7 Things I Want To Give Up This Year

“It’s the oldest story in the world. One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly without you ever really noticing it, SOMEDAY is TODAY. And then SOMEDAY is YESTERDAY. And this is your life.” -Anonymous

At some point in your life you will realize there are a lot of unnecessary things you do that you just want to buckle under your sheets now that you know better. You realized you don’t need these things or become a better version of yourself, that’s why you plan to make a list of things which you promise not to do anymore.

Things I want To Give Up Now That I’m A Year Wiser


Admit it or not, when you are so happy you turn your opinion or “impression” knob so high that whatever you see, you say something about it. Not necessarily a needed suggestion, but it’s only your “mere” thoughts. However, when you get wiser you realize that there are boundaries you need to safeguard, for others not to get hurt or upset. Hence, you want to become more of a “listening” kind of person than being the talkative one.


You are not an ordinary person if you don’t have bones hidden in your closet that you want to bury with the past. However, when you regret that too often, that is unhealthy. Remember, don’t sacrifice your future because of your past. People make mistakes. If you have any regretful moment in your life, remember that it happened for a purpose. Forgive yourself, and move on.

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Spending money like water is nothing but an ordinary scene which you can observe in most individuals, who just started earning their own money. It is given that you should also spend your hard-earned money in your wants; however, when you spend it too much and too often, it’s a different story.
 Satisfying yourself by buying that watch you really wish to have is different from buying a signature bag this month, after having bought a different one last month. That is already unreasonable spending. As you mature, you should realize the importance of every cent you earn, so instead of buying a lot of “wants” you should think of saving money for the future or at least for the rainy days.


Being one in the minority of your organizational chart, you often tend to be agreeable with everything your colleagues will tell you, because you want harmony in your work. However, at some point you will notice that they are already defiling your kindness, or worse is you got into trouble because your colleagues used you as their scapegoat. This time, you want to be more cautious.

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When you were younger, you were used to getting what you want or letting others do what you need to do. So when you start your career, you sometimes forget that you were only starting as a novice. Hence, you tend to complain when people will try to oblige you to do something you thought would be out of your “job description.” Sometimes, it really happens. However, just remember that the more tasks they will impose on you, the better you’ll get in your job; because you will be exposed to small errands happening in your company. Remember, small things make great things. Soon enough, you will swim in the mainstream. So stop complaining, instead, ask for more and initiate.


This happens everywhere. Remember, there’s a reason why people talk behind someone else’s back; it means he is ahead of them. Don’t be that kind of person who starts a conversation to sabotage or mock someone’s career or reputation. You’re better than that.


A lot of problems in this world would disappear if we talk to each other instead of about each other.


Sometimes, when you become more cautious not to fail or make mistakes, you often say NO to all the possibilities life has to offer. Common, turn away from that attitude; because the best way to learn is by failing and actually experiencing things. You were born not to be perfect, you were born to experience life.

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Life’s greatest lessons are learned as you grow up. Not necessarily by age, but by decision. Growing old is different from growing up. While you are busy building your tangible assets, you sometimes forget to build your assets coming from within. Remember, they are also the building blocks of your future.

“The hardest part about growing up, is letting go of what you were used to; and moving on with something you’re not.” -Anonymous

Now, it’s your turn, what is it that you want to give up this 2018? Comments are encouraged below. Feel free! 🙂


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Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors: 2018 GOALS

Last year, on my birthday, I started to make my own list of “new” year’s resolution to guide me through another year of my life, somehow, I realized that things which you are really committed to do won’t take a short time to happen or manifest in your life, so I kind of reviewed my birthday resolution list and make them into my new year’s resolution.

Another year has passed again, and as we come to realize that we are not “getting any younger,” we start to ask ourselves questions like, “what happened to you?” “Have you accomplished your goals?” Did you enjoy your 20’s? Have you had a productive 2017?”  Actually, I have mixed emotions regarding the new year. Nevertheless, 

I realized it isn’t too late to start all over again. Years from now when I look back, I want to remember this day when finally I realized I should give priority to improving myself, and how I could be of help to others, or at least not to be other’s baggage.

This year, I want to free myself of hate or of negativities. Life is too short to keep grudge or to argue with someone, or to be impatient. Life should be fun, and should be full of enthusiasm.

2018 Goals:

**Good relationship with Mom

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been super close to my Dad, but when my Dad passed away, even though I haven’t come to my full recovery, yet, I realized I still have one parent, equally deserving of my love and attention, who is my Mom. I think everybody should have a good relationship with their Moms. She is the one who brought you into this world. Thanks to her this world will never be the same again because of a bright and awesome person she delivered when you were born. Don’t let the day pass without calling her or making sure if she’s ok. Ok?

Dear Mom, I love you.



**Good relationship with the Sib

Your siblings are your own flesh and blood, you shouldn’t argue with them long before you knew you passed their birthday without greeting them or without making them feel loved. Their failures are yours, too, so make sure you exist in their lives no matter how difficult it is to call from abroad to know if they’re doing well, or ask if they’ve visited your folks already this month.

**Unwavering Faith

When you get to be on your own, you’ll realize the Divine Intervention guiding you through every step. At times you may feel that you are alone, but thanks to the Lord, He has never left us. There are times, all you can say is, “It’s You and  me again, God! Please take care of me and never leave my side.” That’s the time you’ll know you have strengthen your faith ever.

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** Long-lasting friendships

You may have all drifted apart, some got married and some have kids, some went to work abroad, some may remained busy in school to pursue their postgrad studies, but no matter how many times your priorities change, wherever life takes you, if a person is opt to be in your life, they will remain. You will find ways to reach each other or to get connected. You might be miles apart but your love and care for each other never change. You know you’ve lost some people along the way, some might be your best friends, but those who remained despite of it all, are your true friends. Keep them wherever you’ll go.

**Healthy Habits

Admit it or not, you are not getting any younger. It’s better to think ahead about your health, because let me say it, health is wealth. True enough, prevention is better than cure. As early as your mid20’s you should already be taking care of your health. You should start to plan healthy activities like 30min jogging or brisk walking at least twice a week; or to eat those vegetables which you’ve been avoiding since you were a kid… It’s up to you, as long as you know that chips in the morning, chips in the afternoon, and chips for dinner is in fact, unhealthy. Remember, you don’t want that your savings will go to your medication in the future just because you were taking your health for granted right now.

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**Peaceful coexistence with seemingly not-so-kind people

You can’t please everybody, you know that. So better accept that. No matter how you crash with someone, because of their personality, or bad deeds, you should learn to let small things go. Life should be spent being happy, not being angry to someone nor gossiping about them, either. It isn’t worth your precious time after all so keep that mouth shut and replace it with a smile. Science proves that silence and a genuine smile reduce fight significantly than confrontation. Remember to choose your battles.

**Profitable Hobby

Don’t get me wrong when I say, “profitable.” What I mean is beneficial or adds value to your life or to your own improvement. It’s okay if you are a KPop fan, but you know that there’s a thin line between admiration and addiction—you know it’s too much if you see yourself lying on your couch or wallowing on your bed with your favorite series on, without washing last night’s dishes, or haven’t even washed your 2week old might-have-been-rotting-already laundry. Before you know it, even your social life will suffer. I know, because I’ve been there. LOL

**Saving for the future, and thinking about your retirement

Yes as early as now. The best time to save money is when you have some. I couldn’t agree more! This is the right time to save for your future, and even think about your retirement plans. When you talk about investment, they say, the name of the game is time. You have to make money out of time just like what you are doing during employment. They exchange money for their hours of work (guilty!). Start now or forever regret in silence! The name of the game is time!

I make myself rich by making my wants few. Henry David Thoreau

**The Art of Deadma

Don’t sweat the small things. I’ll say it again, life is short. Your life is passing by before your eyes but you’re busy worrying about what your workmate forgot to do (which she must’ve supposed to do during her shift) which made you do it because her shift has ended, and you were to change her. OhMy. This is too much. God gives us an opportunity to give our best or to see the beautiful things He made for us to discover everyday. When you feel you will get mad, count from 1-10 and take 3 deep breaths, and move on. Give people benefit of the doubt, and forgive them. Remember everyone has been hurt, has lost something, or has been disappointed, not just you. Let go and let God, forgive people and your load will be lighter, I promise.

If you are reading this, you might be someone who likes to read stuff on how to improve themselves, who is from their 20’s or someone who comes from the 30’s group who wants to assess themselves, if you really got it great before you turned 30. Whoever you are, whatever you do, remember, LIFE IS SHORT. Be forgiving, loving, generous, and understanding. Every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about so better be kind to every soul you meet. Not everything is centerred to you. The earth doesn’t revolve around your own axis, and remember that the place where your rights stop, the rights of others start.

Before you act, listen.

Before you react, think,

Before you spend, earn.

Before you criticize, wait.

Before you pray, forgive.

Before you quit, try.

-Ernest Hemingway

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Above photo from pexels.com

Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017


Once again, we were given another year to “get it right,” and we thank the Lord for giving us another life to live. But before we  go ahead and start the new year head on, I would like to reminisce the past year with you.

02 August 2017 was the date PMG FB Page was created, and from then on, I was with you all along, and for that, I personally THANK YOU! Thank you for your unending messages, your valuable comments and your shares!

So here are the Top 10 Most Read Articles of PMG from its 655 Followers! Again, thank  you so much for without you, PMG will not be possible!

TOP 10

How My Soldier BF Got Over His Loneliness After I Went Abroad

A will tell you a little background. But, if you are a follower of PMG/Proud Military Girl, you will follow through this post. But why in the first place I left him for a “greener pasture?” Actually, it didn’t just happen.

I told you in my previous post, “10+ Things To Do While Waiting For His R&R” that one of the deepest dents we had in our relationship was his first assignment.  During his Cadetship, and his month-long vacation after Graduation, I was there, and then came his deployment. He was brought to the South super far from me! First assignment, Mindanao. Typical area where Luzon Soldiers were being  deployed. I was really devastated. CONTINUE READING


9 Reasons Being A Military Spouse Is The Toughest Job In The Military

“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what is required.” -Winston Churchill

A military wife goes through a lot of things but chooses to keep it to herself because she doesn’t want to bother her family or friends, after deciding to marry the love of her life, who happens to be in the military. That’s why, those emotions and thoughts were only kept unsaid and remained as secrets that only those who go through it could understand. Nevertheless, here are some of the things which justify why being a military spouse is the toughest job in the military. CONTINUE READING



7 Life Hacks I’ve Learned From My Soldier

A part of being with someone means learning their ways or adapting their own thinking and somehow, without intention, you tend to apply it in your own day-to-day life.

I’ve been in a relationship with an MIU (man in uniform: then-Cadet/Soldier) for almost 8 years, and I can say, a lot of his own “ideals” in life, I tend to actually adapt into my own life.

He is a Soldier, generally, we could conclude that he should be protective and strict, yes protective, and a little bit strict at times, and since we are soon to build a family of our own–a Military Family at that, he tends to be so heedful about the values we cultivate as a couple. CONTINUE READING


6 Reasons Every Military Wife/Gf Should Visit The ‘Camp’

“Behind every strong soldier, there is a strong woman, who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart.” -Anonymous

Most of the military women especially spouses have formed the habit of staying at home. They wait for their Soldier knocking by their house’s doorstep, and some divert their longing and focus their attention to take care of their kids or manage the house. But this habit of not visiting your military partner in his work area doesn’t usually help the relationship grow, sometimes, it leads to future gap or misunderstanding.

After having asked military spouses who stayed stunning even after giving birth, and from collected experiences of awesome military girlfriends, and Officers’ Girls, here are some of the many reasons why every Military Wife/Gf should visit their man in the Camp. CONTINUE READING


8 Things Only A Military Wife/Girlfriend Will Understand

When you are in a military relationship, chances are, you are always being asked by your friends what it really feels like loving someone who is a thousand miles away from you, and chances are, no matter how you explain your thoughts and feelings to them, they will never understand you, unless they’ll experience it firsthand.

In behalf of the minority, and representing the “silent” background of the strife, allow me to share with you this reality, and what it really feels like loving a Soldier. CONTINUE READING


9 Warning Signs Your Cadet Isn’t Serious About You

This is a response to our reader who wants to know if this certain Cadet is really serious about her

I’m not an advocate for busting someone or anything doing negative stuff just to prove a point, but this time, for the sake of our reader, I want to talk about this topic

I have a lot of thoughts about this, because, I know a lot of ladies who were brought to sudden heartbreak because the man they think were serious about them, were actually just fooling around. CONTINUE READING

 TOP 4

IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before

Once and for all I want to answer all our family’s and friends’ question, “Bakit hindi pa kayo nagpapakasal?”

Natatawa ako kasi lagi na lang ganito ang tanong saamin ng mga friends namin lalo na ang mga pamilya namin…


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9 Cute But Annoying Things Your Cadet BF Tells You


Situation: Pagkatapos niyong kumain at nakaupo pa kayo sa table kung saan kayo kumain, say, sa food court or any other restaurants, tapos ikaw: bigla kang naglabas ng mirror kasi titignan mo lang naman kung meron kang dumi sa mukha or ngipin… sasabihin niya, “My, hindi dito ang tamang place para magmake-up, ‘dun ka dapat sa sink.”


Everytime na kakain ka ng certain fruit, like saging, sasabihin niya, “Alam mo ba My, tinuruan kaming kumain ng ganyan in a formal way, parang ganito ‘ata iyon.” Tapos kukunin niya iyong knife, itatry niyang i-fruit ninja iyong saging, mula sa balat, hanggang sa magiging bite size na lang. Hahaha omg


Ganun din ‘pag kumain kayo ng crab. Haha CONTINUE READING


Memoirs of A Kaydet Girl

This article was originally published in The Corps Magazine, the Philippine Military Academy’s Cadet Corps Magazine, Alumni Issue 2011. Original title: “Memoirs of A Weekend Girlfriend.”


“Nakauwi ka na ba? Musta pala iyong pinanood mong movie?”

These were the last words he sent me through SMS. It was only 2030H then and it was Saturday. It’s the 30th day of October to be exact. I thought he just fell asleep because of the exasperating activities he is doing habitually inside the academy. After an hour, I texted him again, saying,

“Sleep tight, antukin ka talga. Nga pala, wag kang masyadong malungkot dyan ah kahit mag-isa ka sa barracks. Nand2 lang ako sana hindi mo iyon maklimutan! Good night, my Indian! ^^”

Waking up from nowhere from one of my midnight sleep-awakening episodes during that night, I reached out for my cellphone, expecting a message from him. Nothing. So I just continued my sleep and thought that maybe he was just back from the routine of logging in the cellphone and so much of that what-have-you’s inside.
October 31, November 1, 2, nothing… 4 days… 5 days… 6 days… still, there’s no text from my beloved Cadet. CONTINUE READING


Yes, well, if you are a Follower of PMG, you know very well who Cadet J is! And yes, he topped off all the articles from PMG’s 2017 posts! Imagine! Almost earned 12,000 views! Here’s our Top 1 ***DRUM ROLL***

PMG Notes: This story was contributed by a former Cadet (now an Army Officer), whose love for his girlfriend is unsurmountable, he has to immortalize their story LOL. Itago na lang daw natin siya sa pangalang Cadet J, isa raw siyang simple at mapagmahal na nilalang. Ehem. Actually guys, hindi lang siya basta-bastang Cadet. He graduated top in his class, biruin niyo, hindi lang talaga brawn and brains ang mga Cadets natin, meron din silang big love na nakatago sa dibdib nila (hindi lang halata hehe!). In fairness nakakakilig ang kwento niya. This story is from a Cadet’s POV, first in PMG. Thanks, Cadet J, for trusting PMG!


CHAPTER 1: Find Out

September 17, 2010, Friday

Matapos ang limang araw na bagbagan sa acads (academic bombardment), heto, busy na naman ang Cadet Corps sa paglilinis ng kwarto, pagsa-shine ng lahat ng sapatos pati lahat ng metal parts na gagamitin sa parada at pagpe-prepare sa buong barracks para naman every is happy sa buong weekend dahil may privilege kami…

September 18, 2010, Saturday

So heto na nga, Sabado na. Barracks and Ranks Inspection na naman, pagkatapos, Testimonial Parade and review para sa bisita. Normal routine na sa mga Kadete ang Parade and Review every Saturday.

So after ng Parade, vaultfiles nag 60- 60 (ngmamadali) ang lahat para magbihis ng Dress White para sa noon mess. Muntik ko ng makalimutan MOG (Messenger Of the Guard) pala ako. Ito yung mga duty guards na nag i-entertain ng mga bisita sa MAGILAS Visitors Lounge, Lopez Hall at PMA Museum at nag-eexplain sa kanila kung may mga tanong sila about sa Academy or may hinahanap silang kadete. So excuse ako sa noon mess at dumiretso na ako sa MAGILAS Visitors Lounge. Kasama ng ibang MOG, doon lang kami patayu-tayo, palakad-lakad. Tapos lilipat na naman sa Lopez Hall.

After noon, may mga bisita nang pumasok at ngtatanong, so ini-entertain naman naming nang maayos. Kamay, Ngiti, Bati ‘ika nga.



Again, thank you for making 2017 possible , PMG Readers! 2018 will be so much fun with our growing community, thank you! I promise that I will continue giving you love posts to read, as long as there is One Soul left to read my entries, I will continue this quest of being a PROUD MILITARY GIRL. Thank you guys! I love you all! Happy New Year!


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The Secret To A Happy And Lasting Relationship

Many of us think that once you’ve entered a relationship, it means that, everyday is all about rainbows and butterflies, but I beg to disagree. Why? Because having to love someone does not entail loving them only during good times, but it means loving them even during the unloveable and worse times.

They say, you have the happiest and lasting relationship once you’ve experienced hurdles and successes during a long period of time together. But that is not always true. A lot of couples we know who have a lasting relationship (which we think the only thing lacking is the wedding, or worse is, they’re already married) have gone to separate ways. Why? Because along the way, after having been together for quite some time, you will experience things which will change your perspective totally. Once you’ve gotten yourself a job, or you started working overseas, or you met and started to mingle with new set of friends or colleagues, or you experienced a major problem in your life, everything will turn 180deg from your original thoughts and beliefs. Things, people, job, new culture, and experiences will change you, whether you like it or not.

Hence, after all the things you encountered, or having met the people you ought to work with, and all, at the end of the day, what you wanted, still, is to be with the one you love and chose to love after all these years. So what do we really need in order to stay in love and being loved by the most important person in our life? I think the secret to a lasting, happy, contented and healthy relationship is…. *drumroll… is…. to choose each other every day. One day at a time, choose each other. How is that even possible and helpful?


photo via

First, you do not know what the future holds, you don’t control the sky, the moon, the stars, and every situation that is happening that might change your feelings to the person, BUT, if you choose to love the person everyday, one day at a time, I think it will be extraordinary, and let me say it… life-changing.

Think of this, everyday, in every hour, in every minute, and in any circumstances, if you choose to love the person, nothing will be at risk. However difficult it could get, even during the times you are fighting, or even if one of you is being a pain in the neck; once you turn your thoughts and efforts towards loving that person no matter how difficult and impossible the situation gets, everything is going to be a-okay. That, I promise you. But, what’s the catch? The rule of the thumb is, both of you should be practicing that every day. Why? Because, a relationship consists of two whole beings who are intellectually capable to understand, to love and to commit.

One more thing is when you practice loving the person in any circumstance, drunk or sober, you will not commit any mistake, even if you’re surrounded with unfaithful friends (who do extracurricular activities while their partners are away), or even if you are being pressured by your colleagues, nothing will be at risk if you choose to love the person in any circumstances whatsoever.

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, and suddenly you do not know where to go or what to do anymore, chances are, you might be finding yourself regretting something you already did that you shouldn’t have to; but if you take your relationship seriously, and you focus your thoughts to the person you love, no matter how tough any situation gets, at the end of the day, you will be able to sleep your conscience, good night; because you did the right thing that day, and tomorrow is another brand new day to choose to love the person. Remember, while the relationship lasts, love will not always be feelings anymore, rather, it will be a decision.

“You are the first and last thing on my mind each and every day.”

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11 Life Lessons From A Soldier’s Perspective

As I read the entries, I realized, marami pa akong hindi alam sa buhay, I should really ponder on these things and actually discern kung nagagawa ko bang maging mabuti, to outgrow my immaturity and to become a better version of myself. Be positive! Fight! Fight!

This is an article contributed by a close friend of mine who happens to be a Junior Officer in the Philippine Army.

Read On:


1. Respect and love your parents

Kasi mga magulang mo sila kahit na anong mangyari. Cherish every moment with them.

2. Make good and unforgettable memories with your siblings

Ang mga kapatid, walang kapalit din yan..I n short, mahalaga talaga ang foundation ng family.

3. Pagdating sa friends, habang tumatanda tayo, real friends will remain

Iba ang friends sa magkakilala lang.

4. Learning never stops

Dapat as early as now, pinapahalagahan mo na ang mga natutunan mo. Para pagdating ng panahon, mai-apply mo nang tama.. Also, as we grow old, maiisip natin na lahat ng mga nangyayari sa atin, may lessons learned iyan.


5. A good heart will never fade

Attitude matters talaga.. Pwedeng mag-fade away ang physical beauty, pero ang ugali ng isang tao, hndi makakalimutan.. Masama man or mabuti, diyan ka maaalala.. sa ugali mo..

6. Simplicity is beauty

Minsan maisip mo na okay rin pala kahit simple ka lang. Nasa confidence mo iyan. Makikita mo kasi ang beauty ng tao kapag wala siyang kahit na anong gamit or suot, through her smile , or through her eyes.. Ganun lang..

7. Life is simple

Do not over-stress yourself. Hindi mo naman kailangan patulan lahat ng issues na naririnig mo. Malulungkot ka lang. Kung hindi naman big deal, huwag ka dapat maging affected.

8. Be humble

Kung talagang may pagkakamali ka, embrace it and learn to say sorry. Be humble. Tao lang tayo, walang perfect sa atin. Lahat may mga failures and pagkakamali.

9. Gaano man kahirap or kasakit ang dinaranas mong mga problema, tuloy pa rin ang buhay

Depende lang iyan kung paano ka lumaban and paano mo i-handle ang mga problema mo.. Okay lang umiyak.. Ilabas mo lang. Ang importante fighting ka pa rin. Sabi nga doon sa Dont quit, REST IF YOU MUST BUT DONT YOU QUIT.


Kahit gaano man kataas ang mga pangarap natin and kahit gaano man kalayo ang mga narating natin sa buhay, babalik and babalik tayo sa simpleng buhay kasama ang family natin. Time will come na masaya na tayo sa isang scenic view, drinking coffee.. Iyong tipong marealize mo na at least nakaya mo ang lahat.. Simple lang.. Pero masaya.


11. Self-love is important

Self-love includes self respect and self-esteem.. Kasi kung darating sa point na mararamdaman mong wala nang ngmamahal sayo, at least maisip mo na mahal mo pala ang sarili mo. Kapag nakita ng ibang tao na you have self-respect, they will also respect you.. and tsaka mo lang masasabing kaya mo nang magmahal ng iba kapag you have already given enough love for yourself.. walang ibang magmamahal sayo kundi sarili mo lang din.

Topmost photo is a derivative of an original photo taken from Pineapple Supply Co. via pexels.com

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7 Reasons Finding “The One” Early in Life Will Help You Become More Successful

“…and then I met you.”

In love, they say, don’t rush, or you’re still too young to be in a relationship; but what if the universe conspired to let you meet the love of your life, before you even know which career path you will take? I say that’s totally fine, why? Because there are a lot of reasons why finding the right person early in life could help you become even more successful; and here’s a few:


Accept it or not, people mature with their age. You will not have any amount of wisdom there is in the world as long as you won’t take a year after year of failures. Hence, when you experience growing up or maturing with the same person, nothing else will give you the assurance that the person is really worth keeping.


Coming together is a BEGINNING.
Keeping together is PROGRESS.
Working together is SUCCESS.

As you take every milestone towards your goals, hand in hand, you take each step needed to get you wherever life may take you. You started as lost kids who tried to find their place in the world, and later on, you figured out which path to take. But what’s more amazing was you started to build your dreams together.



Seeing someone in the lowest place they could possibly be, and still choosing to love them anyway, is nothing but unconditional love. Nothing comes easy in life which is worth keeping. It has to be tested with time and adversities. But when you surpassed each hurdle that blocks your way, still with the same person, is uncustomary. Being together during the highs is given, but staying together during the lows is exceptional.


With you… I feel safe and sound.

Sometimes, when you cannot decipher which path to take, or worse is when you can’t even understand yourself anymore, the only person who could only put you back to your sanity is no one but your mate. For having seen you during your bests and your worsts, they know to calm you during an uproar.


Everybody has their own tranquility inside, but when complicated situation happens, you know that the only person they need is you. Why? Because you know how to bring them back to daylight when they lose their way. You know, because you know their heart.



Nobody else’s side will you ever wish to be, but right by the side of your significant other, especially during your success. For helping you fight the battles life continues to give; for giving you strength when you are weak; for giving you enough guidance when you lose your way; and for constantly receiving push when you lose determination, you just want to be by their side when finally, what you dreamed of was finally realised.


Wherever life takes you, no matter how many roads you choose to take, and no matter how many mistakes you put through, there will always be that assurance that there’s someone waiting for you at the end of the road—with or without the bacon.

“Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.”

Above photo from our readers Miss Sai & Sir Kim during their prenup. <3

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“God’s Time is Always Perfect” -Sai N.

This is a post in response to the recently posted article, “IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before”

I was actually ranting about my thoughts once again, about my dearly beloved Soldier, and how we managed to stay steadfast for more than 7 years, yet, still not deciding to tie the knot. (This is of course before The Proposal happened).

I’ve realized a lot when one of our readers responded to this rant post of mine LOL, it came to me that I have all I need in the world because I have him, and to really entrust my faith in God in order to conquer my doubts for myself, and fears for the future.

After you have read the article, “IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before” please read the following advice from Miss Sai, this is worth a read, everyone.



In reply to this post:
IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before

(Ayaw ko na i-comment dun, masyadong mahaba eh.)

I read it, from the start to the very end. Let me tell you a short story before giving you an advice

My husband, then a Cadet was sent out from the Academy for some reasons. Na-turn back siya and he is waiting for a letter from PMA para makabalik siya. That is when we meet each other again.

Naging kami, then he asked me to marry him. That time he was working in a company with a good salary, may trabaho din ako. So parang financially stable naman kami. I prayed and asked God, is it the right time? I trust in Your perfect timing. Just a few days after that, he received a letter from PMA. I told myself, hindi pa right time ni Ama and I told him, go reach for your dreams. I will be here patiently waiting for you.

During the time that he was inside the Academy, I busied myself working because I have to pay for my sibling’s education. I also wanted to take master’s degree and also be a lawyer. But due to financial reasons, anak lang kami ng “Mess Kit” (a term they refer to children of ordinary soldiers or enlisted personnel) I have to he set aside my dreams to give way to my siblings.

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Fast forward, he graduated from the academy. He again, asked me na mag-immediately na, I declined. I told him to spend time with his family and focus on his career and his dreams of becoming a pilot. I told him I’ll decide after he graduates from Military Pilot Training.

Just as he was about to graduate from MPT, my sister is also graduating from college and I am so happy that at last I could now spend my earnings to get a law degree. A week before his graduation, he again asked me to marry him. I told him my take on the situation. He took me to the nearest church, told me let’s pray for this. And on the night of his graduation he told me this: “Alam ko marami ka pang pangarap. Marami kang gustong marating. Pero gusto ko kasama mo ako sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap mo. Ayoko na wala ako sa tabi mo kapag masaya ka, malungkot ka… gusto kong bumawi. Wala ako nung grumaduate ka ng college, wala ako nung unang sweldo mo, wala ako nung ma-promote ka… gusto ko this time kapag naging abogado ka, nasa tabi mo ako. Gusto ko habang inaabot mo ang pangarap mo hawak mo ang kamay ko.” Hearing those words made my heart melt and told myself, man! This man really loves me. That’s the moment I said yes.


Now my advise:

1. This is the most important of all, ask God for his perfect time. God’s time is never late nor early, it is always perfect.

2. Natatakot ka na baka you’re not good enough for him… no honey. You are the one for him. He chose you from among all the women he met. And always remember, you are to be his wife. Your goal is to be with him forever and support him, you are not just an “Ayer’s wife” you are his wife. Sinabi ko noon sa asawa ko, ayokong maging asawa ng opisyal. I married you beacuse I want to be your wife, not an officer’s wife. Kung naging sarhento ka lang or security guard, I would still marry you.

That’s it. Just pray and ask for God’s help and for sure everything will fall on its right place.



PMG NOTES: You know what, after reading this again, I actually felt enlightened, and I actually felt I am adequately capable to be my man’s future wife. Once again, thank you Miss Sai for your unending support, I know you are very busy pursuing your Law Degree, but you still manage to read my stories. Special mention to Sir Arkim, welcome to PMG! Thank you for reading the stories, grabe Sir, you are simply the best, sobrang nakakakilig ang Proposal mo. To God be all the Glory!

Above photo from the couple themselves, Ms Sai and Sir Kim Nalang on their Wedding Day

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Caps Lock CIL: The Unrequited Love

“Cupid sometimes runs out of arrows and only shoots one person instead of two.”

Once in our life, we experience loving someone without the knowledge of the person. We know how stupid the idea is, but we cannot help but choosing loving from a distance, because, at least, from there, we could express our feelings. Here is one good epitome of someone who chose to love from afar, and hoped, at least for once, that her love will be reciprocated.

(This article was originally published in The Corps Magazine, the Philippine Military Academy’s Cadet Corps Magazine, Alumni Issue 2013. Original title: “CAPS LOCK”)


Caps Lock

by Nuela Gracia F. Posadas

As we drive along the zigzag mud, I prayed to God
to keep this off my chest. I guessed He did, at least for a while.
Maybe I am unconsciously drawn to your world.
Maybe I do too, at the very rarest of times.
I believe that I belong to you as immediate family.
And this feeling attacks when I least expect it
When I am not in my best dress, When I did not get to shower,
and when I did not have the COURAGE to tell you.
And so I go on with my routine in life
smiling when not supposed to, running countless miles
to maintain my Superman strength disguised by my stick thin body,
juggling everything is served before me,
carrying that INTEGRITY you were always preaching excessively.
I become too preoccupied to even think about it, or perhaps about myself.
And yes, one day at a time, I go on with my random life;
lazing around in the mornings, skipping meals,
sleeping until my head hurts, and thinking about you until my heart breaks.
Yes, I think about you. I think about you all the time.
I sustain my LOYALTY to you even if I don’t have to,
even if there seems to be no apparent reason.
You, instead, go on with your life unaware of the single soul
wide awake on your lower bunk,
writing this note for the source of her unreciprocated love.
You go on…
You go on without the slightest idea.


“At least even for a little while, I was the reason behind your smile.”

Above Photo via picjumbo.com

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10 Relationship Vitals Every Couple Should Know

“I WANT US TO LAST. I don’t want to have an amazing couple of months and then it be all over in a flash. I don’t want to experience the feelings of hurt, confusion, and disappointment again. No matter what we run into & no matter how hard things get, I WANT US TO STICK TOGETHER.” -Anonymous

1. Know the real essence of PRIVACY, and apply it.

Remember: Relationships last longer when nobody knows your business. So try to keep your ‘moments’ just between the two of you. It’s fine to post photos of you during an important event of your life because it’s a milestone, but too much posting of your photos and overly lovey dovey status updates actually won’t help your relationship. Not everything in your life is “postable” in your social media. Take note, it’s not the public’s relationship but yours. Also, when you fight, nobody else has to know. You don’t need to let anyone see your dirty laundry out of the bucket. So be careful.

image source

2. Keeping Notes

Everything that’s happening in your life as a couple is a milestone. So it’s important you should document! It maybe cheesy for others to see if you are always capturing photos of you together, but that’s fine. It won’t hurt anyone, unless of course you post everything on Facebook! LOL. Take a lot of photos, and keep them in your files, later on, at least you have memories to reminisce as you move past your younger years together, as a couple. Own a camera and an external hard drive just for your photos together. Be creative, too, by compiling them in a scrap book or photo albums, or even mural of your photos together!

3. Do Not Rush!

Again, whether you’ve heard this before for the nth time, I’d still say, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Not everything should be done shotgun or unplanned. Although majority would attest that things which happened spontaneously last, this is true, but it may not be the same with others. Love is not about sky diving, where you start at the top, and rush to the ground, it’s all about a step by step process which entails trial and error. At first it may get exciting, but there are certain days when you will find yourself in anguish. So that’s when the ‘DO NOT RUSH’ reminder comes in. Again, before you jump in a new commitment, assess yourself, are you really prepared for the roller coaster ride you are going to experience in a yet another relationship? If you answer this question and have thought of other significant priorities, I guess, you’re not ready yet, and chances are you will end up frustrated once you choose to enter a relationship, and you’re also responsible with the other person’s misery, too.

image source


4. Crossing the line

Everything Done Horizontally Is Dangerous! If you know you are already a mature individual who could take the pressure and effects of premarital lovemaking, then fine, it’s nobody’s business. But if you are someone who preserves this for the love of her life (is there anyone who still believes in this?), then you might not want to cross the line. Remember that majority of the things you do horizontally, are the ones you cannot take back. In short, these things are irreversible. If you’re not ready, then don’t do it. TRUE LOVE WAITS.

image source

5. Public Display of Affection

About PDA. Public Display of Affection is not necessary for couples who respect themselves and who maintain the respect of the public towards them. Don’t wait until someone will say, “Get a room, already!” It’s alright to let others know she’s your girlfriend by holding her hand while walking, but it’s very unattractive to see if you are already kissing up to your throats in front of the mass. How about the children? How about your parents? C’mon, get some values. Sooner or later, you will be parents, too, and you won’t want to see this in your children, either.

6. Meeting The Parents

Of course, one of the most momentous beacons your relationship could ever hurdle is meeting each other’s parents and relatives. It could cause you a bit of anxiety, but believe me, they are also nervous to meet you. Remember, just relax and be yourself. If you are a woman who isn’t fond of wearing mountain-high heels, then don’t. If you’re a woman who doesn’t wear makeup, then that’s fine. Just be your comfortable self. Take note of this: your partner’s parents are also ordinary individuals (like you) who are only trying to be parents. Get to know them according to their own individuality and uniqueness, and surely, you will capture their hearts.

7. Meeting The Gang

Relax, it’s just the gang! LOL. But actually, this is even more of a nerve-wracking experience you could ever get yourself into. However, you do not have to impress anyone just to turn them into your side or get their favor. Again, just be yourself, and try to know them individually. There’s a reason why they are your partner’s friends, and they were also the ones who stayed longer in your partner’s life than his/her family. So try to get along with the gang!


8. Respect is the Epitome of Love.

First of all, start with yourself. How do you regard yourself, is it with respect? How do you view other people? Do you respect them? Alex Elle once said, ‘The respect you show to others (or lack there of) is an immediate reflection on your self respect.’ This is very crucial in a relationship because how you view and respect yourself will be the way your significant other will view and respect you. Respect begets respect, and in a relationship, before you even start to love someone, you should begin respecting the person first.

image source

9. Quality and Time

A quality relationship isn’t measured with the length of time from the day you started dating. It is measured with the quality you make out of the limited time you have. Remember that a relationship is not only about showing off, but it is all about being with someone who supports you until you reach your goals and dreams in life. The person who is always beside you especially during rough times.

image source

10. Intentions

“Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.” -Wayne Dyer

Love is not all about seeking your own happiness from someone. The purpose of relationships IS NOT to have another person to complete you. But to have another person whom to share your completeness with. Before you even start a relationship, you should ask yourself, what are your intentions? Do you take accountability afterwards? Do you take responsibility with the other person? Or are you only looking for your own happiness that’s why you want a relationship?

I remember appearing this in my newsfeed, and actually, it really makes sense.

Credits to the owner, Ogbolu Ezeugo Jerry 

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Don’t marry because of SEX,

Don’t marry because you are getting OLD,

Don’t marry because you are of AGE,

Don’t marry because you’re LONELY

Don’t marry because you need someone to support you FINANCIALLY

Don’t marry because you mistakenly got PREGNANT for him.

Don’t marry because you don’t want to LOSE thePERSON.

Don’t marry because of family PRESSURES

Don’t marry because you Like the IDEA Of Marriage

Don’t marry because of PITY or Out of PITY

Don’t marry because of TRIBE

Don’t marry because you admire all the WEDDING GOWNS you see

Don’t marry because you Love KIDS

Don’t marry because all your friends are getting Married

Don’t marry because of physical/academic qualifications

BUT, Marry because you are READY for it

Marry because of Love

Marry because you want to Fulfill your PURPOSE

Marry because you want to be a Good HELP MATE…


Above photo from Snapwire