to a long lost friend
      • Start jogging?
      • Volunteer!
      • Watch a Movie Alone
      • Divert!
      • Divert!
      • Divert!

    I don’t even know where to start because I want to speed it up so that I could be better in a faster, unimaginable time. At first, I thought I want to get back on you for every pain you caused me, but later on I realized, it’s not worth it… for now, I will focus on becoming better. I want to gain myself back. I want to become what I might have been if I haven’t loved you. I want to become better again, and I want to start a new life free from the pain of the past.

    Above photo from Garon Piceli via pexels.com

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The Art of Moving On

The Break-Up Story

Chapter 1: The Day I Got Over You

Chapter 2: The Art Of Moving On

Sitting by the doorway of my veranda connecting to my room, I grabbed the hot cup of coffee which I transferred in a wide-mouthed mug, I just let my skin feel the heat from the sun rays while holding my mug with both hands; and just let my palms feel the warmth of it, as I smell that distinct aroma. I realized, this day, I know I’m whole again.

Weeks have passed since I decided to move on, and get back on my feet. However impossible it was to survive a single day, I tried. I wasn’t sure if I will be able to get there, but I know for a fact I will. I cried my heart out, and just let myself feel that sharp and throbbing pain coming from my chest, radiating to my arms and gut, because the thought of you leaving is what I dreaded ever since.

This time, I realized you will no longer be with me, because I know, I am not your happiness. Looking back from all the things we did, and all the memories we shared, I know this may also give you pain, however difficult it is, I’m sure, you will no longer look for my comfort.

My life has been meaningful while I was with you, but thanks to all the pain I got, and the tears I shed, because now, I can see clearly. You were not the man for me, and this time, I’ve already accepted it.

What helped me moved on? I can’t really recall. What I did was to take one day at a time. One day at a time to feel that excruciating pain I got from breaking up with you. One day at a time to smile, no matter how difficult it was, I still did. One day at at time to put away all the things which reminded me of you, and one day at a time to feel stronger as I try to survive one day at a time.

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Days have passed, I didn’t notice how the days gone so swiftly. I never intended to make others think I was not affected by our break up, but I just promised myself, I never want to be alone physically, as I try to forget you. So I decided to surround myself with people. I let them decide where to eat, what to do, or where to go. Because without them, I won’t be able to have any direction. We never talked about it because I asked them not to. I just faked my smiles, joined them with their loud laughters, and wore that party hat. Because I believe, no matter how difficult others will understand, I believe that I don’t owe anybody any explanation on how to fix myself. I just wanted to be okay.

Every single day I tried, no matter how difficult it was. I faked my smiles and laughters. I decided to be okay, and just keep on faking it…. until I made it… and now, I’m whole again…

Above photo from it’s me neosiam via pexels.com

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5 Things Every Woman Wants From Her Partner

So there’s this girl who kinda caught your heart and finally you got her sweet answer and she became your girlfriend/wife… but then you noticed she changed a bit, and suddenly she became too demanding of your time and attention or worst, she became unattached or withdrawn from you.

Out of the blue you asked yourself, ‘what went wrong?’ Maybe at this point, you need to know that subconsciously, women have needs… needs which should be met only by her one and only Knight in shining armour; and if these needs are constantly met, you will live happily ever after, again.

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5 Things Every Woman Wants From Her Partner

1. Reassurance

Every woman needs to hear from time to time that they are loved. Women need this constant reassurance that your love for them never changed, even after having been together for quite some time, and even after giving birth to your kids. This is a bit awkward especially to married couples because in time, they lost the habit of saying those words, “I love you,” because for them, it already sounds corny; but hey! It’s never too old to be lovey-dovely in love and expressive again. Maybe this is what you’ve been needing to do to make the relationship sparkly again.

I hate how much reassurance I need that you aren’t going to leave.

2. Consistency

When you’ve been dating for quite some time, the tendency is you only approach your partner with these sweet gestures when you need something from them, or when you want them to do something for you. Like sending the mail, or dropping the bills. You kinda need to change that because women easily give up on someone when they don’t feel consistency from the person. Show them that you are still the man of their dreams whom they’ve decided to be with, years ago. Never fail to show them that you love them on a regular basis, not just when you need help from them.

Relationships end too soon because people stop putting the same effort to keep you as they did to win you.

3. Appreciation

Like men, women also want to feel that their effort is appreciated. Whether you say it’s your wife’s job to prepare for breakfast every morning, it’s always nice to know that all gestures are appreciated, because hey! Who wants to cut her sleep short just to get up before the sun rises only to cook your breakfast? So, the next time you were awakened by the aroma of your favorite coffee, or by the noise of the kitchen, get up and kiss your wife, good morning.

4. Attention

A woman needs to know they are beautiful in the eyes of their man. That’s why they are always up to date when it comes to fashion, or the latest make up kit from Nars or what-have-you’s out there; because they want you to see that after uncountable years of being together, they are still the prettiest, and fairest of them all based on their man’s judgment alone. So tell her she’s beautiful once in a while.


When a woman is “tripping” she cares.
When a woman is “mad” she believed in you and you let her down. When she’s “asking questions” she is trying to gain clarity. When she’s quiet and letting things “slide” she is giving up. And when she’s not doing any of the above just know you lost a good woman. -Fb/AwesomeQuotes


5.Encouragement & Support

Nothing else comes sweeter and motivating than getting your constant push from the one who means the world to you. Even if you’ve been together for quite some time, and your partner already knows your plans, how you think or how you strategize, it’s always nice to know that they support you, even after all these years. Not just because he is trying to get your attention like what he used to do when he was only courting you, but because he believes that right now, facing the world together means your successes and failures are his own, too.


Above photo from Leah Kelley via pexels.com

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5 Values Every Couple Should Share For Their Love to Last: A Military Man’s POV

I know a military man who is currently in a long distance relationship who already hurdled some 7 years of peaks and valleys of it up until now. I was really stunned by his answers when I got to ask him what he thinks is keeping the relationship steadfast. He said he believes that in order for a relationship to keep sailing, the couple should have the following values to share:


The most important thing he said that a couple should have, above everything else, is FAITH. The couple should share the same faith because it will be the foundation of their relationship. Love is just a part of faith, because in faith, it includes everything there is to know about love. Faith, not love conquers all.


This is the ultimate gesture you could show to prove that you really love each other; because as time goes by, and as the relationship goes deeper, you may reach the point of total familiarity. Even when you pass a year or a decade being together, you should not lose the respect that you had when you were in getting-know phase.


Actually, I really did not understand what he meant when he said it’s also important to have integrity in a relationship. I searched, and integrity means: “choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.” (Google) Wow. This word really means a lot if you really consider it to be a must-have in your relationship. (Remember the CIL in PMA? That’s where he gets this third entry. Lol)

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They say the best proof of love is trust. So when you are in a relationship, you know you have to trust each other because if you won’t, you can never be happy.

“Relationships are about trust. If you have to play detective, then it’s time to move on.”


I agree with him when he said you should have constant and open communication. I believe this means listening to each other’s thoughts without having any judgment. I say, this is true, because majority of the things I resent, I often share it very calmly with my Significant Other. So that he will empathize and understand me. Actually, as I get the hang of our relationship, I don’t remember a time I got very angry, because I don’t believe in anger as the sole solution to a problem. I just believe in understanding and empathy. As long as you communicate your hurts or side about something, I think there will never be any problem with the both of you.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs. It’s in your hands if you want it to become successful. Remember, every couple wants to sail on the ocean, but only a few make effort for the relationship to work, while the majority just waste away in the desert.

DISCLAIMER: The man I am referring to in this article is no other than my Significant Other. I made this article 2 years ago, until now, we’re still happily in love, and even got engaged recently. Hehe Kudos to these 5 pointers!

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The Day He Asked


Read Back Story: The Great “TAKE LIFE” Experience

08 September 2017

Exactly a month ago, I fetched you from KIX and we went straight to this Anime area I’ve been wanting to show you esp because of this giant Gundam you were excited to see. On our way there, I asked you why you came here all the way from the Phils and besieged the tedious process of owning a Japanese Visa (and not to mention the scuffle you had before riding the plane with these edgy Immigration Officers of our beloved country); I was astonished by your answer, when you said you just want to make sure I was doing fine (after my Dad went to rest).

The moment we arrived at our destination, you saw the huge Ferris Wheel even from afar, and you told me that in Japan, “Ferris Wheel” love stories are so prevailing, and some what romantic. You asked me if we could go there. I said, fine, wala namang problema. Hehe Although I’m not quite sure if I could still take the pressure of my fear of heights. Masyado na kasing mataas iyon, this Ferris Wheel is the tallest Ferris Wheel they have here in Japan (123 meters high overlooking Expocity), but then again, what do I have to lose? I’m with the person who means the world to me; I might as well do the scariest thing I could ever imagine now that I’m with him. LOL Nagtatapang-tapangan, kasama ka naman e.

After we paid for the tickets, we went straight to the receiving area where they let you ride the cable car-ish, capsule-looking thing, I really don’t know how they call it. Haha. I was amazed because it was so clean, and it was so cold because of the capsule’s individualized air conditioning (super hi-tech naman hehe), also, they gave us ice pops for free. Lucky!

We took some selfies as soon as we rode the capsule; it was so romantic because of the twilight.

As we get higher and higher, I was so bewildered as I see the famous Tower of the Sun from Banpaku Kinen Park getting smaller and smaller as if it were the size of my thumb. I was so excited I haven’t even noticed you were talking (hahaha, I’m really sorry about that), I even had my back against you because I was trying to capture the exquisite view from the park behind us, and then when I was satisfied by the photos I’ve taken, I glanced backed at you, and there you were! Down on your knees holding a small red chest with a diamond ring on it. OMG. This was the moment where “the Earth moves normally on its own axis while the sun is slowly setting as normal as it happens everyday, but this time, with the love of my life in front of me holding a ring and asking me to marry him” kind of moment where I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to respond, I couldn’t even hear what you were trying to say because my whole world gone mute and slow-mo, and I feel like I’m having a heart attack at that moment.


I didn’t hear what you were trying to tell me, only the words, “Papakasal ka ba saakin?” …Then my head cleared out, I said, “Oo naman.”

It was a month ago, but only these days have I gotten my mind to process it. OMG ngayon lang nag-sink in saakin. I am going to marry you. You, my best friend, my partner in crime, my sounding board, my raison d’etre, my everything (just like what you are always telling me, that I am your everything).

First of all, I want to apologize, because at times, you might feel it isn’t a big deal to me, but I’m telling you, it is. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve been taking you for granted because of work; for a day or two not having to text you; for the nights I’ve chosen to sleep instead of talking to you on the phone; for having you wait more than a year just to see me; and for all the times I have disappointed you because of my bad decision making. I would also want to say sorry because I promised you before we will keep our relationship private, but please, just this time, let me tell the whole world this story as I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I might not be having these lengthy stories when we get old, you know.

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Second, I want to thank you for sticking around when I’m difficult to be with. You know me; how stubborn I am, how quick my temper is, you know my deepest secrets but you never judged me, you know my goals and my dreams which are some what impossible to achieve, but you always encourage me to do my best, because you believe in my potential, you believe in me.

I cannot promise a beautiful or perfect life ahead of us, because life as we know it, is difficult. But I could promise that whatever we encounter, I will always be right beside you, just like how our own parents love each other.

“Why one man rather than another? Because he was the one you met when you were 19.” I can’t remember who wrote this quote, but yes, it’s true. We met when we were 19, from then on, we couldn’t spare long enough not to see each other again; and this year we turned 27, it just gets intense, haha. I couldn’t stand the look on your face whenever we part, and I couldn’t bear the pain when I know you are shedding tears because we will be apart again for so long. (Akalain mo iyon, naging iyakin tayo) And even right now, as I write this, I can’t help but weep. I don’t know. I think we’re just so in love we can do anything just to show for it (like cry like an ugly person haha).

As we come pass the “young” age, I just want you to know that my love for you when we were 19 is still here, on a 27-year old beating heart of mine. Haha ang corny ko na, sorry. But then again, 8 days from now, we will be celebrating our 7th Anniversary, yehey! Congratulations to us! We’ve reached the point of no return. Haha I love you so much, but I love and respect your parents and family even more for without them, you will not be here. First and foremost, I thank the Lord because you were the one who made me closer to Him. You were the reason I came back to Him. Thank you.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails.” 1Corinthians13:1

Photos from that special day. <3

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9 Signs He Could Be The One


“Oh Dear, I think you’ve stolen my heart, but that’s okay, you can keep it.”

Ladies, if you are having difficulty deciding whom to choose from all your suitors, well, here are a few signs which might help you decide. ❤

1. He doesn’t only LOVE you, but he RESPECTS you

Love is always there, but respect is not. Remember that girls want attention, that’s why they end up with “boys,” but “women” want respect so they end up with “gentlemen.” Respect isn’t asked for, but is earned. Before you even start your relationship, and you want this future endeavour to last, you must show him that you respect yourself first, so he knows you are not just among those girls who come and go.

GUYS, it’s simple. Treat your girl how you would want your dad to treat your Mom, your future brother-in-law to treat your sister; and your future son-in-law to treat your daughter.

2. He values his and your parents; and his family means the world to him

If you want someone to last forever in your life, make sure you choose someone who respects and loves his own parents. You know that when he does, it means family is important to him, and chances are, he also dreams of having his own, simple, yet blissful family. You know that if he also respects your parents, it means he doesn’t want to do anything stupid to you, because he knows exactly what he will end up to, if he will.

A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone. Billy Graham

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3. He has his own dreams for his future, and for your future together

Don’t get me caught up when I say “his future,” what I mean is his own thoughts for his own career. It’s important that you choose someone who has his own dreams and aspiration for himself, not only those things you set for him or you told him to do, but even before you’ve even met, he has these goals keeping him motivated every day. Aside from that, of course, he plans ahead for your future together, and not only does he plan, he materialises it.

4. His FAITH is his LAMP that guides him along the way

Some may say this is whimsical, but actually, nowadays, you only find good guys inside the Church or someone who BELIEVES. So choose someone who has faith which helps him carry on every time the going gets tough.

They do not fear bad news. They confidently trust the Lord to care for them. Psalm 112:7,NLT

5. He is a good provider and money matters don’t shake him

Of course, not all the time you meet someone who owns a kingdom and doesn’t have to work for the rest of his life. If you happen to meet someone like that, you’re lucky. But you’re luckier, or even blessed, if you found someone who doesn’t get distressed with matters concerning to money, because he works hard for it to secure your future together. Hence, you know for sure he will be a good provider in the future. A guy who courts you because he’s the only one among his flock who doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, is not deserving of your time and attention. But a gentleman who courts you with good intentions, and is already prepared for the rainy days, is worthy of your time.

6. He knows how to protect you

Not only physically, but from future potential problems he discerns would happen from your bad decision making. He knows you are a wise woman, but when he sees that your judgment is kind of curvy, he will be honest enough to tell you, because he believes that your failures are his own, too. So he protects you from future danger.


You better treat her like your queen if you want to be treated like a king. Moosa Rahat

7. His social group respects him but he knows the meaning of SOCIAL DISTANCE

He is a person of integrity, and his friends and workmates respect him, because he knows how to deal with people professionally. Although he is close to other women, or other groups of people you haven’t even met yet, you trust him because he knows his boundaries, and you know that he will not cross the line.

8. He believes in delayed gratification

Choose someone who doesn’t give in with simple or temporary pleasures because he believes in delayed gratification. He knows that all things which are worth-giving effort for are the ones which could last forever. So he knows how to wait, because after all, he already knows what he wants. If someone knows how to how to delay his gratification, he also knows how to control his temper.

The longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it. Cause anything worth having, is definitely worth waiting.

9. You can tell by the look of his eyes that you are the apple of his eyes.

You know, because you know his heart. ❤

Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you feel love is hard.


Above photo from David Whittaker via pexels.com

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