PMG’s Be Your Own Boss Campaign

Here in PMG, we continue to provide value to our readers, so let me present to you, PMG’s Be Your Own Boss Campaign.

What is PMG Be Your Own Boss Campaign?

This is a campaign which teaches individuals to start their online business venture in order for them to provide extra income while using their mobile/laptop from the comfort of their own homes.

WHY ONLINE? As we know, Military families start with the Military Wives rear their children while their Soldiers are away for deployment, this leads us, Ladies from the “Silent Ranks” to actually give up our own career to tend to our growing children’s needs.

However, we can’t keep the fact that we need “extra” income because we cannot rely solely on our Soldier Husbands to totally provide for us when it comes to financial matters. Idagdag mo rin ang travel expenses brought by our LDR status, and more. Thus, we need to think of other sources of income, to at least ease the financial dent caused by our growing expenses.

ONLINE kasi we cannot afford to go outside our homes kasinagpapalaki pa tayo ng bata, or kunghindi man, busy rin sa daytime job. Para kahitnanasabahay lang, kikita ka rin kahitpakonti-konti with the help of this automated system that we will discuss during our free training (don’t worry, everything is done online).

If you want to learn more about this CAMPAIGN, click the link below for more details.

***When you click the link, you will be navigated to KIM SANCHO’S REAL FB PAGE. Yes, everyone, there’s a human being behind PMG and please, don’t keep your hopes high, babaan lang ang standards, hindiakosi Miss Universe, hehe simpleng tao lang din who has a “different” world aside from being a Military Girlfriend.

Build Your Own Empire. Be Your Own Boss.

click this link to get started:


  • FREE LIFETIME COACHING (by yours truly and my virtual mentors)
  • Create your very own online business with an automated system that lets you earn while you sleep–literally!

Work With Kim Sancho

Actually, wala talaga akong balak mag-pitch dito sa PMG kasi this is my baby. Hehe. Pero a lot of you are asking and curious about it, and they really want to be enlightened about what I’ve been doing.

So here it is…

My other interest aside from blogging is digital marketing (online business if you may), and I think I’ve been keeping this to myself for so long, na you could earn using the internet. hehe Ladies and gentlemen, this is not shameless promotion. You know me, and a part of my life, nabigay ko na sa inyo. This time, this year, I want to share everything I know and I have a mission to help other military wives and girlfriends make use of their spare time for productivity and later on apply these things to eventually make a profit out of it. This is me, personally inviting you to come and see a bigger picture, that after all, may magagawa ka pa. Ayokong maging selfish given that marami na talaga kayong nagtatanong, so I will dedicate my time to you, kayo naman ngayon. 🙂

If you are home-based mom, a student, or an employee, or an OFW like me, and you believe that you want to be financially adequate pa, para mas ma-secure ang future niyo, this is your time to take action. I’ve been looking for ladies to share this good news with, and this year, I will dedicate my time to help others, too, to eventually gain something from their “after-work” time. Hindi lang laging tele-novela, or movie marathon. We are military warriors, and we are the ladies from the “road less traveled.” Sabi nga nila, success happens with what you make out of after your “work.” Iyong tipong 6pm uuwi ka na from work and matutulog ka ng 12midnight, what will you do during those 6 hours? As a matter of fact, guilty as charged, ako, nanonood lang ako ng mga Series dati, pero I’ve come to realize, I should be doing something else, matutong magkaroon ng income-earning deeds and maging matalino sa pera, all these activities I do to secure my future family with my Military Husband (soon!).

This is PMG’s Be Your Own Boss Campaign

If you want to become a part of the squad, and makikilala mo na kung sino si Kim Sancho, I will give you full acess! Haha Pero keep it down, hindi ako si Miss Universe, isa lang akong ordinaryong tao tulad mo, naghahangad ng magandang buhay at masayang love life with  my Soldier. Hihihi

I am giving FREE EBook and FREE Online Video Training Series to those who want to be a part of my Campaign, and we will work hand in hand para makuha mo rin ang pinapangarap mo, whatever it is. Hehe I am willing to be by your side every step of the way, and you will have full access to my free training sessions, if you are curious, click this WORK WITH KIM SANCHO

What to expect if you decide today to be part of this journey? I will give you the best learning experience na ma i-seshare ko sayo; ito ang ilan sa mga yun;

Earning Passive Extra Income using the Internet, Mobile & Facebook (Option of other sources of Income)

Guidance and Tips on Money Managing

Personal Finance Tips

Improving our daily lives as your personal coach

And more!

Imagine life without struggles sa pera? Tapos gusto mo siyang puntahan, mapupuntahan mo siya kasama si bagets di ba? That you wouldn’t have to work as an employee kasi meron ka namang extra income you are earning from what you only do at home. So I’ve shared what I know, it’s time for you to take action.


So that’s it for tonight. I hope na-inspire kita. Kita-kits sa next PMG post! 🙂