10+ Things to Do While Waiting for His R&R

I know even the minute you bid goodbye, you already start to miss him, right? I can say, “been there, done that,” but then again, even if we’ve been together for quite some time, time and time again, it pains me when he’s gone.  I know how you feel, because right at this moment, I’m feeling it, too.

“But girl, everything will be all right, alright?” This is what I could only tell myself, right now, and I could may be say to you. Everything is going to turn out well.

Let me tell you a little story, this happened when I graduated from College and he was still inside the Academy, that I think, he was a Cow, back then. Those times, I know I have to find a job because after all, (in God’s love and providence,) I’ve passed the board exam, and I was only waiting for my license number which will be issued by PRC. But then, to tell you frankly, I never chose to look for a job or to have a committed work-related stuff back then because I was afraid I might miss something from his Cadet “Milestone.” Gladly, I have loving parents who didn’t require me to look for a job or to give back as early as that time, they only told me to do whatever I want this time (because I think they were relieved that the “future” is mine after passing the NLE, and after all, I was only 20 years old that time). My parents were very supportive, so I never looked for a job after College, I just “enjoyed” or I think the better term is “rested,” after of course the grueling review for the exam.

While waiting for his R&R, I am as hopeless as a person who wants snowflakes in Summer. I just hang in there, waiting for his break, of course my parents know Sancho as early as that time, and they treated him as their own child, they were very supportive of us. (Sobrang tiwala, and kita niyo naman ngayon ang results ng pagtitiwala ng both sides ng parents namin, kami pa rin, at sa Awa at Tulong ng Diyos, hindi naman kami pumalya. Hehe)

Here are the things { I did, I am doing, and I think I will continue to do } whenever I miss him during his deployment.


TBH, I’ve had a lot of “new” hobbies, name it: collected and tried to take care of plants (but after a week I’ve gotten lazy, so my Dad continued watering them and they withered after a couple of months hehe): took care of a dog (my Mom continued taking care of Britney~my Pekingese Dog, until she died after mounted by an AsKal, this is a true story, I will talk about this in a different entry post); I’ve tried ARTS! You know, crayons, paints and stuff on a canvass, after a few days, I got lazy again, you know what happened next.

I can talk for a day or two for the things I’ve done to help me cope with my loneliness because he was away. You might think I am overacting, but honestly, that time I was only 20 years old. Some hopeless romantic kid who just found out about love, so yeah, call me crazy. Hehe

So the point here is, do something new. Promise, it will alleviate your loneliness.



The first language I’ve self-learned was Finnish. (Nauso kasi ‘yun dati sa Baguio e.) Then later, of course, Japanese. Try to learn a new language, it will be so dramatic if you say I love you in different languages, right? Or try to learn new dialects from our very own country, like for me, I speak Pangasinan and Ilocano fluently, and I am currently learning how to speak in Cebuano, because Sancho was assigned to a Cebuano-speaking area and actually he could already speak fluently that sometimes he doesn’t notice he’s talking to me in Cebuano. (Lagi niya ako Binibisaya nang hindi niya napapansin, gusto ko rin matuto para makasagot ako sakaniya hehe.)


That first assignment he took right after his graduation was one of the deepest dents in our relationship. But I took it head on, and came out alive and somewhat productive. As he was busy applying his military prowess in the field, I, too, was applying my baking prowess.  LOL I enrolled in Baking Class for about a month or so. At first it was just for fun, or something to keep me busy, then it dawned on me, I was actually enjoying every single minute I spent inside the Baking Lab. I just lab it. LOL

Learn something new, promise it will be worth it, want to know why? Because when Sancho learned I was good at baking, everytime he comes home from deployment, we bake and cook together. It’s actually kind of fun! Next time, I’ll be enrolling in Culinary, promise!


There are a lot of weekend activities you could do in your own community, it will really help you expand your horizon or grow your network.

When Sancho was busy during his first assignment after his graduation, I was left with no choice but to actually face reality of finding my own career path. I’ve volunteered to a provincial hospital and signed up for a Dialysis Program/Training–which I think I got from his brother, because his brother is a Dialysis Nurse. After the training, I went back to Baguio and thought of signing up for PMA Station Hospital’s Nurse Residency Program. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I was actually that Nurse who took care of Cadets and Soldiers for almost a year inside the Academy! I will share some stories about my experience  in a different post.


The first area I’ve ever been to without him was in Aklan, yes in Boracay. We also went to Iloilo to eat Bachoy with my Family. Believe me, it will give you stories to share when you’re already back in each others’ arms.

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I’ve always wanted to go to Tagaytay! Haha I never had the chance to go back there as and Adult. LOL I’ve studied Language in the Metro for almost a year but then again, I never had that single chance of going there. Oh wait, I have. It was when he got back from Schooling and then I tried to lure him into going there but when it was time to leave (at 0300H) he actually asked if we could do it some other time, and went back to sleep. Poor baby!

So plan your next trip and actually implement it. hehe


Believe it or not, I started to make a list of our “Relationship Goals” when we were only days old. Haha I will actually take a photo of it if the notebook was with me, but it is in Sancho’s keeping. I wrote there stuff like, go on a Movie Date, Dance in the rain, Travel together etc etc etc… Be specific!


After College, I told you I didn’t for once look for a job, so I had the luxury of time to be with my parents as in ALL THE TIME for more than a year. We had coffee 3x a day in our house, we went for road trips together, we saw some movies together, and we went to new places. Thank God I had the chance to be with them esp my Dad.


I always wanted to make our very own scrapbook, pero laging hindi natutuloy. Print your important photos and make some scribbles or do some arts! I think it’s fun!


I want mosaic of our photos together. Pero I want puzzle pieces para may twist. I just don’t know how to do this, yet. But, I think, when I’ll get time, I can actully look for a suitable app and put my hands on it. Try it, too!


When we get married, I want to show a audio-video presentation of how our relationship started. It might cost me lengthy hours of doing it, but I think it will be worth it. Make yours, too, and show him when he gets home!

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FINAL THOUGHTS: Waiting for his R&R is actually boring. Hehe But then again, if you look on a brighter side, you will realize it’s actually quality time for yourself and for your family to bond or to do new things. Keep yourself busy with things to do, and later on, just before you know it, he will be there right at your doorsteep looking for you. Go girl!

***THE LIST GOES ON! Comment or message me so we can input your thoughts! I love to hear from you! What do you do during his Deployment aside from work? 🙂

Above photo taken from Naoshima Island with Sancho. Sorry for our sun-kissed feet! LOL

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ONLY GIRL PROBLEM & 10+ Wedding Prep Blues

So based on my posted article LF: Wedding Prep Tips, I was asking my readers if they have suggestions/tips regarding wedding preparation for a military-civis wedding happening in Baguio City, specifically at PMA Lopez Hall.

Wala akong idea regarding weddings, because first of all, I do not have sisters, only 4 brothers and a baby brother who is now 25 years old (I have 5 Siblings, imagine, wala man lang naging babae sa kanila ‘nung pinanganak). Apparently, I’ve come from a “wrestling arena”kind of upbringing, where the only “Feminine Model”I know is my Mom, and my “Coaches” are the Barakos of our family–my Dad and my brothers. I’ve played a lot of Barbie Dolls, but I prefer playing Tamiya, Teks, and shooting pellets from play guns my brother used to play. Also, I’ve kind of gotten used to intramuscular pain on my deltoid region because my baby brother used to punch me when we were kids, kasi nga instead of paper dolls, ang nilalaro ko, wrestling, iyon kasi ang uso sa bahay namin. Believe me, kilala ko ang mga Wrestlers ng WWE. In short, wala talaga akong female role model aside from my Mom—who is also a “simple, don’t bring me crap or I’ll punch you in the face” type of a woman, I guess, naging ganun na rin ako hahaha. Pero kidding aside, my Mom is very thoughtful, and very modest, pero gusto lahat pinaplano ang mga bagay, strikto, madiskarte at tough love, pero sa kabila nun sobrang mapagmahal at isa pa, conservative. Hindi lang talaga mahilig si Mama sa mga makeup and all (which is somehow, kabaliktaran sa akin kasi mahilig ako sa makeup).

So to cut the story short, ang hirap mag-prepare ng isang kasalan kapag wala ka man lang idea. Siguro ang naging mentor ko na lang buong buhay ko ay sina Google at Youtube lol. Kapag may hindi alam, Google na agad iyan. Sa Youtube nga lang ako natutong maglagay ng foundation e at maglagay ng paborito ng mga babaeng, KILAY. Haha Kilay is life!


Of course, may mga gusto pa rin akong details regarding sa Kasal ko, kapag ikakasal na kami ni Sancho. Ewan ko lang kung mag-aagree kayo, pero somehow, I want to know your thoughts regarding these stuff para naman may mag-advise saakin, hindi lang puro google and youtube.

Wedding “Stuff” I want:

1. Simple and Solemn

Proud Iglesia Ni Cristo kami ni Sancho, and of course belonging to the Church of Christ, gusto naming i-keep ang solemnidad ng Kasal namin kasi sagrado iyon at sobrang napaka-halagang okasyon.

2. Low Cost

Oo matagal na kami, at kapag ikakasal na kami, 9 years na kami nun, kahit sabihin mong may naitatabi na kami, ayaw naman naming i-gastos lahat ng life savings namin sa isang araw–araw na kakasimula pa lang namin sa Buhay May Asawa. ‘Di ba? Don’t get me wrong when I say “low cost” I don’t mean to say na tipirin ko iyong kasal namin, ang gusto ko, detalyado pa rin, desente, pero nasa reasonable price. Guys, maganda na maging practical, pangarap ko pang magka-Sancho Jr. hehe

3. Hand-written Invites

Yes, sulat-kamay. Medyo maka-luma, pero para saakin, classic. Kita niyo iyong logo ng PMG? Sulat-kamay lang iyon, pero digitalized. Lol. Anong naisip niyo, iyong isa-isa akong magsusulat? Hehe pwede rin naman, kaso baka magkaroon naman ng sandamakmak na kalyo ang kama ko niyan. Haha

Maganda bang idea ang hand-written invites? Alam niyo iyong pangarap ko, isang page lang andun na lahat ng detalye. Walang mga ribbon, glitters, kahoy, butones, shining shimmering splendid or whatnots. Gusto ko simple lang talaga, hahaha boyish ba masyado? Lol (Wala naman akong masasabi sa mga gumagamit ng mga mabonggang invites na may glitters or ribbon ha, maganda nga iyon kasi pinaghandaan talaga nila, pero kung sa mismong kasal ko, since ako lang ang gagawa ng invites ko and wala akong alam sa arts gaano, gusto ko iyong kayang-kaya ko lang gawin, and pasok sa bet kong style, kumbaga)

4. DIY Souvenir

May idea na ako sa giveaways/wedding favors, naisip ko parang loot bags na lang, ISA PA, ayoko ng may mukha namin ni Sancho sa Souvenir. Gusto ko iyong dispensable na bagay, iyong nagagamit/nakakain at hindi lang naitatabi sa aparador. Walang memorabilia sa wedding? Ok lang iyon, material na bagay lang naman iyon, basta kasama ka namin sa wedding photos, ok na ok na iyon pantago ng memories, ‘diba?

5. Wedding Hashtag

Guys alam niyo ba talaga ang gamit ng hashtags? #hashtag iyong ganito, para sa mga batang nagbabasa, iyong hindi talaga alam ang gamit (kasi ako rin noon di ko alam ito), ang hashtag ay ginagamit para ma-narrow ang search mo pagdating sa isang topic. For example, gusto mong maghanap ng rustic wedding ideas, so i-type mo sa search button #rusticwedding lahat ng mga rustic wedding photos and posts makikita mo na. So based dito sa idea na ito, kapag ginamit mo ang hashtag (na dapat specific para specific din ang search), makikita mo lahat ng posts and photos sa kasal niyo. Example, #Sancho&Kim2018 #SanchoNaSiKim mga ganitong hashtag ba, hehe, gusto kong mag-incorporate niyan sa kasal ko para kita ko agad mga photos from my wedding.


6. Photo Booth

Mahilig ako sa litrato. Mahilig akong kumuha ng litrato, at mahilig akong tumingin ng litrato (mana sa Tatay hehe). Gusto kong makita lahat ng mga taong nandoon sa Kasal ko na nag-eenjoy and doing crazy stuff, siyempre lalabas lang iyan ‘pag naglagay ka ng photo booth. Pero, wala akong idea how much they charge you when you want to hire photo booth services for occasions such as weddings. May idea po ba kayo? Please share naman po saakin. Hehe

7. Flowers and Balloons?

Nasabi ko sa past post ko na 80k ang services ng Florist. Guys, bulaklak lang ito, pero bakit ganito na lang ka-mahal? Actually, kung magaling lang ako sa Ikebana, ako na talaga ang gagawa. Gusto ko lang ng decent boquet, (TBH, wala akong favorite flower, wala akong idea sa bulaklak), at konting mga style lang diyan, buga na iyan. Pero to spend your 80k pesos for flower arrangement, ‘di yata papasa iyon sa pagiging spendthrift ko. Why not incorporate balloons na lang, para hindi solely flowers? Or paper flowers iyong iba? Then mga drapes na Kurtinang ordinaryo lang? Para hindi ganoon ka-mahal? Ano sa palagay niyo?

8. Chairs?

There are regular monobloc chairs, and so-called “Tiffany” chairs, hmmmm… What are your thoughts on this?

9. Wedding Theme

I have no idea! Grabe wala akong alam sa theme theme na iyan. Ano ba iyong maganda? Gusto ko classic lang talaga, simple pero elegante, iyong hindi mabongga. Please turuan niyo ako, ano pa ba ang ibang theme na pwede sa isang military wedding?

10. Pre-Nup Theme

Guys, may theme din ba ang Pre-Nup? Ano naman iyon? E ang gusto lang namin ni Sancho sa PMA magpakuha ng litrato para ‘di na kami lalayo. May mga kelangan pa bang style iyon? Like mga isusuot ganyan? Alam niyo naiisip ko pa lang, sumasakit na iyong ulo ko. I really need your help.

11. Wedding Coordinator

On The Day Wedding Coordinator pumapalo siya ng 25k pesos. Kelangan ko pa ba nito?

12. Wedding Gown

May idea ba kayo kung saan pwedeng bumili? Gusto ko iyong mapapasaakin after, pero sa reasonable price. Hehe Narinig ko meron sa Divi, saan doon? Anong shop?

13. Cake Topper

Iyong Military Man and Nurse na Cake Topper, meron akong nakita dati, pero ‘di ko alam saan iyon nabili e. May alam ba kayo?

14. PMA Band

Na-try niyo na po bang mag-attend ng Kasal sa PMA na merong PMA Band? Pwede niyo ba silang tanungin kung sakali, paano iyong protocol to ask them to perform?

15. PMA Cadets for Draw Sword

E ito? Please tell me!

16. PMA Lopez Hall

How early do we need to ask for permission, and paano? Kanino?

17. Caterer

Ano ba ang price range ng mga Caterers ngayon? Parang naririnig ko 500pesos daw per head ang pinakamura ngayon, ganun na lang ba ka-mahal? Hehe


18. Sounds and Lighting System

Pwede ba kayang humiram sa PMA? Or hahanap kami sa ibang supplier or contact?

19. Requirements from Munisipyo

Cenomar and Birth Certificate namin, then ano pa ba?


Gosh!! Super hindi ko na alam ang gagawin. First of all, ano ba dapat kong simulan? Sa sobrang dami kong ginagawa sa present life ko, at kahit way too far pa iyong wedding date namin, dahil nga OC ako,  as early as possible, gusto ko nang maghanda. I live by goals, gusto ko na matapos lahat ng ‘to or else hindi ako makaka-move on sa bagong goals or bagong idea sa utak ko. Hehe sobrang ADHD lang, please, kung sino pong may mga idea, this time, I want your answers!! I will be waiting patiently for your messages. I know you will be very glad to help me. I’m so excited to read your comments/personal messages! Thank you in advance!

Above photos from Helena Lopes via pezels.com

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LF: Wedding Prep Tips

Desperately Looking For: Wedding Preparation Tips

I’m so happy to share with you that a year from now, I am going to marry the love of my life! I know you all know about it because I’ve posted an article about how he proposed, and until now, I can’t imagine na ito na nga, matutuloy na talaga. Ikakasal na kami ni Sancho! Yipeee…

I know it’s kind of early to really go deep into details, pero, alam niyo naman OC ako, so I’ve tried asking people/wedding suppliers about their price or packages, and sobrang nagulat ako kasi parang dolyar!! Oh no. Reality check: ang mahal magpakasal sa Pilipinas.

Biruin niyo iyon, sa flowers pa lang, it will cost you 60-80k PhP. Flowers pa lang iyan ha wala pang mga theme and all… Video coverage naman, almost a hundred thousand kapag gusto mo talaga iyong magandang klase from pre-nup and all.

At dahil dito, gusto ko mag-ask lalo na sa mga readers nating ikinasal na or may idea about weddings, ano po ba iyong mga dapat i-ready o paghandaan.


A LITTLE BACKGROUND: Si Sancho ay Phil Army, ako naman ay Civis and Proud INC po kami. Ang alam ko magkakaroon pa ng BI or Background Inspection ang Military saakin dahil nga ako ay isang civilian at mag-aasawa ako ng isang Sundalo, tama po ba iyon? At siyempre, iba pa iyong mga requirements namin sa Church at sa Munisipyo. Actually wala talaga akong alam, kung saan magsisimula.

Sa mga nakakaalam, pwede niyo po ba akong tulungan? Tips naman po para mas mapadali ang paghahanda namin.

Ang gusto sana naming Venue sa PMA Lopez Hall of Leaders para doon mismo kung saan nagsimula ang lahat… Paano po ba? At paano rin ba kapag mag-ask ng Draw Sword from Cadets? Caterers? PMA Band? Wedding Themes? Wala po akong alam. Hehe This time, I want to ask for your suggestions, and kung may mga idea kayo pwede niyo bang i-share din dito via comments or personal message? Please po!! Super makakatulong talaga!

Looking forward to reading your comments!! Thanks in advance!

Above photo from Ibrahim Asad via pexels.com

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7 Reasons Finding “The One” Early in Life Will Help You Become More Successful

“…and then I met you.”

In love, they say, don’t rush, or you’re still too young to be in a relationship; but what if the universe conspired to let you meet the love of your life, before you even know which career path you will take? I say that’s totally fine, why? Because there are a lot of reasons why finding the right person early in life could help you become even more successful; and here’s a few:


Accept it or not, people mature with their age. You will not have any amount of wisdom there is in the world as long as you won’t take a year after year of failures. Hence, when you experience growing up or maturing with the same person, nothing else will give you the assurance that the person is really worth keeping.


Coming together is a BEGINNING.
Keeping together is PROGRESS.
Working together is SUCCESS.

As you take every milestone towards your goals, hand in hand, you take each step needed to get you wherever life may take you. You started as lost kids who tried to find their place in the world, and later on, you figured out which path to take. But what’s more amazing was you started to build your dreams together.



Seeing someone in the lowest place they could possibly be, and still choosing to love them anyway, is nothing but unconditional love. Nothing comes easy in life which is worth keeping. It has to be tested with time and adversities. But when you surpassed each hurdle that blocks your way, still with the same person, is uncustomary. Being together during the highs is given, but staying together during the lows is exceptional.


With you… I feel safe and sound.

Sometimes, when you cannot decipher which path to take, or worse is when you can’t even understand yourself anymore, the only person who could only put you back to your sanity is no one but your mate. For having seen you during your bests and your worsts, they know to calm you during an uproar.


Everybody has their own tranquility inside, but when complicated situation happens, you know that the only person they need is you. Why? Because you know how to bring them back to daylight when they lose their way. You know, because you know their heart.



Nobody else’s side will you ever wish to be, but right by the side of your significant other, especially during your success. For helping you fight the battles life continues to give; for giving you strength when you are weak; for giving you enough guidance when you lose your way; and for constantly receiving push when you lose determination, you just want to be by their side when finally, what you dreamed of was finally realised.


Wherever life takes you, no matter how many roads you choose to take, and no matter how many mistakes you put through, there will always be that assurance that there’s someone waiting for you at the end of the road—with or without the bacon.

“Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.”

Above photo from our readers Miss Sai & Sir Kim during their prenup. <3

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Love Letter From A Cadet

This article is from a contribution of our reader, Mrs. Sai Nalang.

Message from Ms Sai to PMG: You might want to add this. Naghukay tuloy ako sa box namin. Everytime he writes me a letter, he never forgets to remind me that we have a wedding to attend after his graduation. Haha”

This letter is what her husband wrote her when he was still in PMA as a Graduating Cadet. Super Kilig!!! Read on!


23 2000H JUNE 2010

Love Love,

Happy 8th Monthsary. I love you so much . Don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine here at the Academy, yun nga lang I’m missing you so much. Wala ng CP kasi mahigpit na dito. Take life na lang ako kung mag-CP but hindi pa rin tayo (pwedeng) dalawa sa pakikipagcommunicate. Kaya nga may ballpen at papel hehe Mahal!!! Could you believe it? 8 months na tayo. I love and miss miss miss you. Kaya dadaliin ko na ang pag-graduate dito para makasama na kita agad. All you have  to do is to take care of yourself. Remember, we have a wedding to attend to, which is our wedding, ok? hehe (Properly ha) Concentrate on your studies, hmmmp, iwas sa mga surot!!! Ha? I love you so much!

PS Wag pabasa ka Shane, magrereact like hell.

Your Love Love



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PMG Notes: Guys, gusto kong magreact like hell sa sobrang kilig, hehe buti na lang hindi ako si Shane. Lol Grabe lang talaga. It was June of 2010, anong ginagawa niyo nung mga panahong iyon? Ako, ilang months pa lang niyan nung nakilala ko si Sancho at wala akong idea where it will lead, pero si Kim&Sai, they all have their lives figured out, as early as 2010, while everyone’s not having any clue even on what to get for lunch on that day. This is so amazing. This is so beautiful not to share to the world.

Again, thank you Sir Kim and Ms Sai for entrusting your delicate stories to PMG.  <3 Super love love.

Above phot via Lum3n.com

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Military Relationship Facts

While others stay behind the back of the silent ranks, together, we reminisce and tell tales of how we actually suffer and endure the combat of every day life… as we go along our lives and continue loving and being loved by the man of our dreams, and living the so-called “military” life.

Here are the things you got used to since Day 1 when you started loving a man in uniform.

Military Relationship Facts:


Every schedule you have in your calendar is… “SUBJECT TO CHANGE”
–If I’m not mistaken, you often hear this, right? So you better not write anything on your calendar, instead.


You got used to hearing, “I Will Call You Later” but you know for a fact that “later” is totally an indefinite word, which could mean, tomorrow, a few days later, or even next week.


“Take life.” 
This and the other terms (like, “Buga” or “Go Ahead”) which they use, that you already (unconsciously) use in your everyday civilian life and has become a part of you. You know that “take life” means an act of doing something which is not “authorized” or should not be done as said by the rules, like using their phone after TAPS, or not logging in their phones during class (you tell me!)


In Webster’s Dictionary it means: (1) a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others; (2) a special opportunity to do something that makes you proud; but in the military world, especially to the Cadets, it only means a time to be spent with you, especially outside the camp; and when you get to hear this word, your heart beats so fast and what you only want is rush to him so as not to waste any minute of it before BTB comes.


. This is the word anyone who is a military spouse dread about. For the military partners, it means a lengthy time spent being alone, because their partners need to go back to their first priority, which is to defend the Nation. Difficult, but necessary.



Serial Number
. Before, this did not really matter to me, but someone explained to me that Soldiers cannot just wander away in any place they want to, even during their break, because they are like “property” owned by the government with serial numbers. Any change of place or plans should be reported accordingly within the jurisdiction of their ‘Boss,’ but… on the other hand, here’s when #3 applies.


Short Notice LOA (Leave of Absence) from your Work. 
Like what was stated in #1, every schedule they have is subject to change, it also means you do not know when he is coming home, so when he texted you that he is already on his way home, from a thousand miles away, you ask for a short-notice LOA or even call in sick from your work or class, right?


Military Time. Instructions like, “I’ll be out from the camp, 1600H of the 16th,” or just a plain, “23 of 28th” …I often received messages like this before, and it took some time until I got the hang of the 24-hour format.


When he’s coming home, all your set plans will automatically be cancelled. Whether if it’s a girl’s night out, or any important extra-curricular activities you want to attend, will all be set aside, because all you want is some QT with him.


You learned the meaning of “light” travel, (or you don’t even pack at all) during shotgun out-of-towns. When he comes home from deployment, all he wanted to do is to spend time with you, alone. So chances are, he might ask you to travel with him to a place where you can have quality time together. But this out-of-town idea is not actually planned, it just happens.



Souvenir Shirts. Almost all your Tees were from all the places he visited, and all the activities he attended. So you get instant couple shirts, because his is Medium or Large, and yours is always, of course, Extra Small. 🙂


You got used to hearing the word, “matic” or automatic. This means that some things should not be discussed anymore, because it’s already happening. Like when he will attend a party, it will always imply that you are the Plus One. Matic na.


You got used to hearing him explain that, “the distance between the hospital and the commissary is 300 meters.” Not far, nor near, but 300 meters.


You always bring with you emergency sleep-over kit, like toothbrush, toothpaste, garments, and stuff, because you might be lost in time, and suddenly, it’s midnight… so, just to be ready.


There are so much things we experienced through time, being a military couple, but, however difficult other people could look at our situation, we just simply tie our hair back and wink at them, like everything is under control, because we know, that all is well, especially when we’re side by side with our soldier men.

Tag your girl friends, your mates, your love ones or comment below, and feel free to share your stories, no matter how crazy will it seem, because we know, everything is crazy and extraordinary in the military, right? So don’t forget to comment below.

***ABOVE PHOTO from our reader, Mrs. Sai Nalang. #mrsnalangdiaries

Taken during their Wedding Prenup (Kim&Sai)

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The Horrifying Boodle Bar Scene I’ve Witnessed

So I was writing about Food We’ve Missed From The Boodle Bar and it suddenly came into me that horrifying scene I saw with my own eyes.

WARNING: This will break your heart. I’m sorry.

This happened when my Cadet Boyfriend was still a Yearling Cadet. It was a Saturday, so may parada yata, or some sort of activities involving civilians na hindi ko na maalala kung ano. I came in early, like mga 1000H kasi based sa instructions saakin ni Cadet Sancho, mabilis lang daw matapos ang  activity nila, and baka nga magkaroon pa raw bigla ng priv, pero expect the worst naman lagi iyan ‘e . So iyon na ang mindset ko.

Very vague, ang facts lang meron ako, first, Sabado, second, may parada, third, may activity involving civilians. So ibig sabihin, wala ka talagang idea kung anong oras siya magka-open time niyan, and not to mention, Yearling Cadet siya, if you know what I mean..

Buti na lang may libro akong dala, I was so into it, I didn’t notice it was already 1130H. Ambilis ng oras, haha. Coolments lang tayo kasi Kadete ang boyfriend, ‘di uso sa Kaydet Girl ang demanding sa oras at magalitin, so diyan talaga ako kumapit sa idealismong ganiyan hahaha.

30 mins later, may dumating na isang Girl din. Based on my assessment, Kaydet Girl siya, 100 percent iyan. High heels, magarang Blouse, naka-dogtag, naka-Shoulder Bag, at nakaayos, at siyempre, may hawak na celfone.


Umupo siya sa tabi ko. Maalala ko lang kasi dito mismo sa litrato ng article na ‘to, iyong lay out ng upuan nun. May hawak siyang dalawang celfone and snacks and pasensiya na nakita ko kasi talaga dala niya ay Macaroons from Goldilocks hehe detail-oriented ako guys, pasensiya na.

Sobrang haba na ba iyong kwento ko at wala pa rin kayong makuhang horrifying? Wait for it.

So ayun, nakita niya kasi tahimik lang ako so lumipat siya sa pinakaunang chair malapit sa entrance ng Boodle Bar, so back to reading lang ako, until 30 mins later, nagfifidget na siya. Hindi siya mapakali, tatayo siya, uupo siya, tingin sa relo, tingin sa celfone, para bang naaasar na siya. Imagine 30 minutes pa lang siyang dumarating at naghihintay. 1000H ako dumating. 1200H na. Mas mahaba pa iyong panahon na naghintay ako compared sakanya (pero hindi naman ako nagcocompare, naisip ko lang din kasi, mas may karapatan pa sana akong magalit sakanya, pero ibibigay ko na kay Ate iyong eksena.)


Dumating iyong hinihintay niyang Cadet after 20minutes, so halos isang oras din siyang naghintay, guys, pero galit na talaga si Ate. Ito ang malupit, pagkadating ng Cadet niya, na super saya na makita siya, makikita mo talaga na naglight-up ang face ni Cadet makita si Ate sa Boodle Bar, pero instead na matamis na ngiti ang i-sukli ni Ate, habang papalapit si Cadet and mga 1 meter apart na sila, binato niya iyong celfone niya sa Kadete. OMY!!!!! Mama Mia!!! Hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko, titingin ba ako sa librong binabasa ko or what, grabe gulat ako, guys! Galit na galit si ate, after niyang ibato iyong celfone sa Kadete, at palagay ko nasaktan iyong Cadet kasi tumama sa tiyan niya iyong celfone then next niyang binato parang bagong sim card yata iyon na nakalagay pa sa bagong sim kit iyong parang nabibili sa tindahan na tig-50pesos na smart sim ganiyan (detail-oriented talaga).

Hindi na nagpatumpik-tumpik si ate, dali-dali siyang lumabas sa Boodle Bar matapos niyang hablutin iyong bag niya at supot na dala. Waiting lang ako baka kelangan niya ng assistance kasi sa taas ng heels niya baka ‘ka ko matapilok siya sa sobrang galit niya habang mag-walk out. Napa-stop lang iyong Cadet, ayokong makipag-eye to eye contact kasi alam ko classmate siya ni Sancho, tapos alam ko rin na kailangan niya ng kaybigan para parang mag-soften ng nangyari, pero hindi ako magaling sa part na iyon, and hindi ko siya personally kilala so nakayuko lang ako sa librong tapos ko na ring basahin.

After a split seconds, bigla na lang bumalik ang ebababs na hayop sa sama ng ugali, akala ko magsosorry siya, ito ang malupit, binato niya uli ung supot ng Macaroons sa Kadete. Grabe, hindi ako palaban or war freak na tao pero that time, gusto kong sumbatan iyong babae. Sobrang pambabastos iyong ginawa niya sa Kadete. Hindi na lang ba niya naisip na baka hindi na lang iyon kumain or baka nagtake life lang iyon para makita siya kaagad? Kasi iyong Cadet ko wala pa ‘e magkaklase naman sila.

Guys, kapag napapasubo tayo sa sitwasyon na galit na tayo, never maging option ang mambastos lalong-lalo na ng taong mahal natin sa buhay. Hindi sila perfect, hindi rin tayo perfect. Natural lang sigurong magalit, pero iyong gumawa ng eksena ay sumusobra na. Ako iyong hiyang-hiya dun sa mga Sir and Ma’am natin na ngbabantay ng Boodle Bar kasi siyempre marami na silang napa-graduate na Cadets, alam nila hirap ng Cadets araw-araw, but then, gaganunin lang sila? Hindi talaga makatarungan ang ginawa ni Ate. Sana lang, hindi na lang sana sila nagkatuluyan.. Kasi kung sakaling kaya niyang bastusin ang Military Officer na asawa niya, pano na lang siya mang-api o mang-bastos ng mga lower-ranked Officers and regular Soldiers in the future? Just my two cents. I don’t intend manira ng tao kasi hindi ko naman kilala si Ate hehe.. Naalala ko lang lahat ng ginawa niya kahit 7 years ago na iyon.

Sana magsilbing example saatin ito na kahit anong mangyari, mamahalin natin isa’t isa (ang ating own Soldier) kahit sobrang tested na iyong patience natin. After all, ang galit, lilipas iyan. Pero ang scar na dinulot mo sa isang tao dahil sa galit mo at pagpapahiya mo, mahirap iyan kalimutan. Ako nga bystander lang pero naalala ko pa lahat. Paano na lang si Cadet? 🙁 Haaays

“How they treat you is how they feel about you… Believe them.”

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BLOG DISCLAIMER: This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated. The owner does not intend to change views about the PMA Cadet Corps or  Philippine Military Academy, any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.

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Food We’ve Missed From the Boodle Bar

“FOOD is the ingredient that binds us together.”

The last time I’ve been to PMA was 2 years ago (nung nakapag-RNR siya and bakasyon ko rin), nakakalungkot lang, kasi after he graduated from the Academy, hindi na kami nakakabisita. Kahit sa Alumni, hindi pa namin na-experience mag-attend. Army e.

One of my favorite “hintayin kita dito areas in PMA during his Cadetship was obviously, at siyempre matic na, ang Boodle Bar. Haha Saan pa nga ba diba? I used to wait for him for long hours, buti na lang I always bring books to get lost in, and of course, food sa Boodle Bar, na kahit gaano ka-common, nagiging special na kasi iyon iyong pinagsaluhan niyo nung gumagawa pa lang kayo ng history. Later on, it will bring back memories, at hahanap-hanapin mo. <3

(Ganito iyong set up ng Boodle Bar noong last time na pumunta kami ni Lt Sancho, ngayon, iba na ba?)

Naalala ko lang noon, kahit gutom na ako, tinatry ko talagang pigilan iyong sarili kong kumain, kasi gusto kong kasama ko siya mag-indulge ng favorite niyang Fishball, Kikiam at Pancit Palabok. (Guys, remember, exquisite na ‘to para sa isang Cadet kasi even pancit canton, special na special na para sa kanila. Ganun sila ka-simpleng mga tao, super love hehe)

Not to mention, nauso na rin ang siomai sa Boodle Bar.


Dati nun, wala pang mga stalls or anything aside from the main store where they take the orders, pero ‘nung pumasyal kami nung 2015, meron ng mga stalls na may mga tarps and stuff, parang legit, mall-ish style ganern, hehe imagine ha, meron ng coffee vending machine, then the coffee that they were selling was “aphrodisiac” daw hehehe grabe ba iyon guys? Haha

(photofrom Scribbles and Polaroids)

Meron na ring stall ng Shawarma nun, pero ewan ko lang ha kung meron pa rin hanggang ngayon, sobrang nakaka-miss lang kasing balikan. Kahit sa picture mo lang makita, matatakam ka. Haha tapos kasama mo pa iyong love of your life habang kumakain ng street food, tapos parang fine dining ang set up dahil sa dress gray niya.


Picture pa lang  ng mga pagkain na iyan at ng boodle bar, brings back too much history. Haaay! Kelan ba ako uli makakabalik sa PMA? Hehe Baka 2019 pa! Super tagal pa, but I am really looking forward to eating those food.


Sa mga readers natin na presently Cadets ang mga minamahal o mga kakagaling lang sa Acad, ano na bang bago ‘dun? Dali! I-share niyo naman. 🙂

(Above photo from Jak)

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9 Warning Signs Your Cadet Isn’t Serious About You

This is a response to our reader who wants to know if this certain Cadet is really serious about her

I’m not an advocate for busting someone or anything doing negative stuff just to prove a point, but this time, for the sake of our reader, I want to talk about this topic

I have a lot of thoughts about this, because, I know a lot of ladies who were brought to sudden heartbreak because the man they think were serious about them, were actually just fooling around.


I don’t intend to hurt someone, but these things are actually happening based on what my friends experienced (after interviewing some of my friends and acquaintances). If you know you have someone who loves you so much, please don’t read this. But then, if you have second thoughts about your Cadet, I hope this might help.

So here are the things you should note when you are having second thoughts:

1. He doesn’t message you regularly

Cadets do have a schedule when it’s okay to use the phone or not, they have their Schedule of Calls everyday, but during weekends, I think they have authorized time to use their phones.

First warning: If the Cadet doesn’t message you during weekends. Kunyari ‘di ka na niya minessage last week, sabihin mo nang may duty siya or something like that, then maghintay ka for next week, tapos ‘di na naman siya nag-message.

NOTE: Kung gusto ka niya talaga, kahit may duty pa iyan, magmemessage iyan sayo, gagamit ng ibang phone or magtitake life para sabihin na wag kang mag-alala kasi ok lang siya at busy lang talaga siya.


2. He messages or calls you at the wee hours of sleep

This might sound sweet or something like that, pero isipin mo na lang, hindi ka minimessage during the weekends which is authorized na oras, tapos after TAPS (unauthorized na iyong paggamit ng phone), bigla na lang siyang tumatawag sa’yo? This will only mean one thing: Hindi nagrereply sa kaniya or hindi sinasagot tawag niya ng girl na gusto niya talaga. So second option, hanap ng ibang pwedeng makausap, mapalipas na lang iyong oras habang naghihintay kay girl. Gosh.

3. During general Priv outside PMA, he tells you he didn’t ask for priv because he has something to do

What would be that “something” ‘e kung Kadete ka, the only thing you look forward to is PRIV. Tanungin niyo sa mga Cadets na kilala niyo. Hehe Siyempre this is the only time na makaksama nila iyong love ones nila during Civis mode, o kaya sa labas ng PMA, why wouldn’t he ask for priv if pwede naman? Diba? Baka meron siyang ibang plans with other person.

4. He doesn’t invite you to occasions inside PMA

Part of being in love is showing the one you love your “natural habitat” LOL or your whereabouts, I mean kung saan ka nag-aaral, saan ka nagwowork, especially kapag merong okasyon, at pwede namang mag-invite ng bisita. Bakit aayawan niyang makasama ka kung gusto ka niya talaga?

Note: if mahal ka niyan talaga at baliw siya sa’yo, baka months or weeks before iyong events, nagsisave the date na siya sayo, para masiguradong available ka nun at makakapunta ka.


5. He does invite you to occasions inside PMA pero ipapa-entertain ka sa iba

Sige sabihin na lang nating may duty siya, okay, understood iyon, pero bakit ka pa niya ipapa-entertain sa lower class or sa ibang classmate niya? Come to think of it, kapag gusto ka niyan talaga, bantay-sarado ka diyan. Hindi siya basta-basta mag-iintroduce ng lalaki na magiging kasama mo, unless of course, common friend niyo iyon, o kaya related sayo iyong other Cadet. Medyo nakakaiyak lang, pinapunta ka pa niya.

6. He doesn’t invite you to visit him inside “just because”

Siyempre, hindi ka na nga niya ininvite ‘pag may okasyon, do you think iinvite ka rin niya kahit walang rason? First, ayaw niyang maabala. Second, ayaw niya na makita siyang ng may kasamang ibang babae ng classmates niya, kasi, baka isumbong siya sa original girl, or the one he truly cares about.

7. Hindi ka niya ininvite sa HOP

Mas gugustuhin niyang magpaendorse kesa kasama ka. First, mawawala communication niyo, then, sasabihin niya busy siya, then,next part siya ng committee kaya hindi na lang daw niya i-prioritize na mag-invite. Girl, magtaka ka talaga. I know people na part ng hop committee, pero nandun pa rin ang mahal nila sa buhay to support them. If he is serious about you, he will not leave you behind feeling sorry for yourself kung bat hindi ka nakasama sa Hop, pero iyong ibang girl friends mo, present sila.

8. Hindi ka niya pinapakilala sa pamilya niya

Ang mga Kadete (please tell me if I am correct, sa mga Cadets na nakakabasa), kapag serious na sila sa babae, next step na ang pagpapakilala sa magulang. Wag ka nang magtanong kung pinakilala ka niya, serious ‘yan girl. Hehe Pero kapag “matagal” na kayo, nagdaan na ang mga okasyon sa PMA na pwedeng bumisita ang pamilya ng Kadete, tapos wala pa rin, sorry talaga, baka hindi iyan serious.

9. Class Crest

Hindi ko alam kung tama ito, pero para saakin, kung seryoso ang isang Kadete, hindi pa niya natatanggap iyong Class Crest niya na female counterpart, e matic na sayo mapupunta iyan. Huwag muna iyong mini ring, kasi sa Mama niya muna iyon. Hehe Pero iyong crest, I think dapat mapupunta sayo, unless hindi pa siya sigurado sayo.


FINAL THOUGHTS: There are a lot of things to know if someone doesn’t really like you, or is not serious about your relationship, first of all, once you’ve come to the point when you will already ask yourself, “Mahal ba talaga ako nito?” I think that’s the time you really have to know deeply. Kasi if someone loves you, you won’t ask yourself that question, because you know deep in your heart he is into you. Hindi ka mapapatanong, alam mo na lang.

But then again, BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Lagi tayong magbigay ng ganiyan, kasi ang mga Kadete, busy talaga iyan sila sa activities and regimented life inside the Academy, and you really have to be understanding. These warning signs might not be applicable to others, and sana, sana la ng, hindi ako tama. Sana seryoso siya sayo. Good luck!


BLOG DISCLAIMER:This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.The owner does not intend to change views about the PMA Cadet Corps or  Philippine Military Academy, Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.


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Love Of A Lifetime: Chapter 2


Read Chapter 1: “FIND OUT”

PMG Notes: This story was contributed by a former Cadet (now an Army Officer), whose love for his girlfriend is unsurmountable, he has to immortalize their story LOL. Itago na lang daw natin siya sa pangalang Cadet J, isa raw siyang simple at mapagmahal na nilalang. Ehem. Actually guys, hindi lang siya basta-bastang Cadet. He graduated top in his class, biruin niyo, hindi lang talaga brawn and brains ang mga Cadets natin, meron din silang big love na nakatago sa dibdib nila (hindi lang halata hehe!). In fairness nakakakilig ang kwento niya. This story is from a Cadet’s POV, first in PMG. Thanks, Cadet J, for trusting PMG!


So after ng matagumpay kong mission na ma-find out ang number ni Miss Artistahin… Ooooppppssss… actually di ko pa ‘ata alam iyong pangalan niya (hahaha)

Kasi iyong mission ko lng ay ma-find out iyong mobile number niya at dahil mission accomplished, diito na naman papasok ang aking mga natutunan sa Tactics. Ito ang tinatawag nilang Pursuit Operation (Follow Up Operation)… Dapat malaman ko kung sino siya. 😀

Sa napaka-regimented na buhay ng isang Kadete sa loob ng Academy, dapat mabilis ang iyong mga galaw. Mabilis ka dapat mag react sa bawat situation. Pero sa nakaraang situation, hindi ko na-apply iyon.. tsk tsk Pero ganyan talaga…

So hapon na nga. Umalis na rin sila. Kami nalang magmi-Mistah ang naiwan habang hinihintay na matapos iyong posting namin. Nakatatak pa rin sa aking isipan ang mukha na kahit mas tiger look pa sa akin at mukhang masungit at mataray pero sige tingnan natin kung hanggang saan iyong kasungitan nito sa mga mala-barrage kong diskarte (pero sa personal lumiliit iyong boses hahaha) Ngayon ko lng napagtanto na hindi naman pala lumiit iyong boses ko sa time na iyon. Siguro nagpapa-cute lang ako nun (hahaha).


Okay, sa wakas natapos din ang buong maghapon. We are relieved from our duty as MOG. Eto na talaga ang pinakagusto kong kwento…After naming kumain ng hapunan, nag-early mess na kami para tuloy-tuloy na ang ligaya. Dahil likas na ang palaging nag-do-double time dahil na rin siguro sa nangangati na iyong kamay kong mahawakan ang makamandag kong cellphone nag-dash ‘n dash na ako pabalik sa Barrio area. Doon kasi ang barracks namin noon. Sa sobrang excited ko parang matatalo ko na sa 100m sprint si Usain Bolt (hahaha).

Pag-ibig nga naman oh…

Pagdating ko sa barracks, mabilis pa sa alas kwarto ang bihis ko at dahil privilege is in effect ibig sabihin pwedeng gumamit ng cellphone at dahil hindi na ako posted as guard ayun, diretso na agad sa cellphone rack at kinuha ko na ang makamandag kong cellphone.

Ooppss, muntik kong makalimutan baka nahulog yung pinagsulatan ko nung number. Naloko na. Problema ‘to. Buwis-buhay pa naman iyong pagkuha ko nun.. Muntik maubos boses ko dun ahh.. So pagbalik ko sa kwarto tiningnan ko na.

Eto na talaga.

Dahil nga kanina doon sa MVL hindi ko na binilang kung 11 digits ba talaga iyong naisulat. Hindi ko kasi naiapply iyong stability under pressure. Masyado akong pressurized (hahaha). So binilang ko..Napa. WOW naman si Cadet..

Kumpleto. Eksakto. Walang labis walang kulang. Isa na lang ang dapat kung maconfirm. Kung number ba niya talaga ito. Baka naman ibang number or hinuhugutan lang ako nun or worst pa baka mobile number ng Mental Hospital (hahaha).. Naloko na.. Maiisahan ‘ata si audacious knight ahh…

Para malaman at masagot na itong mga agam-agam ko. I-dial ko na sana…


Ibang network.. Naku… Problema talaga ito.. Masusubukan na naman yung mga natutunan ko… Sabi nga “In times of peace prepare for War”… Applicable talaga lahat ng turo ng mga Instructor namin (hahaha)..

Tamang-tama may nabili akong sim na same network sa kanya..Iba na talaga ang laging handa… Problem solved. Dahil single sim lng yung mga cellphone na pinapagamit nun kadete pa kami..Na-apply ko na naman ang aking mga natutunan sa tactics.. Assembly and Disassemly. Ino-orasan kami while performing the disassembly and assembly of rifles, crew served weapons and pistol. So sa pagkakataong ito, hindi rifle o pistol ung i-disassemble or aassemble ko kundi, cellphone. Baklas na naman ng cellphone. Insert new sim card…

Aaaayyyyooooossss!!!! Ang bangis ko talaga.. Simbilis ng kidlat yung mga galaw ko!!!

Pero alam naman natin na sa mundo ng pag ibig puno ng mga challenges na hindi natin alam kung saan nanggagaling at bigla na lng sumusulpot. Eto na nga may sumulpot na naman..

Walang load na pantawag.

Bagong sim card eh.

Panu ko ma-deny or confirm ngayon ito.. Masusubukan na naman at diskarteng malupit ni Cadet.


Aha!… Naaalala ko na nagloload iyong parents ng mistah ko (hahaha). Sa madaling sabi, pumunta ako sa room niya, pero evening mess na iyon baka wala siya, pero to my surprise… WOOOW!!!! Andun iyong Mistah ko. Naka sit ups ng nakatagilid at nakapikit. Tulog pala si Cadet. Ang akala ko optional iyong mess (hahaha) pero hindi ko na sabihin kung sino baka mareport pa siya ni TAC-O (hahaha).

Ginising ko Mistah ko, “Bok tama na ang pagsisit ups mo. Naka 1000 reps ka na yata. Paload naman ako sa parents mo bayaran ko na lang.” Sama pa ng gising niya, may balak pa yatang mag 5000 reps sa sit ups pero magmi-Mistah nga, no choice siya..

Ayun dumating na nga iyong load. Excited ako. Alam mo iyong pinaghalong emotions and feelings. The moment of truth na naman..

Tatawagan ko na…kring.. kring…kring..kring.

Naku walang sumagot. Naloko na.. Dial ulit si Cadet…

kring kring kring..

Baka naka silent lang..

Sige pagbigyan natin… Dial na naman ulit..

kring kring kring…

Naisahan yata ako ahh..

Pero nag-riring naman.. So nag-text na ako..baka ma-who you ako neto… “ Hi Ma’am, ako pala iyong kumuha nung number nyo kanina” …ang tapang ko na.. wala na sa harapan eh..

wait lang ako ng mga ilang minutes baka natraffic lang sa Session Road iyong message ko..

Wala pa rin. No sign of life.. Haay.. 🙁

Dial na naman ulit si cadet…mga naka -10 times na ako sa pagda-dial. Wala pa rin..

No sign of Life….

Pero I will never give up..

I still have that intuition that she is just there on the other side of the road… All I have to do is to have a little amount of patience.

Love waits, sabi nga nila.. Mahaba pa naman ang gabi at kahit mgdamag pa.

Takelife ko na lng iyong makamandag kong cellphone (hahaha).

I waited… And waited… And waited…


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