Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017


Once again, we were given another year to “get it right,” and we thank the Lord for giving us another life to live. But before we  go ahead and start the new year head on, I would like to reminisce the past year with you.

02 August 2017 was the date PMG FB Page was created, and from then on, I was with you all along, and for that, I personally THANK YOU! Thank you for your unending messages, your valuable comments and your shares!

So here are the Top 10 Most Read Articles of PMG from its 655 Followers! Again, thank  you so much for without you, PMG will not be possible!

TOP 10

How My Soldier BF Got Over His Loneliness After I Went Abroad

A will tell you a little background. But, if you are a follower of PMG/Proud Military Girl, you will follow through this post. But why in the first place I left him for a “greener pasture?” Actually, it didn’t just happen.

I told you in my previous post, “10+ Things To Do While Waiting For His R&R” that one of the deepest dents we had in our relationship was his first assignment.  During his Cadetship, and his month-long vacation after Graduation, I was there, and then came his deployment. He was brought to the South super far from me! First assignment, Mindanao. Typical area where Luzon Soldiers were being  deployed. I was really devastated. CONTINUE READING


9 Reasons Being A Military Spouse Is The Toughest Job In The Military

“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what is required.” -Winston Churchill

A military wife goes through a lot of things but chooses to keep it to herself because she doesn’t want to bother her family or friends, after deciding to marry the love of her life, who happens to be in the military. That’s why, those emotions and thoughts were only kept unsaid and remained as secrets that only those who go through it could understand. Nevertheless, here are some of the things which justify why being a military spouse is the toughest job in the military. CONTINUE READING



7 Life Hacks I’ve Learned From My Soldier

A part of being with someone means learning their ways or adapting their own thinking and somehow, without intention, you tend to apply it in your own day-to-day life.

I’ve been in a relationship with an MIU (man in uniform: then-Cadet/Soldier) for almost 8 years, and I can say, a lot of his own “ideals” in life, I tend to actually adapt into my own life.

He is a Soldier, generally, we could conclude that he should be protective and strict, yes protective, and a little bit strict at times, and since we are soon to build a family of our own–a Military Family at that, he tends to be so heedful about the values we cultivate as a couple. CONTINUE READING


6 Reasons Every Military Wife/Gf Should Visit The ‘Camp’

“Behind every strong soldier, there is a strong woman, who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart.” -Anonymous

Most of the military women especially spouses have formed the habit of staying at home. They wait for their Soldier knocking by their house’s doorstep, and some divert their longing and focus their attention to take care of their kids or manage the house. But this habit of not visiting your military partner in his work area doesn’t usually help the relationship grow, sometimes, it leads to future gap or misunderstanding.

After having asked military spouses who stayed stunning even after giving birth, and from collected experiences of awesome military girlfriends, and Officers’ Girls, here are some of the many reasons why every Military Wife/Gf should visit their man in the Camp. CONTINUE READING


8 Things Only A Military Wife/Girlfriend Will Understand

When you are in a military relationship, chances are, you are always being asked by your friends what it really feels like loving someone who is a thousand miles away from you, and chances are, no matter how you explain your thoughts and feelings to them, they will never understand you, unless they’ll experience it firsthand.

In behalf of the minority, and representing the “silent” background of the strife, allow me to share with you this reality, and what it really feels like loving a Soldier. CONTINUE READING


9 Warning Signs Your Cadet Isn’t Serious About You

This is a response to our reader who wants to know if this certain Cadet is really serious about her

I’m not an advocate for busting someone or anything doing negative stuff just to prove a point, but this time, for the sake of our reader, I want to talk about this topic

I have a lot of thoughts about this, because, I know a lot of ladies who were brought to sudden heartbreak because the man they think were serious about them, were actually just fooling around. CONTINUE READING

 TOP 4

IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before

Once and for all I want to answer all our family’s and friends’ question, “Bakit hindi pa kayo nagpapakasal?”

Natatawa ako kasi lagi na lang ganito ang tanong saamin ng mga friends namin lalo na ang mga pamilya namin…


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9 Cute But Annoying Things Your Cadet BF Tells You


Situation: Pagkatapos niyong kumain at nakaupo pa kayo sa table kung saan kayo kumain, say, sa food court or any other restaurants, tapos ikaw: bigla kang naglabas ng mirror kasi titignan mo lang naman kung meron kang dumi sa mukha or ngipin… sasabihin niya, “My, hindi dito ang tamang place para magmake-up, ‘dun ka dapat sa sink.”


Everytime na kakain ka ng certain fruit, like saging, sasabihin niya, “Alam mo ba My, tinuruan kaming kumain ng ganyan in a formal way, parang ganito ‘ata iyon.” Tapos kukunin niya iyong knife, itatry niyang i-fruit ninja iyong saging, mula sa balat, hanggang sa magiging bite size na lang. Hahaha omg


Ganun din ‘pag kumain kayo ng crab. Haha CONTINUE READING


Memoirs of A Kaydet Girl

This article was originally published in The Corps Magazine, the Philippine Military Academy’s Cadet Corps Magazine, Alumni Issue 2011. Original title: “Memoirs of A Weekend Girlfriend.”


“Nakauwi ka na ba? Musta pala iyong pinanood mong movie?”

These were the last words he sent me through SMS. It was only 2030H then and it was Saturday. It’s the 30th day of October to be exact. I thought he just fell asleep because of the exasperating activities he is doing habitually inside the academy. After an hour, I texted him again, saying,

“Sleep tight, antukin ka talga. Nga pala, wag kang masyadong malungkot dyan ah kahit mag-isa ka sa barracks. Nand2 lang ako sana hindi mo iyon maklimutan! Good night, my Indian! ^^”

Waking up from nowhere from one of my midnight sleep-awakening episodes during that night, I reached out for my cellphone, expecting a message from him. Nothing. So I just continued my sleep and thought that maybe he was just back from the routine of logging in the cellphone and so much of that what-have-you’s inside.
October 31, November 1, 2, nothing… 4 days… 5 days… 6 days… still, there’s no text from my beloved Cadet. CONTINUE READING


Yes, well, if you are a Follower of PMG, you know very well who Cadet J is! And yes, he topped off all the articles from PMG’s 2017 posts! Imagine! Almost earned 12,000 views! Here’s our Top 1 ***DRUM ROLL***

PMG Notes: This story was contributed by a former Cadet (now an Army Officer), whose love for his girlfriend is unsurmountable, he has to immortalize their story LOL. Itago na lang daw natin siya sa pangalang Cadet J, isa raw siyang simple at mapagmahal na nilalang. Ehem. Actually guys, hindi lang siya basta-bastang Cadet. He graduated top in his class, biruin niyo, hindi lang talaga brawn and brains ang mga Cadets natin, meron din silang big love na nakatago sa dibdib nila (hindi lang halata hehe!). In fairness nakakakilig ang kwento niya. This story is from a Cadet’s POV, first in PMG. Thanks, Cadet J, for trusting PMG!


CHAPTER 1: Find Out

September 17, 2010, Friday

Matapos ang limang araw na bagbagan sa acads (academic bombardment), heto, busy na naman ang Cadet Corps sa paglilinis ng kwarto, pagsa-shine ng lahat ng sapatos pati lahat ng metal parts na gagamitin sa parada at pagpe-prepare sa buong barracks para naman every is happy sa buong weekend dahil may privilege kami…

September 18, 2010, Saturday

So heto na nga, Sabado na. Barracks and Ranks Inspection na naman, pagkatapos, Testimonial Parade and review para sa bisita. Normal routine na sa mga Kadete ang Parade and Review every Saturday.

So after ng Parade, vaultfiles nag 60- 60 (ngmamadali) ang lahat para magbihis ng Dress White para sa noon mess. Muntik ko ng makalimutan MOG (Messenger Of the Guard) pala ako. Ito yung mga duty guards na nag i-entertain ng mga bisita sa MAGILAS Visitors Lounge, Lopez Hall at PMA Museum at nag-eexplain sa kanila kung may mga tanong sila about sa Academy or may hinahanap silang kadete. So excuse ako sa noon mess at dumiretso na ako sa MAGILAS Visitors Lounge. Kasama ng ibang MOG, doon lang kami patayu-tayo, palakad-lakad. Tapos lilipat na naman sa Lopez Hall.

After noon, may mga bisita nang pumasok at ngtatanong, so ini-entertain naman naming nang maayos. Kamay, Ngiti, Bati ‘ika nga.



Again, thank you for making 2017 possible , PMG Readers! 2018 will be so much fun with our growing community, thank you! I promise that I will continue giving you love posts to read, as long as there is One Soul left to read my entries, I will continue this quest of being a PROUD MILITARY GIRL. Thank you guys! I love you all! Happy New Year!


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ONLY GIRL PROBLEM & 10+ Wedding Prep Blues

So based on my posted article LF: Wedding Prep Tips, I was asking my readers if they have suggestions/tips regarding wedding preparation for a military-civis wedding happening in Baguio City, specifically at PMA Lopez Hall.

Wala akong idea regarding weddings, because first of all, I do not have sisters, only 4 brothers and a baby brother who is now 25 years old (I have 5 Siblings, imagine, wala man lang naging babae sa kanila ‘nung pinanganak). Apparently, I’ve come from a “wrestling arena”kind of upbringing, where the only “Feminine Model”I know is my Mom, and my “Coaches” are the Barakos of our family–my Dad and my brothers. I’ve played a lot of Barbie Dolls, but I prefer playing Tamiya, Teks, and shooting pellets from play guns my brother used to play. Also, I’ve kind of gotten used to intramuscular pain on my deltoid region because my baby brother used to punch me when we were kids, kasi nga instead of paper dolls, ang nilalaro ko, wrestling, iyon kasi ang uso sa bahay namin. Believe me, kilala ko ang mga Wrestlers ng WWE. In short, wala talaga akong female role model aside from my Mom—who is also a “simple, don’t bring me crap or I’ll punch you in the face” type of a woman, I guess, naging ganun na rin ako hahaha. Pero kidding aside, my Mom is very thoughtful, and very modest, pero gusto lahat pinaplano ang mga bagay, strikto, madiskarte at tough love, pero sa kabila nun sobrang mapagmahal at isa pa, conservative. Hindi lang talaga mahilig si Mama sa mga makeup and all (which is somehow, kabaliktaran sa akin kasi mahilig ako sa makeup).

So to cut the story short, ang hirap mag-prepare ng isang kasalan kapag wala ka man lang idea. Siguro ang naging mentor ko na lang buong buhay ko ay sina Google at Youtube lol. Kapag may hindi alam, Google na agad iyan. Sa Youtube nga lang ako natutong maglagay ng foundation e at maglagay ng paborito ng mga babaeng, KILAY. Haha Kilay is life!


Of course, may mga gusto pa rin akong details regarding sa Kasal ko, kapag ikakasal na kami ni Sancho. Ewan ko lang kung mag-aagree kayo, pero somehow, I want to know your thoughts regarding these stuff para naman may mag-advise saakin, hindi lang puro google and youtube.

Wedding “Stuff” I want:

1. Simple and Solemn

Proud Iglesia Ni Cristo kami ni Sancho, and of course belonging to the Church of Christ, gusto naming i-keep ang solemnidad ng Kasal namin kasi sagrado iyon at sobrang napaka-halagang okasyon.

2. Low Cost

Oo matagal na kami, at kapag ikakasal na kami, 9 years na kami nun, kahit sabihin mong may naitatabi na kami, ayaw naman naming i-gastos lahat ng life savings namin sa isang araw–araw na kakasimula pa lang namin sa Buhay May Asawa. ‘Di ba? Don’t get me wrong when I say “low cost” I don’t mean to say na tipirin ko iyong kasal namin, ang gusto ko, detalyado pa rin, desente, pero nasa reasonable price. Guys, maganda na maging practical, pangarap ko pang magka-Sancho Jr. hehe

3. Hand-written Invites

Yes, sulat-kamay. Medyo maka-luma, pero para saakin, classic. Kita niyo iyong logo ng PMG? Sulat-kamay lang iyon, pero digitalized. Lol. Anong naisip niyo, iyong isa-isa akong magsusulat? Hehe pwede rin naman, kaso baka magkaroon naman ng sandamakmak na kalyo ang kama ko niyan. Haha

Maganda bang idea ang hand-written invites? Alam niyo iyong pangarap ko, isang page lang andun na lahat ng detalye. Walang mga ribbon, glitters, kahoy, butones, shining shimmering splendid or whatnots. Gusto ko simple lang talaga, hahaha boyish ba masyado? Lol (Wala naman akong masasabi sa mga gumagamit ng mga mabonggang invites na may glitters or ribbon ha, maganda nga iyon kasi pinaghandaan talaga nila, pero kung sa mismong kasal ko, since ako lang ang gagawa ng invites ko and wala akong alam sa arts gaano, gusto ko iyong kayang-kaya ko lang gawin, and pasok sa bet kong style, kumbaga)

4. DIY Souvenir

May idea na ako sa giveaways/wedding favors, naisip ko parang loot bags na lang, ISA PA, ayoko ng may mukha namin ni Sancho sa Souvenir. Gusto ko iyong dispensable na bagay, iyong nagagamit/nakakain at hindi lang naitatabi sa aparador. Walang memorabilia sa wedding? Ok lang iyon, material na bagay lang naman iyon, basta kasama ka namin sa wedding photos, ok na ok na iyon pantago ng memories, ‘diba?

5. Wedding Hashtag

Guys alam niyo ba talaga ang gamit ng hashtags? #hashtag iyong ganito, para sa mga batang nagbabasa, iyong hindi talaga alam ang gamit (kasi ako rin noon di ko alam ito), ang hashtag ay ginagamit para ma-narrow ang search mo pagdating sa isang topic. For example, gusto mong maghanap ng rustic wedding ideas, so i-type mo sa search button #rusticwedding lahat ng mga rustic wedding photos and posts makikita mo na. So based dito sa idea na ito, kapag ginamit mo ang hashtag (na dapat specific para specific din ang search), makikita mo lahat ng posts and photos sa kasal niyo. Example, #Sancho&Kim2018 #SanchoNaSiKim mga ganitong hashtag ba, hehe, gusto kong mag-incorporate niyan sa kasal ko para kita ko agad mga photos from my wedding.


6. Photo Booth

Mahilig ako sa litrato. Mahilig akong kumuha ng litrato, at mahilig akong tumingin ng litrato (mana sa Tatay hehe). Gusto kong makita lahat ng mga taong nandoon sa Kasal ko na nag-eenjoy and doing crazy stuff, siyempre lalabas lang iyan ‘pag naglagay ka ng photo booth. Pero, wala akong idea how much they charge you when you want to hire photo booth services for occasions such as weddings. May idea po ba kayo? Please share naman po saakin. Hehe

7. Flowers and Balloons?

Nasabi ko sa past post ko na 80k ang services ng Florist. Guys, bulaklak lang ito, pero bakit ganito na lang ka-mahal? Actually, kung magaling lang ako sa Ikebana, ako na talaga ang gagawa. Gusto ko lang ng decent boquet, (TBH, wala akong favorite flower, wala akong idea sa bulaklak), at konting mga style lang diyan, buga na iyan. Pero to spend your 80k pesos for flower arrangement, ‘di yata papasa iyon sa pagiging spendthrift ko. Why not incorporate balloons na lang, para hindi solely flowers? Or paper flowers iyong iba? Then mga drapes na Kurtinang ordinaryo lang? Para hindi ganoon ka-mahal? Ano sa palagay niyo?

8. Chairs?

There are regular monobloc chairs, and so-called “Tiffany” chairs, hmmmm… What are your thoughts on this?

9. Wedding Theme

I have no idea! Grabe wala akong alam sa theme theme na iyan. Ano ba iyong maganda? Gusto ko classic lang talaga, simple pero elegante, iyong hindi mabongga. Please turuan niyo ako, ano pa ba ang ibang theme na pwede sa isang military wedding?

10. Pre-Nup Theme

Guys, may theme din ba ang Pre-Nup? Ano naman iyon? E ang gusto lang namin ni Sancho sa PMA magpakuha ng litrato para ‘di na kami lalayo. May mga kelangan pa bang style iyon? Like mga isusuot ganyan? Alam niyo naiisip ko pa lang, sumasakit na iyong ulo ko. I really need your help.

11. Wedding Coordinator

On The Day Wedding Coordinator pumapalo siya ng 25k pesos. Kelangan ko pa ba nito?

12. Wedding Gown

May idea ba kayo kung saan pwedeng bumili? Gusto ko iyong mapapasaakin after, pero sa reasonable price. Hehe Narinig ko meron sa Divi, saan doon? Anong shop?

13. Cake Topper

Iyong Military Man and Nurse na Cake Topper, meron akong nakita dati, pero ‘di ko alam saan iyon nabili e. May alam ba kayo?

14. PMA Band

Na-try niyo na po bang mag-attend ng Kasal sa PMA na merong PMA Band? Pwede niyo ba silang tanungin kung sakali, paano iyong protocol to ask them to perform?

15. PMA Cadets for Draw Sword

E ito? Please tell me!

16. PMA Lopez Hall

How early do we need to ask for permission, and paano? Kanino?

17. Caterer

Ano ba ang price range ng mga Caterers ngayon? Parang naririnig ko 500pesos daw per head ang pinakamura ngayon, ganun na lang ba ka-mahal? Hehe


18. Sounds and Lighting System

Pwede ba kayang humiram sa PMA? Or hahanap kami sa ibang supplier or contact?

19. Requirements from Munisipyo

Cenomar and Birth Certificate namin, then ano pa ba?


Gosh!! Super hindi ko na alam ang gagawin. First of all, ano ba dapat kong simulan? Sa sobrang dami kong ginagawa sa present life ko, at kahit way too far pa iyong wedding date namin, dahil nga OC ako,  as early as possible, gusto ko nang maghanda. I live by goals, gusto ko na matapos lahat ng ‘to or else hindi ako makaka-move on sa bagong goals or bagong idea sa utak ko. Hehe sobrang ADHD lang, please, kung sino pong may mga idea, this time, I want your answers!! I will be waiting patiently for your messages. I know you will be very glad to help me. I’m so excited to read your comments/personal messages! Thank you in advance!

Above photos from Helena Lopes via

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LF: Wedding Prep Tips

Desperately Looking For: Wedding Preparation Tips

I’m so happy to share with you that a year from now, I am going to marry the love of my life! I know you all know about it because I’ve posted an article about how he proposed, and until now, I can’t imagine na ito na nga, matutuloy na talaga. Ikakasal na kami ni Sancho! Yipeee…

I know it’s kind of early to really go deep into details, pero, alam niyo naman OC ako, so I’ve tried asking people/wedding suppliers about their price or packages, and sobrang nagulat ako kasi parang dolyar!! Oh no. Reality check: ang mahal magpakasal sa Pilipinas.

Biruin niyo iyon, sa flowers pa lang, it will cost you 60-80k PhP. Flowers pa lang iyan ha wala pang mga theme and all… Video coverage naman, almost a hundred thousand kapag gusto mo talaga iyong magandang klase from pre-nup and all.

At dahil dito, gusto ko mag-ask lalo na sa mga readers nating ikinasal na or may idea about weddings, ano po ba iyong mga dapat i-ready o paghandaan.


A LITTLE BACKGROUND: Si Sancho ay Phil Army, ako naman ay Civis and Proud INC po kami. Ang alam ko magkakaroon pa ng BI or Background Inspection ang Military saakin dahil nga ako ay isang civilian at mag-aasawa ako ng isang Sundalo, tama po ba iyon? At siyempre, iba pa iyong mga requirements namin sa Church at sa Munisipyo. Actually wala talaga akong alam, kung saan magsisimula.

Sa mga nakakaalam, pwede niyo po ba akong tulungan? Tips naman po para mas mapadali ang paghahanda namin.

Ang gusto sana naming Venue sa PMA Lopez Hall of Leaders para doon mismo kung saan nagsimula ang lahat… Paano po ba? At paano rin ba kapag mag-ask ng Draw Sword from Cadets? Caterers? PMA Band? Wedding Themes? Wala po akong alam. Hehe This time, I want to ask for your suggestions, and kung may mga idea kayo pwede niyo bang i-share din dito via comments or personal message? Please po!! Super makakatulong talaga!

Looking forward to reading your comments!! Thanks in advance!

Above photo from Ibrahim Asad via

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“God’s Time is Always Perfect” -Sai N.

This is a post in response to the recently posted article, “IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before”

I was actually ranting about my thoughts once again, about my dearly beloved Soldier, and how we managed to stay steadfast for more than 7 years, yet, still not deciding to tie the knot. (This is of course before The Proposal happened).

I’ve realized a lot when one of our readers responded to this rant post of mine LOL, it came to me that I have all I need in the world because I have him, and to really entrust my faith in God in order to conquer my doubts for myself, and fears for the future.

After you have read the article, “IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before” please read the following advice from Miss Sai, this is worth a read, everyone.



In reply to this post:
IMMEDIATELY: This Word I Wouldn’t Want To Hear Before

(Ayaw ko na i-comment dun, masyadong mahaba eh.)

I read it, from the start to the very end. Let me tell you a short story before giving you an advice

My husband, then a Cadet was sent out from the Academy for some reasons. Na-turn back siya and he is waiting for a letter from PMA para makabalik siya. That is when we meet each other again.

Naging kami, then he asked me to marry him. That time he was working in a company with a good salary, may trabaho din ako. So parang financially stable naman kami. I prayed and asked God, is it the right time? I trust in Your perfect timing. Just a few days after that, he received a letter from PMA. I told myself, hindi pa right time ni Ama and I told him, go reach for your dreams. I will be here patiently waiting for you.

During the time that he was inside the Academy, I busied myself working because I have to pay for my sibling’s education. I also wanted to take master’s degree and also be a lawyer. But due to financial reasons, anak lang kami ng “Mess Kit” (a term they refer to children of ordinary soldiers or enlisted personnel) I have to he set aside my dreams to give way to my siblings.

Read Related Article from Kim&Sai: Love Letter From A Cadet


Fast forward, he graduated from the academy. He again, asked me na mag-immediately na, I declined. I told him to spend time with his family and focus on his career and his dreams of becoming a pilot. I told him I’ll decide after he graduates from Military Pilot Training.

Just as he was about to graduate from MPT, my sister is also graduating from college and I am so happy that at last I could now spend my earnings to get a law degree. A week before his graduation, he again asked me to marry him. I told him my take on the situation. He took me to the nearest church, told me let’s pray for this. And on the night of his graduation he told me this: “Alam ko marami ka pang pangarap. Marami kang gustong marating. Pero gusto ko kasama mo ako sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap mo. Ayoko na wala ako sa tabi mo kapag masaya ka, malungkot ka… gusto kong bumawi. Wala ako nung grumaduate ka ng college, wala ako nung unang sweldo mo, wala ako nung ma-promote ka… gusto ko this time kapag naging abogado ka, nasa tabi mo ako. Gusto ko habang inaabot mo ang pangarap mo hawak mo ang kamay ko.” Hearing those words made my heart melt and told myself, man! This man really loves me. That’s the moment I said yes.


Now my advise:

1. This is the most important of all, ask God for his perfect time. God’s time is never late nor early, it is always perfect.

2. Natatakot ka na baka you’re not good enough for him… no honey. You are the one for him. He chose you from among all the women he met. And always remember, you are to be his wife. Your goal is to be with him forever and support him, you are not just an “Ayer’s wife” you are his wife. Sinabi ko noon sa asawa ko, ayokong maging asawa ng opisyal. I married you beacuse I want to be your wife, not an officer’s wife. Kung naging sarhento ka lang or security guard, I would still marry you.

That’s it. Just pray and ask for God’s help and for sure everything will fall on its right place.



PMG NOTES: You know what, after reading this again, I actually felt enlightened, and I actually felt I am adequately capable to be my man’s future wife. Once again, thank you Miss Sai for your unending support, I know you are very busy pursuing your Law Degree, but you still manage to read my stories. Special mention to Sir Arkim, welcome to PMG! Thank you for reading the stories, grabe Sir, you are simply the best, sobrang nakakakilig ang Proposal mo. To God be all the Glory!

Above photo from the couple themselves, Ms Sai and Sir Kim Nalang on their Wedding Day

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The Day He Asked


Read Back Story: The Great “TAKE LIFE” Experience

08 September 2017

Exactly a month ago, I fetched you from KIX and we went straight to this Anime area I’ve been wanting to show you esp because of this giant Gundam you were excited to see. On our way there, I asked you why you came here all the way from the Phils and besieged the tedious process of owning a Japanese Visa (and not to mention the scuffle you had before riding the plane with these edgy Immigration Officers of our beloved country); I was astonished by your answer, when you said you just want to make sure I was doing fine (after my Dad went to rest).

The moment we arrived at our destination, you saw the huge Ferris Wheel even from afar, and you told me that in Japan, “Ferris Wheel” love stories are so prevailing, and some what romantic. You asked me if we could go there. I said, fine, wala namang problema. Hehe Although I’m not quite sure if I could still take the pressure of my fear of heights. Masyado na kasing mataas iyon, this Ferris Wheel is the tallest Ferris Wheel they have here in Japan (123 meters high overlooking Expocity), but then again, what do I have to lose? I’m with the person who means the world to me; I might as well do the scariest thing I could ever imagine now that I’m with him. LOL Nagtatapang-tapangan, kasama ka naman e.

After we paid for the tickets, we went straight to the receiving area where they let you ride the cable car-ish, capsule-looking thing, I really don’t know how they call it. Haha. I was amazed because it was so clean, and it was so cold because of the capsule’s individualized air conditioning (super hi-tech naman hehe), also, they gave us ice pops for free. Lucky!

We took some selfies as soon as we rode the capsule; it was so romantic because of the twilight.

As we get higher and higher, I was so bewildered as I see the famous Tower of the Sun from Banpaku Kinen Park getting smaller and smaller as if it were the size of my thumb. I was so excited I haven’t even noticed you were talking (hahaha, I’m really sorry about that), I even had my back against you because I was trying to capture the exquisite view from the park behind us, and then when I was satisfied by the photos I’ve taken, I glanced backed at you, and there you were! Down on your knees holding a small red chest with a diamond ring on it. OMG. This was the moment where “the Earth moves normally on its own axis while the sun is slowly setting as normal as it happens everyday, but this time, with the love of my life in front of me holding a ring and asking me to marry him” kind of moment where I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to respond, I couldn’t even hear what you were trying to say because my whole world gone mute and slow-mo, and I feel like I’m having a heart attack at that moment.


I didn’t hear what you were trying to tell me, only the words, “Papakasal ka ba saakin?” …Then my head cleared out, I said, “Oo naman.”

It was a month ago, but only these days have I gotten my mind to process it. OMG ngayon lang nag-sink in saakin. I am going to marry you. You, my best friend, my partner in crime, my sounding board, my raison d’etre, my everything (just like what you are always telling me, that I am your everything).

First of all, I want to apologize, because at times, you might feel it isn’t a big deal to me, but I’m telling you, it is. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve been taking you for granted because of work; for a day or two not having to text you; for the nights I’ve chosen to sleep instead of talking to you on the phone; for having you wait more than a year just to see me; and for all the times I have disappointed you because of my bad decision making. I would also want to say sorry because I promised you before we will keep our relationship private, but please, just this time, let me tell the whole world this story as I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I might not be having these lengthy stories when we get old, you know.

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Second, I want to thank you for sticking around when I’m difficult to be with. You know me; how stubborn I am, how quick my temper is, you know my deepest secrets but you never judged me, you know my goals and my dreams which are some what impossible to achieve, but you always encourage me to do my best, because you believe in my potential, you believe in me.

I cannot promise a beautiful or perfect life ahead of us, because life as we know it, is difficult. But I could promise that whatever we encounter, I will always be right beside you, just like how our own parents love each other.

“Why one man rather than another? Because he was the one you met when you were 19.” I can’t remember who wrote this quote, but yes, it’s true. We met when we were 19, from then on, we couldn’t spare long enough not to see each other again; and this year we turned 27, it just gets intense, haha. I couldn’t stand the look on your face whenever we part, and I couldn’t bear the pain when I know you are shedding tears because we will be apart again for so long. (Akalain mo iyon, naging iyakin tayo) And even right now, as I write this, I can’t help but weep. I don’t know. I think we’re just so in love we can do anything just to show for it (like cry like an ugly person haha).

As we come pass the “young” age, I just want you to know that my love for you when we were 19 is still here, on a 27-year old beating heart of mine. Haha ang corny ko na, sorry. But then again, 8 days from now, we will be celebrating our 7th Anniversary, yehey! Congratulations to us! We’ve reached the point of no return. Haha I love you so much, but I love and respect your parents and family even more for without them, you will not be here. First and foremost, I thank the Lord because you were the one who made me closer to Him. You were the reason I came back to Him. Thank you.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails.” 1Corinthians13:1

Photos from that special day. <3

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