Love Letter From A Cadet

This article is from a contribution of our reader, Mrs. Sai Nalang.

Message from Ms Sai to PMG: You might want to add this. Naghukay tuloy ako sa box namin. Everytime he writes me a letter, he never forgets to remind me that we have a wedding to attend after his graduation. Haha”

This letter is what her husband wrote her when he was still in PMA as a Graduating Cadet. Super Kilig!!! Read on!


23 2000H JUNE 2010

Love Love,

Happy 8th Monthsary. I love you so much . Don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine here at the Academy, yun nga lang I’m missing you so much. Wala ng CP kasi mahigpit na dito. Take life na lang ako kung mag-CP but hindi pa rin tayo (pwedeng) dalawa sa pakikipagcommunicate. Kaya nga may ballpen at papel hehe Mahal!!! Could you believe it? 8 months na tayo. I love and miss miss miss you. Kaya dadaliin ko na ang pag-graduate dito para makasama na kita agad. All you have  to do is to take care of yourself. Remember, we have a wedding to attend to, which is our wedding, ok? hehe (Properly ha) Concentrate on your studies, hmmmp, iwas sa mga surot!!! Ha? I love you so much!

PS Wag pabasa ka Shane, magrereact like hell.

Your Love Love



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PMG Notes: Guys, gusto kong magreact like hell sa sobrang kilig, hehe buti na lang hindi ako si Shane. Lol Grabe lang talaga. It was June of 2010, anong ginagawa niyo nung mga panahong iyon? Ako, ilang months pa lang niyan nung nakilala ko si Sancho at wala akong idea where it will lead, pero si Kim&Sai, they all have their lives figured out, as early as 2010, while everyone’s not having any clue even on what to get for lunch on that day. This is so amazing. This is so beautiful not to share to the world.

Again, thank you Sir Kim and Ms Sai for entrusting your delicate stories to PMG.  <3 Super love love.

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“God’s Time is Always Perfect” -Sai N.

This is a post in response to the recently posted article, “IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before”

I was actually ranting about my thoughts once again, about my dearly beloved Soldier, and how we managed to stay steadfast for more than 7 years, yet, still not deciding to tie the knot. (This is of course before The Proposal happened).

I’ve realized a lot when one of our readers responded to this rant post of mine LOL, it came to me that I have all I need in the world because I have him, and to really entrust my faith in God in order to conquer my doubts for myself, and fears for the future.

After you have read the article, “IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before” please read the following advice from Miss Sai, this is worth a read, everyone.



In reply to this post:
IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before

(Ayaw ko na i-comment dun, masyadong mahaba eh.)

I read it, from the start to the very end. Let me tell you a short story before giving you an advice

My husband, then a Cadet was sent out from the Academy for some reasons. Na-turn back siya and he is waiting for a letter from PMA para makabalik siya. That is when we meet each other again.

Naging kami, then he asked me to marry him. That time he was working in a company with a good salary, may trabaho din ako. So parang financially stable naman kami. I prayed and asked God, is it the right time? I trust in Your perfect timing. Just a few days after that, he received a letter from PMA. I told myself, hindi pa right time ni Ama and I told him, go reach for your dreams. I will be here patiently waiting for you.

During the time that he was inside the Academy, I busied myself working because I have to pay for my sibling’s education. I also wanted to take master’s degree and also be a lawyer. But due to financial reasons, anak lang kami ng “Mess Kit” (a term they refer to children of ordinary soldiers or enlisted personnel) I have to he set aside my dreams to give way to my siblings.

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Fast forward, he graduated from the academy. He again, asked me na mag-immediately na, I declined. I told him to spend time with his family and focus on his career and his dreams of becoming a pilot. I told him I’ll decide after he graduates from Military Pilot Training.

Just as he was about to graduate from MPT, my sister is also graduating from college and I am so happy that at last I could now spend my earnings to get a law degree. A week before his graduation, he again asked me to marry him. I told him my take on the situation. He took me to the nearest church, told me let’s pray for this. And on the night of his graduation he told me this: “Alam ko marami ka pang pangarap. Marami kang gustong marating. Pero gusto ko kasama mo ako sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap mo. Ayoko na wala ako sa tabi mo kapag masaya ka, malungkot ka… gusto kong bumawi. Wala ako nung grumaduate ka ng college, wala ako nung unang sweldo mo, wala ako nung ma-promote ka… gusto ko this time kapag naging abogado ka, nasa tabi mo ako. Gusto ko habang inaabot mo ang pangarap mo hawak mo ang kamay ko.” Hearing those words made my heart melt and told myself, man! This man really loves me. That’s the moment I said yes.


Now my advise:

1. This is the most important of all, ask God for his perfect time. God’s time is never late nor early, it is always perfect.

2. Natatakot ka na baka you’re not good enough for him… no honey. You are the one for him. He chose you from among all the women he met. And always remember, you are to be his wife. Your goal is to be with him forever and support him, you are not just an “Ayer’s wife” you are his wife. Sinabi ko noon sa asawa ko, ayokong maging asawa ng opisyal. I married you beacuse I want to be your wife, not an officer’s wife. Kung naging sarhento ka lang or security guard, I would still marry you.

That’s it. Just pray and ask for God’s help and for sure everything will fall on its right place.



PMG NOTES: You know what, after reading this again, I actually felt enlightened, and I actually felt I am adequately capable to be my man’s future wife. Once again, thank you Miss Sai for your unending support, I know you are very busy pursuing your Law Degree, but you still manage to read my stories. Special mention to Sir Arkim, welcome to PMG! Thank you for reading the stories, grabe Sir, you are simply the best, sobrang nakakakilig ang Proposal mo. To God be all the Glory!

Above photo from the couple themselves, Ms Sai and Sir Kim Nalang on their Wedding Day

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Military Relationship Facts

While others stay behind the back of the silent ranks, together, we reminisce and tell tales of how we actually suffer and endure the combat of every day life… as we go along our lives and continue loving and being loved by the man of our dreams, and living the so-called “military” life.

Here are the things you got used to since Day 1 when you started loving a man in uniform.

Military Relationship Facts:


Every schedule you have in your calendar is… “SUBJECT TO CHANGE”
–If I’m not mistaken, you often hear this, right? So you better not write anything on your calendar, instead.


You got used to hearing, “I Will Call You Later” but you know for a fact that “later” is totally an indefinite word, which could mean, tomorrow, a few days later, or even next week.


“Take life.” 
This and the other terms (like, “Buga” or “Go Ahead”) which they use, that you already (unconsciously) use in your everyday civilian life and has become a part of you. You know that “take life” means an act of doing something which is not “authorized” or should not be done as said by the rules, like using their phone after TAPS, or not logging in their phones during class (you tell me!)


In Webster’s Dictionary it means: (1) a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others; (2) a special opportunity to do something that makes you proud; but in the military world, especially to the Cadets, it only means a time to be spent with you, especially outside the camp; and when you get to hear this word, your heart beats so fast and what you only want is rush to him so as not to waste any minute of it before BTB comes.


. This is the word anyone who is a military spouse dread about. For the military partners, it means a lengthy time spent being alone, because their partners need to go back to their first priority, which is to defend the Nation. Difficult, but necessary.



Serial Number
. Before, this did not really matter to me, but someone explained to me that Soldiers cannot just wander away in any place they want to, even during their break, because they are like “property” owned by the government with serial numbers. Any change of place or plans should be reported accordingly within the jurisdiction of their ‘Boss,’ but… on the other hand, here’s when #3 applies.


Short Notice LOA (Leave of Absence) from your Work. 
Like what was stated in #1, every schedule they have is subject to change, it also means you do not know when he is coming home, so when he texted you that he is already on his way home, from a thousand miles away, you ask for a short-notice LOA or even call in sick from your work or class, right?


Military Time. Instructions like, “I’ll be out from the camp, 1600H of the 16th,” or just a plain, “23 of 28th” …I often received messages like this before, and it took some time until I got the hang of the 24-hour format.


When he’s coming home, all your set plans will automatically be cancelled. Whether if it’s a girl’s night out, or any important extra-curricular activities you want to attend, will all be set aside, because all you want is some QT with him.


You learned the meaning of “light” travel, (or you don’t even pack at all) during shotgun out-of-towns. When he comes home from deployment, all he wanted to do is to spend time with you, alone. So chances are, he might ask you to travel with him to a place where you can have quality time together. But this out-of-town idea is not actually planned, it just happens.



Souvenir Shirts. Almost all your Tees were from all the places he visited, and all the activities he attended. So you get instant couple shirts, because his is Medium or Large, and yours is always, of course, Extra Small. 🙂


You got used to hearing the word, “matic” or automatic. This means that some things should not be discussed anymore, because it’s already happening. Like when he will attend a party, it will always imply that you are the Plus One. Matic na.


You got used to hearing him explain that, “the distance between the hospital and the commissary is 300 meters.” Not far, nor near, but 300 meters.


You always bring with you emergency sleep-over kit, like toothbrush, toothpaste, garments, and stuff, because you might be lost in time, and suddenly, it’s midnight… so, just to be ready.


There are so much things we experienced through time, being a military couple, but, however difficult other people could look at our situation, we just simply tie our hair back and wink at them, like everything is under control, because we know, that all is well, especially when we’re side by side with our soldier men.

Tag your girl friends, your mates, your love ones or comment below, and feel free to share your stories, no matter how crazy will it seem, because we know, everything is crazy and extraordinary in the military, right? So don’t forget to comment below.

***ABOVE PHOTO from our reader, Mrs. Sai Nalang. #mrsnalangdiaries

Taken during their Wedding Prenup (Kim&Sai)

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