To My Almost

We started rocky. It was one of the cliche things that happened to us. See, this isn’t the first time that we tried. The first time we failed yet when we found each other, we dared to try again, hoping that this moment will be our time. We were so optimistic that fate would favor us this time. We were happy. We were full of bliss. My day wouldn’t go by without you passing by my mind; yes, even when we were fighting, even when we weren’t in good mood.

It is so insane to miss someone whose memories are just abstract.
We weren’t the typical LDR. I am not sure if we had a relationship, even. It was the millennial thing- no label relationship. We were just talking- no, not talking per se, it was just an online banter. We talked over the phone for only more than an hour in our year-long ‘talking’ yet it meant the world to me. I was so invested in us. I was so excited for what the future holds for us even if there’s barely a present. It was very naive of me.


Everything was doing fine. I never think that everything will crumble. I told you before that if we get through this year, we will get through everything and I believed we could. I also believed that you believe we could. We agreed we will work for us, yet here we are halfway through 2017 and we’re acting like what happened for the past year is just an illusion for me. I frequently wonder what happened, how are you, does it pain you like it’s crushing me? Truthfully, I am not even mad at you. I understand you. I understand that what we had was difficult. I understand that having someone but not literally having someone is a losing battle. A battle against despair, longing and loneliness. I just hope you gave me much more credit that I would understand whatever reason you had. I’ve known you for a man who would stand by his words. I am devastated that I am wrong. Again. It saddens me that our second time was just like our first. A failure. And I know that I have my fair share of shortcomings. I was very clingy. I was bothered with all of the smallest things that I clearly shouldn’t have minded. And it consumed me. Uncertainty. Insecurity. I gladly embraced the connection I thought we had and held it so tight it might have smothered you. Or maybe this is the way of the universe to tell us that we are never meant for each other. This is my painful realization.

Goodbye and I wish you all the best.





Is It Worth It To Leave My Cadet To Work Abroad?

Howdy, Guys! I’m here again. The question above was asked by our Reader, let’s just call her Miss K. You know what, pagkabasa ko pa lang sa tanong niya, I cringed a little bit. Why? Kasi ito iyong sitwasyon ko 3-4 years ago.

So before I’ll answer the question of Miss K, I just like to share with you my own story.

Year 2011 I graduated from Saint Louis University, sa may Baguio, luckily I passed the Nurses’ Licensure Exam right after I graduated. I was 20 years old back then, while Sancho was a 2nd Class Cadet(same age LOL).

At first, I told myself, hindi ko ‘to pwedeng iwanan during his Cadetship Years sabi ko sa sarili ko, kasi masiyado pa siyang “fragile,” LOL, este ako pala, este pareho pala kaming fragile that time.

Siya, kahit sabihin mong matigas ang katawan niya dahil sa training and all, kahit na sabihin mong nagdaan na siya sa Plebehood and Scout Ranger Training, haha, alam ko deep inside natatakot din siya what he is about to see and experience when he graduates, kasi Volunteer Army siya. Isa pa, bunso iyon, sobrang mahal na mahal siya ng parents niya, siblings niya, and mga relatives niya na parang lahat na lang gagawing madali para sakaniya, ganoon siya ka-baby sa family niya. Totoo ‘to, walang halong biro.

Nakita ko rin kung gaano siya ka-stress sa requirements, na minsan kahit na priv niya, imbes magsine kami or date-date e nasa bahay na lang kami, gumagawa ng mga project niya. (Nakaka-relate ba kayo, Ladies? Cadets?)

So sabi ko, hindi ko pa siya kayang iwan, kasi mamimiss ko lahat ng magagandang bagay at mga challenging na situations na pagdadaanan niya pa sa loob ng Academy, mamimiss ko iyong milestone niya sa career niya. At alam kong kahit kakayanin niya mag-isa, alam ko mas kailangan niya ako sa tabi niya.

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So iyon, wala akong na-miss na event sa buong Cadetship niya.. Maiden Performance ng Silent Drill, lahat ng Hop (except Barn Hop kasi nasa Probinsya ako ‘nun) and lahat ng mga Intrams andun ako. Sobrang swerte ko lang sa mga magulang ko kasi supportive sila sa amin, since fresh grad ako gusto nila magpahinga muna ako, at never nila ako sinabihan na maghanap na ng trabaho)

So heto na, dumating na iyong time na grumaduate na siya sa Acad. May bakasyon sya ‘nun I think, pero siyempre he has to spend it with his family, nakakahiya rin naman sabi ko sa sarili ko na andun ako palagi, e hindi pa naman niya ako asawa hahaha. (I have to explain this later, kasi marami siguro ang makaka-relate sainyo dito na during his R&R, he has to be with his family, and siyempre hindi ka pa naman niya asawa so 3rd priority ka lang, 1st duty, 2nd-family niya).

So I gave him space… Maximize muna sa family niya, and nagkita na lang kami the day before his flight to Mindanao, hatid namin siya ng Ate at Kuya niya. Take note, he is from Luzon, and he is Army, so Mindanao talaga siya ma-assign.

Guys, this was the hardest moment of our entire relationship. Iyong pag-alis niya. Iyong pag-iwan niya sa akin. Pakiramdam ko naabandona ako na hindi na niya ako kailangan kaya niy ako iniwan. Ito talaga iyong sobrang sakit na nangyari sa buong buhay ko. Haha That time, we were 22 years old. Isama mo pa iyong 3 months niya sa field, tapos 2-3 times lang siyang naka-message sa akin during his first 3 months in his first assignment.

I was taken a back. Napabayaan ko na nga career ko, iniwan pa ako ng love of my life.


I wasn’t sure what to do next. I’ve given up my time to be with him, my batch mates already had their 1-2 years of hospital experience, others were about to finish their graduate school, and some had left to work abroad.

I had no choice, I should  continue to live my life–this time, without him. 

First off, hindi ko naman alam kailan siya babalik. Infantry siya, so wala talagang kasiguraduhan kailan siya makakauwi.

So I’ve decided to move on.

Sorry Miss K, napahaba iyong kwento ko. To cut it short, nag-decide ako na umalis, na wala siyang kaalam-alam. Nag-apply apply na ako kung saan-saan para ako rin maka-move on na, since siya, Lieutenant na siya, meron na siyang career, ayokong maging anino na lang niya, sorry Ladies, pero ganun talaga ang naramdaman ko noon… I have to use my wits na to find my own career path… I have to move on, parang siya rin. Naka-move on na siya. Gone are his Cadet Years… At na-stuck talaga ako doon. HINDI NA SIYA KADETE.

When he got his chance to message me (kasi nga laging walang signal during operation), I was actually already packing my things to get ready for my upcoming flight. He was actually shocked. I told him I needed this.

Hindi naman kami naghiwalay hahaha. Pero, he didn’t stand between me and my dreams. He actually supported me. So to cut the story short, nandito na ako. 3 years na rin pala ako dito. Gosh! hahaha

So to Miss K, I know you are stuck between your dreams and his. Your dream is to find yourself abroad, while his is to be with you during his cadet  years. First of all, I want to tell you that life abroad is difficult, nahirapan ako, lagi ko siyang inaaway kasi namimiss ko na siya. Walang kwentang pag-aaway lahat ng pinagdaanan namin noon ang dahilan lang kasi namimiss namin ang isa’t isa. Pero it didn’t stop us from loving each other.

If you agreed, siguro ok na rin yun, I think bata pa kayo, you should be prioritising on giving yourselves a chance to find your own niche or career path. You have to complete your individuality, and later on, if you succeeded sa inyong sari-sariling goals in life, you have each other to celebrate your success with, right?

Kung isang concern mo kung anong haharapin mo doon, you’ll never know unless you try sabi nga nila. Pero you are a tough woman, I know you can survive anything, basta kapit lang tayo sa Itaas; at siyempre, hanggat may internet, sinasabi ko sayo, makaka-survive ka. 🙂

Your distance will also try to test your commitment to each other. It will sway you, give you a million reasons to give up, and it will slap your face like a b*tch over and over again. Hehe Mahirap talaga, pero imagine you will be surpassing these challenges, magiging matibay talaga kayo. That no matter what life gives you, sa isa’t isa lang kayo kakapit.

Mag-usap kayo, I think you know already what to do, although you aren’t that 100% sure if it is worth it. But I tell you, lahat ng bagay may kapalit. You have to sacrifice some things in order for you to get what you want, if you think it’s ok to leave him right now, and go home later when he graduates para mas madalas mo siyang makakasama, go ahead. Basta dapat, may iisa kayong anchor, para kahit gaano  na kalalim iyong mga pagdadaanan niyo, sa isa’t isa pa rin kayo babalik.

So this is it for now, ladies and gentlemen… Lumalala na yata ang CTS ko hahaha addict lang e no.

All the best,

Kim Sancho

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Important Notes:

Above photo from Miss Ron, again, thank you for all your photos, sis! Photo was edited from original

***Their photo is unrelated to the topic***

(If you are interested in contributing your photos, thoughts and what nots, message PMG for more info TYSM!)

The Person Behind Proud Military Girl

Hello, there!

You might be reading this because you want to know who Kim is, or who owns this page/blog. Lol I’m sorry to tell you, but I think this is not the right time to reveal who owns this blog. First I made an alternate account (which I might have used to add you as my friend on Facebook because I know/I have a feeling you belong to the Military World). This alternate account I named Kim is not my real FB account, I just use it to navigate to publishing tools of FB, and Kim is not my real name. I just used this name because it was how my late Dad called my youngest sibling (I used it because I want to commemorate my late Father.)

Why PMG? I know right. Lol. First of all, I am a girlfriend of a Junior Officer who graduated from the Philippine Military Academy. Some of you might know something about me, etc. But I want to keep my real identity privately because I want to be “not biased” when I write my articles.

Someone asked me why can’t I tell my real name, “Are you hiding something?” Lol the answer is: I am not. I just want to be private kasi baka sumikat ako and mawalan ng kabuluhan lahat ng meaning ng mga sinusulat ko, maging tungkol lahat saakin, the fact is I am writing generally, ayokong maging subjective lahat ng mga articles dito when I told you who I was. I want to write things regarding military love stories, majority comes from my own thoughts, but these thoughts, I think might be useful to others who also belong to my world.


But, Why?

Being in a military relationship (especially when we started dating, he was then a Cadet) was tough. I don’t know who to turn to. I’m not really sure my civilian friends understand completely what I tell them, and I cannot hide the fact that I’m intimidated by Senior Officers’ girlfriends because , one, they are “upperclass,” two, I might be “not interested enough” to be a part of the club. lol (my melancholic side of me, esp when I was younger!)

Later on I met people who belong to the same crowd (they aren’t scary at all haha in fact they became my closest friends), some of them pursued the military marriage, some of them drifted from the military relationship, or I say, have broken up with their then-Cadet Boyfriends, but we remained in tact.

I’ve experienced a lot of emotions from this “military girlfriend” experience from Cadetship to Deployment until First Promotion etc. With this, I have a vision to create something useful to other “beginners” who are clueless kung anong pinapasok nila. Lol. I want to tell the (younger) Ladies, (who once was me) that, it’s going to be fine, we have each other.

I know this is a journey. Military life is a journey, so while I’m here fighting the unknown battles of being the woman behind my brave Soldier, I also would want to find inspiration to those who made it, to those Upperclassmen and Upperclass Ma’am who have the reality I once dreamt of, and continue dreaming—to finally be with the one I love, not the Soldier, but the man I decided to love since Day 1. I know we are just starting with our relationship, but looking at the Seniors who are (still) happily married and might now be traveling the world or rearing their grandchildren (after their Soldier Husband’s Service to our Beloved Country has been paid—by their time, by their life) makes me feel inspired.

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This blog was made out of courage of wanting to meet new people, newbies or veterans from the “Military Relationship,” I know we are the chosen few, but I know we speak tales of courage and patriotism being chosen in this precious “field.”

PMG is not just about me, it’s about every person who belongs to the Military Relationship looking for love and belongingness they cannot find from their reach. This is not just a story, but this is a “book.” The “book” which contains rare love stories from different walks of life which happened to be coloured in camouflage.

Welcome to PMG! This is your story. It is yours. I’m giving it to you.

To those who belong to the “Ladies” rank, the Kaydet Girls, the Officers’ Girls the Officers’ Wives, the Soldier’s Girlfriends, the Soldier’s Wives, I just want you to know, that YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. We are the bravest of all the ranks they could find in the Military Service, because we are our Soldiers’ sounding board, their tough wall, their greatest dream, and their greatest success.

To our Soldiers, Kudos to all of you! We know how much you could sacrifice your life for our fellow countrymen, how much more would you sacrifice for us? We love you so much, more than you’ll ever know, more than you could ever imagine. If only one statement could be used to summarize what we really wanted in life, it would be this statement: “I want to hold your hand when we’re 80, and say we made it.”

***This page is owned by a private individual. Any views or opinion regarding the Philippine Military Academy, Armmed Forces of the Philippines, or the Philippine Soldiers are own judgment of the writer. This page does not represent any entity or institution named above, unless otherwise stated.***



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10+ Things to Do While Waiting for His R&R

I know even the minute you bid goodbye, you already start to miss him, right? I can say, “been there, done that,” but then again, even if we’ve been together for quite some time, time and time again, it pains me when he’s gone.  I know how you feel, because right at this moment, I’m feeling it, too.

“But girl, everything will be all right, alright?” This is what I could only tell myself, right now, and I could may be say to you. Everything is going to turn out well.

Let me tell you a little story, this happened when I graduated from College and he was still inside the Academy, that I think, he was a Cow, back then. Those times, I know I have to find a job because after all, (in God’s love and providence,) I’ve passed the board exam, and I was only waiting for my license number which will be issued by PRC. But then, to tell you frankly, I never chose to look for a job or to have a committed work-related stuff back then because I was afraid I might miss something from his Cadet “Milestone.” Gladly, I have loving parents who didn’t require me to look for a job or to give back as early as that time, they only told me to do whatever I want this time (because I think they were relieved that the “future” is mine after passing the NLE, and after all, I was only 20 years old that time). My parents were very supportive, so I never looked for a job after College, I just “enjoyed” or I think the better term is “rested,” after of course the grueling review for the exam.

While waiting for his R&R, I am as hopeless as a person who wants snowflakes in Summer. I just hang in there, waiting for his break, of course my parents know Sancho as early as that time, and they treated him as their own child, they were very supportive of us. (Sobrang tiwala, and kita niyo naman ngayon ang results ng pagtitiwala ng both sides ng parents namin, kami pa rin, at sa Awa at Tulong ng Diyos, hindi naman kami pumalya. Hehe)

Here are the things { I did, I am doing, and I think I will continue to do } whenever I miss him during his deployment.


TBH, I’ve had a lot of “new” hobbies, name it: collected and tried to take care of plants (but after a week I’ve gotten lazy, so my Dad continued watering them and they withered after a couple of months hehe): took care of a dog (my Mom continued taking care of Britney~my Pekingese Dog, until she died after mounted by an AsKal, this is a true story, I will talk about this in a different entry post); I’ve tried ARTS! You know, crayons, paints and stuff on a canvass, after a few days, I got lazy again, you know what happened next.

I can talk for a day or two for the things I’ve done to help me cope with my loneliness because he was away. You might think I am overacting, but honestly, that time I was only 20 years old. Some hopeless romantic kid who just found out about love, so yeah, call me crazy. Hehe

So the point here is, do something new. Promise, it will alleviate your loneliness.



The first language I’ve self-learned was Finnish. (Nauso kasi ‘yun dati sa Baguio e.) Then later, of course, Japanese. Try to learn a new language, it will be so dramatic if you say I love you in different languages, right? Or try to learn new dialects from our very own country, like for me, I speak Pangasinan and Ilocano fluently, and I am currently learning how to speak in Cebuano, because Sancho was assigned to a Cebuano-speaking area and actually he could already speak fluently that sometimes he doesn’t notice he’s talking to me in Cebuano. (Lagi niya ako Binibisaya nang hindi niya napapansin, gusto ko rin matuto para makasagot ako sakaniya hehe.)


That first assignment he took right after his graduation was one of the deepest dents in our relationship. But I took it head on, and came out alive and somewhat productive. As he was busy applying his military prowess in the field, I, too, was applying my baking prowess.  LOL I enrolled in Baking Class for about a month or so. At first it was just for fun, or something to keep me busy, then it dawned on me, I was actually enjoying every single minute I spent inside the Baking Lab. I just lab it. LOL

Learn something new, promise it will be worth it, want to know why? Because when Sancho learned I was good at baking, everytime he comes home from deployment, we bake and cook together. It’s actually kind of fun! Next time, I’ll be enrolling in Culinary, promise!


There are a lot of weekend activities you could do in your own community, it will really help you expand your horizon or grow your network.

When Sancho was busy during his first assignment after his graduation, I was left with no choice but to actually face reality of finding my own career path. I’ve volunteered to a provincial hospital and signed up for a Dialysis Program/Training–which I think I got from his brother, because his brother is a Dialysis Nurse. After the training, I went back to Baguio and thought of signing up for PMA Station Hospital’s Nurse Residency Program. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I was actually that Nurse who took care of Cadets and Soldiers for almost a year inside the Academy! I will share some stories about my experience  in a different post.


The first area I’ve ever been to without him was in Aklan, yes in Boracay. We also went to Iloilo to eat Bachoy with my Family. Believe me, it will give you stories to share when you’re already back in each others’ arms.

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I’ve always wanted to go to Tagaytay! Haha I never had the chance to go back there as and Adult. LOL I’ve studied Language in the Metro for almost a year but then again, I never had that single chance of going there. Oh wait, I have. It was when he got back from Schooling and then I tried to lure him into going there but when it was time to leave (at 0300H) he actually asked if we could do it some other time, and went back to sleep. Poor baby!

So plan your next trip and actually implement it. hehe


Believe it or not, I started to make a list of our “Relationship Goals” when we were only days old. Haha I will actually take a photo of it if the notebook was with me, but it is in Sancho’s keeping. I wrote there stuff like, go on a Movie Date, Dance in the rain, Travel together etc etc etc… Be specific!


After College, I told you I didn’t for once look for a job, so I had the luxury of time to be with my parents as in ALL THE TIME for more than a year. We had coffee 3x a day in our house, we went for road trips together, we saw some movies together, and we went to new places. Thank God I had the chance to be with them esp my Dad.


I always wanted to make our very own scrapbook, pero laging hindi natutuloy. Print your important photos and make some scribbles or do some arts! I think it’s fun!


I want mosaic of our photos together. Pero I want puzzle pieces para may twist. I just don’t know how to do this, yet. But, I think, when I’ll get time, I can actully look for a suitable app and put my hands on it. Try it, too!


When we get married, I want to show a audio-video presentation of how our relationship started. It might cost me lengthy hours of doing it, but I think it will be worth it. Make yours, too, and show him when he gets home!

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FINAL THOUGHTS: Waiting for his R&R is actually boring. Hehe But then again, if you look on a brighter side, you will realize it’s actually quality time for yourself and for your family to bond or to do new things. Keep yourself busy with things to do, and later on, just before you know it, he will be there right at your doorsteep looking for you. Go girl!

***THE LIST GOES ON! Comment or message me so we can input your thoughts! I love to hear from you! What do you do during his Deployment aside from work? 🙂

Above photo taken from Naoshima Island with Sancho. Sorry for our sun-kissed feet! LOL

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11 Life Lessons From A Soldier’s Perspective

As I read the entries, I realized, marami pa akong hindi alam sa buhay, I should really ponder on these things and actually discern kung nagagawa ko bang maging mabuti, to outgrow my immaturity and to become a better version of myself. Be positive! Fight! Fight!

This is an article contributed by a close friend of mine who happens to be a Junior Officer in the Philippine Army.

Read On:


1. Respect and love your parents

Kasi mga magulang mo sila kahit na anong mangyari. Cherish every moment with them.

2. Make good and unforgettable memories with your siblings

Ang mga kapatid, walang kapalit din yan..I n short, mahalaga talaga ang foundation ng family.

3. Pagdating sa friends, habang tumatanda tayo, real friends will remain

Iba ang friends sa magkakilala lang.

4. Learning never stops

Dapat as early as now, pinapahalagahan mo na ang mga natutunan mo. Para pagdating ng panahon, mai-apply mo nang tama.. Also, as we grow old, maiisip natin na lahat ng mga nangyayari sa atin, may lessons learned iyan.


5. A good heart will never fade

Attitude matters talaga.. Pwedeng mag-fade away ang physical beauty, pero ang ugali ng isang tao, hndi makakalimutan.. Masama man or mabuti, diyan ka maaalala.. sa ugali mo..

6. Simplicity is beauty

Minsan maisip mo na okay rin pala kahit simple ka lang. Nasa confidence mo iyan. Makikita mo kasi ang beauty ng tao kapag wala siyang kahit na anong gamit or suot, through her smile , or through her eyes.. Ganun lang..

7. Life is simple

Do not over-stress yourself. Hindi mo naman kailangan patulan lahat ng issues na naririnig mo. Malulungkot ka lang. Kung hindi naman big deal, huwag ka dapat maging affected.

8. Be humble

Kung talagang may pagkakamali ka, embrace it and learn to say sorry. Be humble. Tao lang tayo, walang perfect sa atin. Lahat may mga failures and pagkakamali.

9. Gaano man kahirap or kasakit ang dinaranas mong mga problema, tuloy pa rin ang buhay

Depende lang iyan kung paano ka lumaban and paano mo i-handle ang mga problema mo.. Okay lang umiyak.. Ilabas mo lang. Ang importante fighting ka pa rin. Sabi nga doon sa Dont quit, REST IF YOU MUST BUT DONT YOU QUIT.


Kahit gaano man kataas ang mga pangarap natin and kahit gaano man kalayo ang mga narating natin sa buhay, babalik and babalik tayo sa simpleng buhay kasama ang family natin. Time will come na masaya na tayo sa isang scenic view, drinking coffee.. Iyong tipong marealize mo na at least nakaya mo ang lahat.. Simple lang.. Pero masaya.


11. Self-love is important

Self-love includes self respect and self-esteem.. Kasi kung darating sa point na mararamdaman mong wala nang ngmamahal sayo, at least maisip mo na mahal mo pala ang sarili mo. Kapag nakita ng ibang tao na you have self-respect, they will also respect you.. and tsaka mo lang masasabing kaya mo nang magmahal ng iba kapag you have already given enough love for yourself.. walang ibang magmamahal sayo kundi sarili mo lang din.

Topmost photo is a derivative of an original photo taken from Pineapple Supply Co. via

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Love Letter From A Cadet

This article is from a contribution of our reader, Mrs. Sai Nalang.

Message from Ms Sai to PMG: You might want to add this. Naghukay tuloy ako sa box namin. Everytime he writes me a letter, he never forgets to remind me that we have a wedding to attend after his graduation. Haha”

This letter is what her husband wrote her when he was still in PMA as a Graduating Cadet. Super Kilig!!! Read on!


23 2000H JUNE 2010

Love Love,

Happy 8th Monthsary. I love you so much . Don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine here at the Academy, yun nga lang I’m missing you so much. Wala ng CP kasi mahigpit na dito. Take life na lang ako kung mag-CP but hindi pa rin tayo (pwedeng) dalawa sa pakikipagcommunicate. Kaya nga may ballpen at papel hehe Mahal!!! Could you believe it? 8 months na tayo. I love and miss miss miss you. Kaya dadaliin ko na ang pag-graduate dito para makasama na kita agad. All you have  to do is to take care of yourself. Remember, we have a wedding to attend to, which is our wedding, ok? hehe (Properly ha) Concentrate on your studies, hmmmp, iwas sa mga surot!!! Ha? I love you so much!

PS Wag pabasa ka Shane, magrereact like hell.

Your Love Love



Read Related Article: “God’s Time is Always Perfect- Sai N.”

PMG Notes: Guys, gusto kong magreact like hell sa sobrang kilig, hehe buti na lang hindi ako si Shane. Lol Grabe lang talaga. It was June of 2010, anong ginagawa niyo nung mga panahong iyon? Ako, ilang months pa lang niyan nung nakilala ko si Sancho at wala akong idea where it will lead, pero si Kim&Sai, they all have their lives figured out, as early as 2010, while everyone’s not having any clue even on what to get for lunch on that day. This is so amazing. This is so beautiful not to share to the world.

Again, thank you Sir Kim and Ms Sai for entrusting your delicate stories to PMG.  <3 Super love love.

Above phot via

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“God’s Time is Always Perfect” -Sai N.

This is a post in response to the recently posted article, “IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before”

I was actually ranting about my thoughts once again, about my dearly beloved Soldier, and how we managed to stay steadfast for more than 7 years, yet, still not deciding to tie the knot. (This is of course before The Proposal happened).

I’ve realized a lot when one of our readers responded to this rant post of mine LOL, it came to me that I have all I need in the world because I have him, and to really entrust my faith in God in order to conquer my doubts for myself, and fears for the future.

After you have read the article, “IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before” please read the following advice from Miss Sai, this is worth a read, everyone.



In reply to this post:
IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before

(Ayaw ko na i-comment dun, masyadong mahaba eh.)

I read it, from the start to the very end. Let me tell you a short story before giving you an advice

My husband, then a Cadet was sent out from the Academy for some reasons. Na-turn back siya and he is waiting for a letter from PMA para makabalik siya. That is when we meet each other again.

Naging kami, then he asked me to marry him. That time he was working in a company with a good salary, may trabaho din ako. So parang financially stable naman kami. I prayed and asked God, is it the right time? I trust in Your perfect timing. Just a few days after that, he received a letter from PMA. I told myself, hindi pa right time ni Ama and I told him, go reach for your dreams. I will be here patiently waiting for you.

During the time that he was inside the Academy, I busied myself working because I have to pay for my sibling’s education. I also wanted to take master’s degree and also be a lawyer. But due to financial reasons, anak lang kami ng “Mess Kit” (a term they refer to children of ordinary soldiers or enlisted personnel) I have to he set aside my dreams to give way to my siblings.

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Fast forward, he graduated from the academy. He again, asked me na mag-immediately na, I declined. I told him to spend time with his family and focus on his career and his dreams of becoming a pilot. I told him I’ll decide after he graduates from Military Pilot Training.

Just as he was about to graduate from MPT, my sister is also graduating from college and I am so happy that at last I could now spend my earnings to get a law degree. A week before his graduation, he again asked me to marry him. I told him my take on the situation. He took me to the nearest church, told me let’s pray for this. And on the night of his graduation he told me this: “Alam ko marami ka pang pangarap. Marami kang gustong marating. Pero gusto ko kasama mo ako sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap mo. Ayoko na wala ako sa tabi mo kapag masaya ka, malungkot ka… gusto kong bumawi. Wala ako nung grumaduate ka ng college, wala ako nung unang sweldo mo, wala ako nung ma-promote ka… gusto ko this time kapag naging abogado ka, nasa tabi mo ako. Gusto ko habang inaabot mo ang pangarap mo hawak mo ang kamay ko.” Hearing those words made my heart melt and told myself, man! This man really loves me. That’s the moment I said yes.


Now my advise:

1. This is the most important of all, ask God for his perfect time. God’s time is never late nor early, it is always perfect.

2. Natatakot ka na baka you’re not good enough for him… no honey. You are the one for him. He chose you from among all the women he met. And always remember, you are to be his wife. Your goal is to be with him forever and support him, you are not just an “Ayer’s wife” you are his wife. Sinabi ko noon sa asawa ko, ayokong maging asawa ng opisyal. I married you beacuse I want to be your wife, not an officer’s wife. Kung naging sarhento ka lang or security guard, I would still marry you.

That’s it. Just pray and ask for God’s help and for sure everything will fall on its right place.



PMG NOTES: You know what, after reading this again, I actually felt enlightened, and I actually felt I am adequately capable to be my man’s future wife. Once again, thank you Miss Sai for your unending support, I know you are very busy pursuing your Law Degree, but you still manage to read my stories. Special mention to Sir Arkim, welcome to PMG! Thank you for reading the stories, grabe Sir, you are simply the best, sobrang nakakakilig ang Proposal mo. To God be all the Glory!

Above photo from the couple themselves, Ms Sai and Sir Kim Nalang on their Wedding Day

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Caps Lock CIL: The Unrequited Love

“Cupid sometimes runs out of arrows and only shoots one person instead of two.”

Once in our life, we experience loving someone without the knowledge of the person. We know how stupid the idea is, but we cannot help but choosing loving from a distance, because, at least, from there, we could express our feelings. Here is one good epitome of someone who chose to love from afar, and hoped, at least for once, that her love will be reciprocated.

(This article was originally published in The Corps Magazine, the Philippine Military Academy’s Cadet Corps Magazine, Alumni Issue 2013. Original title: “CAPS LOCK”)


Caps Lock

by Nuela Gracia F. Posadas

As we drive along the zigzag mud, I prayed to God
to keep this off my chest. I guessed He did, at least for a while.
Maybe I am unconsciously drawn to your world.
Maybe I do too, at the very rarest of times.
I believe that I belong to you as immediate family.
And this feeling attacks when I least expect it
When I am not in my best dress, When I did not get to shower,
and when I did not have the COURAGE to tell you.
And so I go on with my routine in life
smiling when not supposed to, running countless miles
to maintain my Superman strength disguised by my stick thin body,
juggling everything is served before me,
carrying that INTEGRITY you were always preaching excessively.
I become too preoccupied to even think about it, or perhaps about myself.
And yes, one day at a time, I go on with my random life;
lazing around in the mornings, skipping meals,
sleeping until my head hurts, and thinking about you until my heart breaks.
Yes, I think about you. I think about you all the time.
I sustain my LOYALTY to you even if I don’t have to,
even if there seems to be no apparent reason.
You, instead, go on with your life unaware of the single soul
wide awake on your lower bunk,
writing this note for the source of her unreciprocated love.
You go on…
You go on without the slightest idea.


“At least even for a little while, I was the reason behind your smile.”

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Bakit Maraming Filipino Ang Naghihirap At Paano Mo Makokopya Ang Mga Milyonaryong Filipino? FIND OUT HERE